Code Geass: Twins of Anarchy

Rated: OT for violence, language, bloody scenes, dark humor, suggestive themes

Bold – denotes titles and location names

" " – denotes talking

"Italics" – denotes talking in Japanese

"Bold" – denotes seriousness or anger while talking

'Italics' – denotes thought

"Geass-" denotes interruptions while talking

"Geass…" denotes leaving a sentence unfinished

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass no matter how much I want to. I also do not own any other works that may be referenced in this story. I do however own this story concept as well as any characters or terms that I myself have developed, if any. This story is for both my own and other readers enjoyment only.

"War is an endless cycle. As long as there are those who fight for whom they care about it will never end. Even in times of peace there will be conflict. The only way to truly end war is to end hate which can only be accomplished when everyone can finally one understand each other." -Lelouch vi Britannia

Prologue: When the Devil Sings

Shinjuku Ghetto, Area 11[Japan]

November 27, 2017, a.t.b.

The sounds of gunfire and the shrill screams of those who were being gunned down were the only things which could be heard in the run down warehouse. Hidden by view from the soldiers by the underground exit, Lelouch and Nunnally Lamperouge shrank back from the bloody scene trying not to breathe heavily as it might have given them away. They released their breath when a child started crying, only for the sound to be drowned by gunfire.

"Are you sure that this is the only exit?" asked the leader of the group of soldiers who stared at the scene with indifference. Upon seeing this the two teens started seething with anger as they saw his uncaring expression.

"From the maps we have of the old city, this is the only exit," replied one of the soldiers. The captain nodded and proceeded to tell the group to watch the exit when a loud ringing went throughout the warehouse.

"Shit," Lelouch whispered angrily as he quickly opened and closed the cell phone to stop the call however, the damage had already been done. The caller grew angry at being brushed off not knowing the damage she had done. Back at the warehouse the soldiers quickly rushed to the underground exit to see the two teens along with their prize.

"Well what do we have here?" The captain laughed as he said, "Looks like our little runaway was brought to us, get them up here." The soldiers quickly followed the command as the two teens and the strange girl that had been dragged along with them were easily captured.

The soldiers then proceeded to toss Nunnally and Lelouch to the ground a small distance from the exit, however held on to the girl and dragged her over with them as they all stood in attention turning towards the teens. The captain then took his pistol out of its holster and pointed it towards the two.

"Well now that we have the girl we don't need you two, even though you did well for two school kids. Then again that is to be expected from Britannians, however…" he exclaimed while smiling and pulled the trigger aiming for Lelouch.

"Don't kill him!"

All eyes were surprised as the girl struggled from the soldiers grasp taking the bullet in the forehead. Lelouch blinked in confusion over what had happened.

"Well now what a shame." The leader of the soldiers drawled, smirking up at the teens, his gun aimed at Lelouch's face, unaware of whom he really was pointing the gun at. "We burst into the terrorist hideout, only to find that the female hostage had already been tortured to death…what do you think, Schoolboy?"

'Why is this happening?' Lelouch thought to himself. 'Is my life going to end like this, without being able to do anything or even protect my sister from this dangerous situation? Damn it, if I only had power.'

As soon as he finished with that trailing thought the girl moved her arm grabbing Lelouch's. He started to feel a throbbing in his head as he was thrown into what seemed to be a void with images flashing by. Instinctively he looked around and saw his sister doing the same with her eyes finally meeting up with his. Her eyes were wide and seemed to be asking what was going on.

"You don't want it to end here do you?" a voice that seemed to be everywhere yet nowhere at the same time resounded throughout the void.

'That girl, it's impossible.'

"It seems that both of you have a reason for living. If I was to grant you both power, would you be able to go on? So I will propose a deal, in exchange or this power, you will both grant me one wish."

"Well," the tone said almost mockingly. "Will you accept this contract? As you live in the world of humans you shall stand apart from the rest. The power of the king and queen shall condemn you both to a life of solitude; you shall live in a different time and place from all others. Are you prepared for what is to come?"

Both teens suddenly turned toward an image that had appeared before them. Both glared hatefully at the image which showed the one person in the world they despised above all else along with two guards to his left and right. They were able to make out the barely audible words which said, "A convergence for the ragnarok connection, it is beginning once again"

After seeing this they both looked to each other searching for the others answer. Nunnaly was the first to respond by nodding to her brother. Lelouch then looked up and answered for both of them.

"Yes, we hereby accept the terms of your contract." They both heard a clicking sound as if to close the agreement and suddenly were back to where they had been before.

Lelouch who had been kneeling next to the girl started to rise while covering his left eye. He started to chuckle which was soon followed by Nunnaly following suite.

The soldiers stared at the two, surprised that someone who about to die was laughing at them. They came back to attention and brought up their guns as Lelouch began to speak.

"Can any of you tell me, what should a Britannian, who detest their own country do with their life?"

"What are you some kind of radical?"

Lelouch chuckled evilly at the comment. "Come now, what's wrong? Why not shoot, your opponents are only two school kids. Or do you now realize the only ones who should kill are the ones prepared to be killed?"

Lelouch then felt a burning sensation in his left eye as he removed the hand that had been covering up. The captain's hand started to shake as if he was seeing the devil himself with his frightened eyes looking at the eye that had just been uncovered.

"Wha… what's happening here?"

Ignoring the mans comment Lelouch brought up his right hand and flicked it in a regal motion. "I Lelouch vi Britannia, command you, all of you die."

All the soldiers suddenly grew calm as red rings appeared in their eyes. It was followed by an insane laugh from the captain who replied in an equally insane voice, "Happily your highness."

The soldiers then put their firearms to their heads and without hesitation fired their weapons. Blood from one of the soldiers landed on Lelouch's face as he stared impassively at the carnage he had wrought.

Lelouch then turned to his sister, who seemed mildly shocked. It didn't last long as a grin crept its way onto her face. Very soon Lelouch found himself doing the same. He then turned, facing the exit to the warehouse as Nunnally walked up in line with her brother.

"Now it begins."

Author Notes:This is the beginning for my fic and I hope that everyone may enjoy reading it as I'm going to enjoy writing it. For more details on this story visit the fandom wiki, a link to the site may be found on my profile. Happy reading. (Revised)