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Her best days are some of my worst

She finally met a man that's gonna put her first

Embry POV:

The movie wasn't all that interesting; I of course was more interested in what Bella was doing. She was playing with Jakes hair of course, and I had to resist the urge to growl. I couldn't help but think that it should be me that she was doing that to. I rolled my eyes as he leaned back into her touch and turned my head back to the movie, not paying attention to it either.

Instead I thought back to earlier, and that bloodsucker and his audacity to come back. I looked over to Bella, the images of her frail body, only months earlier flashing through my mind, and a whimper escaped my lips.

Bella's head whipped around and she looked over in my direction, her brow raised a questioning look in her eyes. She cocked her head it me, in silent question and I nodded back, informing her that I was in fact okay. Her caring eyes warmed me instantly and sent calming waves throughout my body. I could see Sam looking at me through the corner of my eye and I knew he was thinking about a way to help me. If only there was a way.

The movie was over at last and we all hopped up to make our way to the kitchen, where Emily had been making us a hearty supper. I made my way over to the door, all prepared to skip the niceties and head on home, when Jake laid his hand on my shoulder.

"Where are you going brother?"

" I'm just going to head on home, catch up on some sleep before we get our ass's kicked by the extra patrols we were assigned" Yet in my head I was thinking, I'm gonna go home before my heart breaks any further having to watch you two loves birds all over each other at the table.

As the inner monologue in my head stopped her cute voice piped up, sending shivers throughout my body.

"Your not leaving yet are you Embry?" A small, but breathtaking smile, gracing her gentle face. "I was hoping to hear all about the nomadic vampires you ran into today."

I was certain the color drained from my face, and the air flew from my mouth in one quick, strained breath. The room was silent, none of us moved, none of us spoke. We were shocked to say the least and none of us new how to answer her.

Sam was the first to recover and he started laughing. We were all relieved and joined in on the laughing, although none of us really new what we were laughing about, the tension is the room was dissipating and for that we were grateful.

Sam quieted down and we followed suit, knowing he had used that time to come up with a story good enough to fool even Bella.

"There were two bloodsuckers and someone had sent them for you, who had sent them, we are unsure. We didn't give them much time to talk back to us Bella, we took care of them."

She had started shaking, and fear crept up into her eyes, Jake was quick to pull her onto his lap and wrap his arms around her, holding her close to him. My heart dropped and it started hurting again, the pull, my need to comfort her was so strong and I couldn't stand it any longer, my heart was being ripped to shreds and I needed to get out of there.

"Embry why don't you go run patrols. Keep an eye out just in case any other leeches are around" He nodded to me and I knew what he was doing. Bless him.

"Yea I'm out. Bye everyone"

The instant I exploded into my wolf form I howled, Long and loud. My wolf wanted so badly to claim what was his. To touch what was his to breath in what was his. It was a constant battle in my head. Wanting to be with her, but knowing that I couldn't hurt my brother that way. I was stuck. In between a rock and a hard place, and I felt like dying.

I lay down upon the forest floor, my head in my paws, a million things running through my mind when I felt the air around me shift with the phasing of one of my fellow wolves'. I instantly changed my thoughts, focusing on just relaxing and listening to the wind rustle the leaves about the forest. An instant calm overcoming my body.

"You and your poetic crap" Realizing it was Sam who had phased I relaxed even further letting my mind wander to it's previous thoughts. Bella.

"What are you doing here Sam? Shouldn't you be at the house eating dinner with the others?"

A look of pain and sadness washed over Sam's face.

"You've been out here for hours Embry. The dinner ended hours ago and everyone has already made there way home. "

"Oh" Was my only reply as I pawed at the ground, digging a small hole. Perhaps I could just bury myself in it.

"Embry, this isn't healthy, denying the imprint. I know you can't see it but the rest of us do, you are wasting away Em. You look like hell, like you haven't slept in weeks. Thing is, we all know you haven't, you hardly eat, your eyes are damn near lifeless. If you continue on this way you'll die. I'm certain of it, and I'm not gonna sit around any longer and let you do this to yourself, or to Bella. As your Alpha I can't allow it. But as your brother I won't allow it. You need to be with her, as she needs to be with you. Embry if you don't do something about this, and you just let yourself fade away, just let yourself die. Bella will die too. She may not feel the pull as strongly as you do, because she has not been made aware of it, but she still feels it, and if suddenly that were to be gone, she would start fading away, much as you are doing right now. Can you do that to her? Can you inadvertently kill your imprint? Can you kill Bella?"

He felt the rumble in his chest build before he let a low menacing growl escape his mouth. He stood from his spot on the ground, where he was once laying and stalked, back and forth, back and forth, in front of Sam. His tongue snaking its way from his mouth, licking his chops another growl emanating from within, a warning to his Alpha to not speak of his imprint in such a way.

Sam barked out a small laugh "That is good Embry, Use that, use that feeling to fuel what is going on in your heart. Use that feeling to push through the pain you may cause Jacob, and think about the pain it could cause Bella, feel that hurt inside and use it to go after what is yours. Use that to make sure you protect anything bad happening to her, to your imprint Embry. She is yours, she is not Jacob's and as your brother he will come to understand that. It will probably take a long time. But he will come around"

I let out a low whimper, the urge to protect Bella not so immediate and strong, but rather being replaced by a sense of hurt. Knowing I was about to take away part of Jacob's heart.

"Better to take away part of his heart than her life" Sam reminded me "I'm going to phase back, and leave you to your thoughts, when Quil and Paul come to relieve you go home and sleep on it. I know this is going to take awhile for you to come to terms with."

With that Sam had phased back and I was left once again to my own thoughts. I knew he was right, I love Jacob, he is my brother, my best friend. I hated that I had to break his heart but I knew that it was the lesser of two evils; I'd have to break his heart, to spare Bella's life.

I felt a sense of relief in admitting that to myself, but felt guilty at the same time. How could I be happy, when I was about to tear someone's world apart? Fuck I'm selfish.

When Quil and Paul showed up to relieve me, I had exhausted myself with all the scenarios of how I could approach this with the both of them that I had actually tired myself out and was thankful for the day of sleep I had ahead of me.

I nodded to my brothers wished them a safe patrol and phased back, pulling my shorts from my leg and re-fastening them around my waist. I ran back towards my house and stopped short as I reached the edge of my land. The scent of strawberries assaulted my nose. My head went fuzzy and my legs froze in place. Bella was close, hell Bella was here, somewhere, on my property! I breathed in deeply, letting her beautiful scent wash over me and send calming waves throughout my entire being. Yet, as I exhaled a piece of my heart broke and the calm had effectively vanished. My beautiful Bella, was here, at my house, and she was crying.

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