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Chapter 1: Arrival

"Isn't it wonderful girls!?!" Charles yelled as he and his daughters boarded their plane.

"Sure is!" Fay yelled as Jess did a face palm.

"Yeah, isn't it just a crap load of rainbows and lollipops." Jess retorted, crossing her arms over her chest. Both girls turned away as their father Charles began to dance.

"Ummm…" Both girls mumbled as their father hugged them.

"Alright. I'm happy we're moving to Japan and all… but don't you think he's taking this all a little too far?" Fay asked her twin in horror as Charles skipped down the aisle to his seat. Jess sighed as she slid into her seat.

"Of course he's going overboard on his happy-scale… He always does." Fay snickered and pulled out a manga Jess had let her borrow.

"Which one is that?" Jess asked, raising her eyebrow.

"It's Er…er…ererer…er…erem…er…era…erem…Erementer…Ger…g-"

"OKAY! It's Elemental Gelade! Stupid! Baka!" Jess yelled slapping Fay on the back of the head.

"Well yeah…but I'm determined to say it in Japanese!"

"Give it up…" Jess mumbled, glaring out the window.


"I said it's okay!" Jess yelled, taking the manga away and slapping Fay with it. Fay stood up in her seat defiantly and put her foot on Jess's head.

"I. Said. I. Was. Determined!" She yelled, fire burning in her eyes.

"Gerrof meh!" Jess yelled, flailing her arms around, trying to knock Fay off. Charles looked back and gasped.

"Faylyn Shay Sakki!" He yelled. "Get off your sister!" Fay, startled by her father, lost her balance, falling into the seat behind her.

"Woah!" She yelled as she fell onto the sleeping fat guy behind her. "I-I'm sorry!" Fay yelled.

"…Wow…" Jess said, holding in the laughter that was forming in the back of her throat.

"Jess…help!" Fay tried to say as the man's fat engulfed her body.

"Gah! Fay!" Jess yelled. "W-wait! What're you…oh…oh God…nasty!" she finished.

"Wait! Wait! Eww…what IS that?!" Fay yelled, trying to get some grip to pull herself out.

"Dude! I-it's a taco! Wh-What the freak?!"

Jess sighed.

"No…No it's not." She reached across her seat, getting a hold of Fay's arm and pulling her to safety. When on the other side, Fay glared and Jess and held up her hand…that held a taco.

"Then what is THIS?" she demanded. Jess decided to stay silent and ignore her. She chose to look out the window.

~10 Minutes Later~

"Jeeeesssss…" Fay whined. "What do I do with this? It reeks of B.O. and mold…"

"Ewww! Holy shizz you still have that?!? Nasty! Throw it out or something!"

"Okay…" Fay leaned over the seat and slowly inserted the taco back where she found it.

"…Why'd you do that…?" Jess asked disgusted.

"What if he was saving it for later…?"

"……….Fay………" Jess sighed. She turned her head to look out the window…ashamed of her sisters…bakaness.

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