Jess: I can't believe it…

Fay: what? D:

Jess: this story…its over a year old.


Jess: yes…tis true.

Fay: s-so emotional! -brings out tissues- IM … SO … HAPPY!

Disclaim: Fay's Happy. Enough said.

He started to lean closer; their faces were so close together. Their noses were touching. Fay couldn't breathe. She could feel her body temperature getting higher and higher. He was still smiling as he got a centimeter closer. Fay closed her eyes.

And then…


Fay let go of one of his wrists and pressed his head into the back of the seat. She climbed off of him and scooted as far away as she could. Her arms were crossed and her face was bright red.

"Jeez..." she heard Hikaru groan as he rubbed the back of his head.

Fay finally got a moment to look over and check on jess.

"What the-?" She asked herself, extending her an arm that hit Kaoru in the chest. "How dare you…" she muttered as he was jolted awake.

His sudden movement woke Jess up.

"What's going on…?" She wondered out loud as she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

"He was making a move on you!" Fay yelled, pointing a finger at a hurt Kaoru.

"Huuuuhn…?" Jess murmured, still obviously half-asleep. She glanced over at her sister, than at Kaoru before murmuring quietly;

"That's nice…" And she fell back asleep.

"No! Jess! No! Bad!" Fay yelled, punching Kaoru yet again.

This was Reason # 2 Jess never talked to guys: Fay.

"Jeez! Fay? What did I do?" Kaoru yelled, holding his pained stomach.

"Don't, touch, my, one-chan," Fay seethed through gritted teeth.

"She's the older twin though! Shouldn't she be worried about you? The younger twin?" Kaoru asked.

"I'm not as naïve as you may think. Jess is dumb when it comes to guys. So I promised to protect her." Fay said simply. Kaoru and Hikaru gave her weird looks.

"Don't question my logic," Fay huffed. The conversation probably would have proceeded, if it wasn't for Tamaki's rude interruption.

"Wake the girls up! We're at their house!"

Fay nodded and poked Jess' nose.

"Yo, time to get up!" Fay yelled especially loud.

"Mmph…?" Jess yawned. "Get up where…?"

"We gotta go!"

"…Go where?" Jess asked as she rubbed her groggy eyes once more. Fay sighed.

"C'mon…" Fay opened the door and forcefully dragged a sleepy Jess out.

"Bye Fay!" Hikaru yelled out the window. Fay nodded in acknowledgement.

"Tell Jess I said bye when she wakes up, okay?" Kaoru yelled as well. Fay stopped to look at him, Jess still hanging on her arm.

"…I'll think about it," Fay muttered with narrowed eyes. Kaoru sat back in his seat with a sigh.

"I never thought Fay would have a side like that…" He muttered as he rubbed his temples.

"I kinda like it…she seems more feisty," Hikaru commented as he wagged his eyebrows suggestively. Kaoru raised an eyebrow in an amused sort of way.

"Yeah, sure…okay."

-Inside Jess and Fay's House-

Fay picked up her sister and carried her up the stairs.

"Hmm…Charles must be sleeping," She opened the door to her and Jess's room.

"I see you're finally back," Chales flipped on the bed side light. Fay dropped Jess and screamed. "Oh, Charles! Don't do that!" She panted, holding her beating chest. Charles face turned to utter sadness.

"Ohhhh! I'm so sorry! Come here! Daddy didn't mean to scare you!" As Fay fought off Charles' advances, Jess got off the ground where her sister had graciously left her for dead. She looked around and saw Charles trying to force Fay into a hug. Charles stopped and instead now turned to Jess.

"Oh? Did I wake you, my dear little muffin?" He asked, running over and squeezing Jess. Jess made a disgusted face, but was too tired to move. So she didn't.

"Well, I'll leave so you girls can get some much needed rest…Toodles~!" Charles smiled with a wave and shut the door behind him.

"…Creep!" Fay yelled after him.

"Well…I'm awake now…" Jess grunted with narrowed eyes. "What did I miss while I was asleep?" She questioned Fay.

"Oh, nothing~" Fay said sweetly, however her facial expression of creepiness didn't match her tone of voice at all.

"…Nevermind," Jess sighed. It was probably better off not being known anyway.


Both girls jumped at the sound of the phone. After recovering from mild shock, Fay reached over to check the caller ID.

"It says…restricted calling," She and Jess shrugged shoulders in unison. "..I'll answer it anyway,"

She took a deep breath before answering.

"Hello?" she asked.

"Hi!" Two familiar voices exclaimed. Fay shook her head in disbelief.


"Uh…" The one who was obviously Kaoru uttered. Whispering could be heard.

"How'd she know…?" A voice that was strikingly familiar to Hikaru's muttered in the background. Fay shook her head in annoyance this time and looked over at Jess.

"Go get some snacks," she ordered her sister. Jess complied with a shrug and got up to retrieve snacks. After Jess left, Fay yelled into the receiver,

"What do YOU guys want?"

"I wanna talk to her!" Fay heard Hikaru yell.

"Hold on!" Kaoru yelled back. "We wanted to talk," Kaoru answered simply. "Something wrong with that?" He asked.


"Then wh-ow!"

"Hi Fay!" Hikaru said as he obviously (forcefully) took the phone from Kaoru. She could hear the smile in his voice.

"Now what?" She asked sarcastically. "Want another kiss or something?"

"Well…technically we didn't kiss. Although…you really didn't have to slam my head into the back of the seat."


"Where's Jess? Is she sleeping?" Kaoru wondered…very loudly…from the background.

"No, I ordered her to get me snacks," Fay answered, still sounding miffed.

"Look Fay," Hikaru muttered overtop of Kaoru's babbling. "I'm sorry I don't know what I was thinking…besides…you WERE on top of ME."

"Only because-" Fay began to counter before Jess's voice cut her off.

"Sorry it took so long…I kinda fell asleep waiting for the popcorn…"

"…were you standing up?"


Fay sighed, but was admittingly a bit amused. She motioned for Jess to hand her some popcorn as she continued to talk into the phone.

"I GUESS I accept your apology…" She muttered grumpily. She was about to say before Jess screamed out,

"AH! I got butter in my thingy!"

"Oh God! How did you…?" Fay turned back to look at her.

"What?" The twins on the other end of the line asked in confusment, but of course, were ignored.

"No don't do that Jess!"

" late."

"Jeez…How did you…?"

"I dunno! It just happened!"

"Well whatever you're doing stop! You're smearing it!"


The twins who had no idea what was going on sat in silence. They tried to keep their minds out of the "gutter" so to speak.

"Hold on!" Fay told them. She put the phone on speaker and put it down her bra so she could easily use both hands. *

"What's going on?" Both Hikaru and Kaoru asked.

"Ah! Fay! Why're your boobs talking?" Jess yelled. She'd missed the part where Fay had placed the phone.

"Because," Fay smirked, "I'm an ANDRIOD!" Jess laughed, until Fay began to scream as well.

"Ahh! It's on my thingy to now!"

"Oh…opps…sorry… I didn't mean to, I swear!" Jess murmured.

"Get it off! Clean it up!"

Meanwhile, the two girls cleaned their "thingy", the boys were left to think.

"…Butter…in her…thingy?" Kaoru asked disturbed.

"Fay's boobs talk?" Hikaru asked more disturbed.


"…What are they doing?" They asked each other in unison. The continued to listen intently, regardless.

"Gah! It's still smearing!"

"I can't! Wait! Hey! I got it! It's clean!" Jess exclaimed happily.

"Mines not." Fay griped.

"Here, lemme help,"

A few minutes of silence passed before Fay finally said.

"Oh, yay! You cleaned it! Thank you Jess!"


"Now, sorry about that you guys," Fay apologized to the boys as she removed the phone from her undergarment. Hikaru started to say something but was cut off when Jess screamed again.

"Fay! My head! It's stuck! Help meeee!"

"Oh God…h-hold on!" She slipped the phone back in its "special" place and ran over to Jess.

-Twin's POV-

"Hey Hikaru…what do you think's happening?" Kaoru pondered.

"I don't know…What's Jess's head stuck in…?"


"…Ew." Both twins muttered in unison. The phone began to emit screams again.

"Get it out get it out!" She whined.

"I'm trying dammit, but it's stuck good!"

"Ow! Not so hard!"

"Well! Want me to push instead?"


"…Ew." The twins said again.

"…Think we should hang up?"


Hikaru pushed the "end call" button and placed the phone on his night stand.

…It rang five seconds later.

Hikaru sighed. He could tell this was going to be a long night.

* As awkward as it may seem, Fay does that in real life, which is why she wrote that part =A=


Fay: that wasn't even the full chapter you lazy arse.

Jess: its an update.

Fay: D this is our YEAR celebration! C'mon!

Jess: this is as good as it gets. take it or leave it.



Fay: FINE! D -leaves-

Jess: …I-I was kidding.