This idea just came into my mind as I was looking at some pictures of baby Alfred! So now I will write a fanfic about it!!! Hahahahaha! Okay enough laughing like a maniac… this story is just about how Arthur turns Alfred into a child and doesn't want to change him back! It is USxUK okay! You just wait and see!

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Hetalia comments:

Arthur: I am actually excited about this story…

Alfred: …Marisa what is your story about?

Marisa: Oh! It's a story in which you become a child!

Alfred: You're kidding! Do you know what he might do to me?

Arthur: What! You were cute as a child! I really can't wait to cuddle


Arthur ignored the Frenchman as he held the sleeping boy closely.


He stroked the boy's hair slowly as the boy breathed in and out softly.


"What?" the Brit asked annoyed as he held a small blonde boy in his lap.

"Angleterre, you do know what this kind of situation would bring to the world right?" Francis asked as he cocked an eyebrow.

"You mean making the world a much quieter, peaceful place?" the Brit whispered harshly as he held the boy close.

"You turned L'Amerique into a child!"

"And?" Arthur asked as he looked at the child lovingly. This could possibly be one of the best days of his life, he just made a small mistake of leaving a youth potion alone and BAM! Alfred's a child again!

"So how did this happen, again?" Francis asked as he pointed at the child. Arthur closed his eyes and he tried to remember what exactly had happened.



"Arthur! Arthur! Help!!" Nadia, his small water fairy, said as she flew into the room quickly.

"What is it, Nadia?" he asked as he looked at the desperate fairy, "I-It's Titania! H-Her glow, its fading!"

"What!?" the Brit panicked as he threw his teacup down and went rushing through his room, he found the small fairy queen laying down in his desk.

"Nadia! Make sure Acadia gives her some healing nectar I'll make a youth potion right away!" Arthur said as he rushed to his basement. "Okay…youth herbs, nectar from the gnomes, what else??" he whispered as he threw the things in a cauldron. He quickly boiled the ingredients and put them in a small container and rushed upstairs.

Unfortunately he didn't know somebody was outside.

"Arthur!!! ARTHUR!!" Alfred yelled as he pounded harder on the door. "Maybe…maybe he is in trouble?" he thought as he took evasive action…and by evasive action he meant breaking & entering.

He took a couple of steps back and lunged at the door with great force, which caused it to fly inside the house and land in the stairs.

"Arthur!! You okay Iggy!" he yelled as he went everywhere on the first floor, "where could Iggy be…hey look his basement door is open!" he said as he went in.

Meanwhile Arthur was watching as Nadia fed some of the potion to Titania. "Oh thank God that you are okay!" Arthur said as he sighed in relief. "Hey Arthur? I just heard the door" Scaris, his fire fairy, said as he went inside the room, "I also saw the door fly in"

"Fly in? Oh great…ALFRED! YOU'RE PAYING FOR MY DOOR THIS TIME!" he yelled as he went downstairs. "Alfred!" he yelled as he looked around in his kitchen, his living room, his bathroom but couldn't find him anywhere. "E-Engwand?" he heard a small voice said as he neared his basement. "Engwand? Wasn't that Alfred's nickname for when he was little?" he asked as he went downstairs.

"Alfred! Are you down here! I swear if you even touched one thing in my cabinet I will kill you personally…." He said but his voice died down as he saw Alfred's clothes on the ground and in the middle of them a small boy with bright blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. "E-Engwand!" the blonde said as he smiled brightly.


"And that is about it!" he said as he smiled a smiled he hadn't smiled before…ever.

"Oh mon dieu!" Francis said rather loudly as he rubbed himself. Alfred twitched a bit and Arthur glared at he Frenchman. "Would you shut up, you bloody git! Can't you see he is sleeping!"

"I need reinforcements…." Francis thought as he pulled out his cell phone out and quickly dialed the number of a certain Spaniard.

"Rico tomato, rico tomato, muy rico…"


"L'Espagne!" a familiar voice said sounding very happy.

"Francia! How are you, mi amigo!" Antonio said as he yelled happily, not many people called him now a days so he was happy to hear from a member of the Bad Touch Trio.

"Well right now I am very worried" he heard the voice say as it lowered its tone. "Wow he really does sound serious" he thought as he held the phone closer to his ear.

"Angleterre did something very…dangerous. Something that might affect L'Amerique" Francis whispered. Antonio's attention was caught as he Francis mentioned England, sure he was still a sadistic man but he wouldn't hurt Alfred….would he?

"So do you think you could come over and help me get Arthur back to his sense?"

"Por supuesto!" Antonio chirped, "But I think we have to get one of our last members of our group"

Francis smiled secretly, "Oh yes…bring him I am sure he will make this very interesting…" he said as he remembered their days as the Bad Touch Trio. He hanged up, "So Angleterre how do you plan to fix this? Angleterre?" he said as he looked around but couldn't find the Brit.

"Mon dieu! I lost him!"

Meanwhile, Antonio dialed the number of their last member

"Hello! This is awesomeness speaking!"

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Arthur: I get to keep Alfred as a child right?

Marisa: I'll see what the fan girls say *dials number of F.O.A.K* (Fangirls of Arthur Kirkland)

Alfred: Marisa please have mercy!!!