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Hetalia comments:

Little Alfred: We are going to a fair! We are going to a fair! *hugs Arthur*

Arthur: 'Need to make more potion to keep him this small! And maybe add cat ears..wait..WHAT!'

Marisa: Pfft, pervert…

Arthur: Shut up! I never thought of that!

Francis: Oh Arthur! You are finally embracing your perverseness! Although I think I can arrange the cat ears..fufufu *actually puts cats ears on Alfred*


Alfred eyes widened as he looked at all the rides, games, and food that they had in the fair. It was like he just got transported to another world where the only rule was to have fun! He smiled happily and gave a loud 'whoop!' as he waved for Arthur to catch up

"Slow down Alfred!" Arthur said as he stared at the ride the boy was heading for, and by ride he meant giant roller coaster that looked just liked the Griffin from Bush Gardens(1)

"Arthur! This one! This one! Let's get on this one!" he said as he pointed at the yelling people who were now coming very close to the ground. Arthur felt panic as he looked at a girl who seemed to be either laughing or crying.

"Alfred how about we first go to some of the milder games, just to get you ready for this one" the Brit said as he kept looking at the ride instead of the boy. Alfred cocked his head as he looked up and saw some people waving at him, he smiled and waved back

"Okay Iggy! Let's go to the Spinning Cars ride!"

Arthur smiled as the boy came up to him and hold his hand, "Yeah let's go"

*Somewhere else*

"How I wish I had mon petit Mathieu with me like that!" Francis said as he kept looking at the smiling face of Alfred. He felt a hand come in contact with his head harshly. "What was that for!" he said as he rubbed the back of his head.

Gilbert just kept staring through his binoculars as he licked his lips, which meant only one thing…he had an idea.

"Hey Frenchie, can you see how Arthur did not want to go on that awesome ride?"

The Frenchman nodded

"But Alfred does…so if we get near him on the line or even sit next to him in the ride, we might be able to give him the potion!" Gilbert said as he laughed too loudly for the people who where near him. Francis stared at the man in awe as he thought of the plan the albino just told him, "Prusse..how did you come up with that!"

"Well isn't that what child molesters do? They give kids candy and then they take them!"

An awkward silence fell in between both nations as the parents with kids started walking away.

"Antonio, please tell us the exact location of Angleterre and L'Amerique" Francis mumbled into the radio as he ignored the albino.

"Well, right now they got off the Spinning Cars ride, they are sitting in a bench, well Arthur is laying down!" an accented voice said as he looked at the camera that had Arthur sitting in a bench while Alfred fanned him with a handmade fan.

"Is he asleep?" Gilbert quickly asked as he stood up and went to where the Spinning Cars ride was located.

"He just fainted"

"Perfect, that will be help us with our plan…" Francis said as he looked at the big ride as it made a sharp loop, "We will tell petit L'Amerique that the ride is waiting for him.

Alfred sighed as he stared at the troubled face of a sleeping Arthur. "Jeez, we didn't even go that fast and he was already screaming his head off!" he said quietly as he remembered how Arthur was holding onto the bar while Alfred was laughing and putting his arms above his head.


Alfred looked up as he saw a man with white hair walk around the park talking to his other friend, who had long blonde hair, was only nodding.


Alfred looked at the ride with half open eyes; it looked pretty awesome in the sunlight, the way the people screamed, he could almost feel the ecstasy in his veins as the ride went down…the wind in his hair as the ride went faster and faster…


"That's it!" Alfred said as he stood up and grabbed some paper from the ground, he searched in Arthur's pocket for a pen and when he found it he wrote a small message to him

Went to the Pirate's Typhoon!

I will be back soon so please don't call the British army here, or the navy, or your secret agents

I have not been kidnapped I have just gone to an awesome ride

Love you!


He smiled as he left the note inside Arthur's shirt, and went off to talk to those people, "Hey!" Alfred said as he stood on his tiptoes and lifted his bum a bit, "you said that ride was pretty awesome right?"

Gilbert smirked as he saw the excitement in the child's eyes, "Yeah it was like totally awesome!"

"C-Can you take me!" Alfred yelled as he looked at the man with hope, Francis and Gilbert looked at each other as they smiled a secret smile. "Why not! You are just the perfect size for the ride too!"

Alfred yelled happily as he raced the white haired man to the ride, Francis stood there until they were out of sight so that he could take his radio out,

"Is the line short Antonio?"

"Yes…they already got there"

"I guess I should leave the work to Prussia"

"If you want too…but don't you think America looks different"


"Well didn't you see his height?"

"I don't know what you are talking about Antonio,"

"And his Nantucket…maybe I'm just imagining things"

"Probably monami" Francis said as he shut the radio off and followed the two nations leaving the Brit asleep in the bench.

"This is gonna be so awesome!" Alfred yelled as he felt the line move closer and closer to the ride. Gilbert nodded and took a birdseed out of his pocket, he raised his hand to his head and shook it a bit until he finally felt a tug and put his hand back down. Alfred looked at him with curiosity

"Why did you put a bird seed in your head?"

"A what? Oh! You mean Gilbird!" the albino said as he grabbed the little chick and held him in front of Alfred's face ,"Isn't he awesome like me?"

Alfred just stared at the chick as it cocked it his head, he smiled and nodded.

"I'm starting to like you kiddo! We need to hang out more!" Gilbert said as he pointed at the vehicle that was held by the rails, "You better turn around, because we are about to enter a ride that is an equal to Griffin!"

Alfred grinned and pumped his fist in the air, he quickly ran to the first row and seated himself in the middle, while Gilbert took the empty seat next to him. "Please keep your feet in the ride at all times" the attendant said as he locked them up and pulled the lever.

Gilbert smiled too, but he felt like he was forgetting something but the moment they went down he really couldn't care.

"ALFRED!!!ALFRED!!!!!" a blonde man with emerald eyes said as he ran around the park looking for his brother. He woke up and his Alfred's senses started tingling non-stop. He stood from the bench and thought the boy went to buy some cotton candy, but when no cute little blue eyed boy popped out he started running like mad.

What if somebody had taken his precious little boy and done something to him, even worse…what if Francis found him! Oh that frog did anything to Alfred, Arthur swore he will have the whole British army and navy after his arse and what the hell was in his shirt!

He felt some sharp feeling every time he walked, at first he ignored it but now it was just becoming uncomfortable.

After fiddling with his shirt he found a little piece of paper, with Alfred's handwriting

Arthur had two reactions while he read the letter:

One: Relief Two: Nervousness

He dropped the note and went running to the place where his boy was.

"WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" was the only thing Alfred managed to get out of his mouth as the ride went faster and faster, what Alfred thought of how he would feel if he rode this ride were doubled because he truly felt ecstasy and adrenaline mixed together in perfect harmony.

But then he heard another thing something else, a very familiar voice yelling at the top of his lungs


As the ride went down he saw Arthur with wide eyes and a look of fear, except Alfred did not notice because now they were going down, a little too fast.


And once the ride finished, Alfred got out dizzy and hanging on to Gilbert for dear life. Arthur ran up to him and knocked the albino out and hugged Alfred tightly.

"Thank the good God you are safe! Don't you know that that ride is not even properly checked!" Arthur said as he hugged the boy tighter.

Alfred smiled and hugged back, could this day get any better.

"Come on let's go home, I got home made scones!"

Oops, spoke too soon, but Alfred didn't mind, Arthur needed him and that's what mattered

Once again Arthur failed to notice the boys height had changed about an inch or so.

"Wasn't that fun Gilbird?"

"Prusse! Oh thank God, did you give little Alfred the potion?" Francis said as he caught up with the man. Gilbert stared at him and then cocked and eyebrow

"Potion what potion?"

Francis looked at him with disbelief, "The one that was supposed to turn L'Amerique into an adult!"

Gilbert stared again, then the lights in his brain flicked on

"OH! That potion! Sorry! I forgot! The ride was too wicked and too awesome to even concentrate…" he said as he kept walking but did not see the hand that was coming to grab him by the neck.

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