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Chapter 2:The time has come

In John Cena's locker room, John's in there getting ready for his match as he hears a knock on the door. "Hey man." Randy says as he walks into his best friend's locker room.

"Whats up man?" John replies

"Have you heard?" Randy says


"That your best friend, long time crush, and babe of the year is back."

"Man! Stop playing you know how I feel about her."

"Dude I'm serious Trish Stratus is back on Raw I just talked to her."

"Whatever man, if you say so." John says as he does the crazy sign by his head. " I got to go got a match against christian tonight."

"Alright fine don't believe me you'll see." Randy says as John walks out.

Well Back in the women's locker room, Trish is talking with her bff Ashley and stretching for her match which is right after John's. "Trish I can't believe your back!" Ashley says

Yea I know Ash. I missed you guys so much and I can't wait to surprise that slut Candice Michelle tonight."

"I know she still thinks she's fighting me." Ashley says with a laugh

About this time the crew member comes and knocks on the door to tell her it's time for her match.

So Trish hugs Ashley and says, "well thats my que." As she walks out Ashley says, "Good luck." Trish smiles and head's with the crew member to the curtains. As Trish is walking to the curtains she bumps into someone. She looks up to see...

John Cena.

"Oh my bad I wasn't paying attention." John says still glowing from his win as he looks over to see Trish his eyes get big.

"Trish you back?" John says with a smile

"Hey John, Yea I'm back." Trish says with a now huge smile on her face. "Sorry to cut you short but I have to go I'll come find you later." she said as her music starts to play. As she walks away thinking I can't believe he's still looking so good. He's gotten hotter since the last time I saw him.

As she walks away John thinks wow she so fine, why haven't I told her how I feel yet. Man I thought she was beautiful as a blonde but I think she's ever better as a brunette.

So as Trish comes out from behind the curtains and announces her return the crowd goes wild as she heads down to the ring to fight Candice. The match didn't take long maybe five or ten minutes and Trish beats Candice. Well as she is heading back to her locker room, she notices this tall figure standing there. It turns out to be no other than the wwe Champion John Cena. She smiles as she walks up.

"Hey Mr. wwe Champion Stalking me now are we?" she says playfully

he laughs and says, "nah just wanted to be the first to congratulate you on your win and wanted to ask you something."

"What's That?"she replies as her heart begins to race

"I was um... wondering I..I... if you wanted to go out with me to the club tonight?" he said nervously.

"Sure Sounds great." she says with a huge grin. "ok awsome I'll meet you back here after the show?" John say with a huge smile.

"ok sounds good now I'm going to go get a shower. See you later." Trish says with a suductive smile.

"bye oh and Trish... Nice to have you back." John says as he walks away

Trish goes in and gets a shower, and John heads to tell Randy that their going to the club tonight. So about 30 minutes later Raw's almost over and Trish is out of the shower and Ashley is back from her match with Maryse. "Hey Ash?" Trish says

"yea"Ashley replies

"are you going to the club tonight?"

"Yes mam me and Matt are why?"

"Cause John asked me to go with him"

"What!? Reallly? Looks like you got the eye of the wwe champion." Ashley says as she elbows Trish.