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Blair Waldorf was destined to rule, no matter where she went.

She was a Waldorf, one of the oldest, richest, and most influential families in New York. She was the granddaughter of Harold and Eleanor Waldorf, the most revered couple in the city.

Just because her parents had moved her out of the city, that didn't mean any of that had changed.

When Blair was six years old, her little sister was born and her parents began thinking about moving their family to the suburbs, and when they had another baby girl two years later, they finally made the decision to move across the bridge to New Jersey. Blair's father, Harold Jr., commuted into the city everyday to work at his father's law firm while Blair's mother, Rose, stayed at home with the children.

Blair did not approve of the move, and even at eight years old she expected to always get her way. So when they left the city, or 'her kingdom' as her grandparents said, she was very upset. She loved New York. She loved being wealthy and being a member of the elite. She loved the sense of entitlement and the special treatment.

In New Jersey there was none of that. When she went to school, the other kids didn't know what being a Waldorf meant, and they didn't treat her any differently. They didn't give her the respect she deserved, and she did not appreciate it.

Her parents had moved their family to the suburbs so their children could be raised differently; so they could be protected from the cutthroat world of the Upper Eastside. But for Blair it was too little, too late. She was old enough that she understood the world she had been a part of, and she had loved it.

Even after her parents moved her to New Jersey, Blair still spent a great deal of time in Manhattan. She convinced her parents to allow her to stay with her grandparents almost every weekend, so she was still able to attend the fancy parties and live the privileged life she loved.

Her grandparents, especially her grandmother, were very prim and proper, so Blair always had to be on her best behavior when she stayed with them. They could be very harsh and critical, but Blair was by far their favorite grandchild and they made it their job to mold her into the society darling she had always been destined to become.

Blair worked very hard to make both her grandparents and her parents proud, which was no easy task. Her parents wanted her to be a normal teenager and make friends at her new school while her grandparents wanted her to stay true to her last name and become a proper Upper Eastside woman. Winning the approval of others was very important to Blair, so she tried her very best to make everyone happy.

She followed more along the lines of her grandparents' wishes, but mostly because her parents already disapproved of her love for the city and they spent more time doting on her younger sisters than paying attention to what she did.


Chuck Bass was new money. His father, Bart Bass, was considered to be sleazy and opportunistic and most of the Upper Eastside elite, including the Waldorfs, despised him, although they all tolerated him because of many business ventures and financial holdings. Blair's grandparents had taught her that people like the Bass', or 'new money filth' as they called them, were only slightly above middle class and were therefore beneath her.

But when Chuck Bass walked into Blair's third grade classroom in New Jersey on the first day of school, she had never been happier to see him. He may not have had the same elite status as her, but he was closer to her level than any of the other children in their school. He was at least from the Upper Eastside. Blair instantly made him her new companion, deciding that her grandparents would understand her choice if they saw the other middle class riff-raff she had to pick from.

Chuck's parents had recently divorced and his mother, who had never really enjoyed city life in the first place, decided to move Chuck to the suburbs in part because she wanted to keep him out of the Upper Eastside and also because she wanted to spite his father in whatever way she could.

Chuck and his mother, Misty, had moved to a big house only a few blocks away from the Waldorfs, and Misty had started her own catering business which kept her busy throughout the week and especially on the weekends. From Friday to Monday she would be gone from early in the morning until late into the night, which worked out great because Chuck spent nearly every weekend with his father. Well, he actually spent them at his father's penthouse with the maid. Usually one night would involve some fancy Upper Eastside event, but the rest of the weekend Chuck would spend watching TV and eating room service.

Every Friday, a limo came and picked Chuck up from school to bring him to his father's penthouse apartment in the city, and most weekends Blair was picked up along with him. She was going into the city anyway to stay with her grandparents, so it was just easier for her to go with Chuck and get dropped off by his limo.

When they were younger, the limo rides were usually the only time they saw each other over the weekend, unless they ended up at the same event or party with their respective adult supervisors.

But as they got older, they began spending more time in the city socializing with other Upper Eastside kids and away from the adults. Blair had quickly raised herself to the position of queen among her peers, even though she didn't technically live in New York, and Chuck had established himself as a womanizing bad boy and Blair's right-hand man. Everyone knew to stay on their good side, because angering the team of Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass would easily result in total social destruction.

By the time they entered high school, Chuck and Blair were virtually inseparable. Blair had decided, and Chuck had agreed, that they should make it their goal to completely rule their pathetic suburban high school by Christmas of their freshman year. Together, they schemed and manipulated, beginning with the other freshman and working their way up to the senior class. They created scandals and rumors and Chuck would even sleep with any girls that were particularly difficult to dethrone.

By the first week of December it had all paid off and they had reached their goal. Blair was the undisputed queen of their school and dating the senior football captain. Chuck, for the most part, let Blair enjoy the spotlight and could be found sauntering behind her with a slight smirk on his face and the confidence that only came with the knowledge that he was on top. Chuck had never been picky when it came to women, and depending on the weekend plans he would end up hooking up with a New York society girl or a suburban cheerleader, or even sometimes a college student or a model. Blair, on the other hand, was more of a relationship sort of person, but she dated both boys from the city and from New Jersey. She tended to alternate; dating a boy from the city, breaking up with him, dating a suburban boy, breaking up with him, dating another city boy, etc.

But no matter how long her relationships lasted or how serious they were, she never slept with any of her boyfriends. Her first boyfriend, the senior football captain, had tried to push her to have sex, and she had almost given in. She had planned to sleep with him after they had dated for 5 months, but the day before their big date Chuck heard him bragging in the boy's bathroom about the bet he made with his buddies that he could get Blair to give up her virginity before their 6 month anniversary. Naturally, Chuck informed her of her boyfriend's little bet and she promptly ended things with him. She acted surprised a few weeks later when he got accused of plagiarism and was expelled from school. He ended up losing his football scholarship and had to go to community college instead of the state university. Blair had no idea how Chuck did it, but she made sure to send him a grateful look when she heard about the scandal.

After that, Blair never even came close to sleeping with another guy. Sex was all about control, and she realized that once she gave it up, she no longer had control, and that was not acceptable. So far, all the guys she had dated had been for fun or to improve her social standing. None of them were serious relationships that she could see lasting in the longer term. Blair decided that she wasn't going to even consider sex until she was with someone she actually cared about; until she was with someone she loved.

Once they had entered high school, Chuck and Blair became choosier with their weekend activities. They still spent most weekends in the city at fancy parties or at clubs with other Manhattan teenagers, but if there was a big social event or party among their high school 'friends,' they would stick around and attend. After all, they were the leaders of the school, it was required that they attend at least some of the clichéd suburban activities, like school dances and keg parties, even if they did pale in comparison to the more sophisticated events they were used to.

By the time she was 14, Blair had made her dreams a reality. She was the queen not only of New York City, but also of her suburban high school. And Chuck, well, he was her partner in crime and her best friend. No one else could understand what her life in suburbia was like or what is was like to have to split her time between two very different worlds and still maintain respect and power in both. Chuck understood her, and that was why he was her best friend, despite the disapproval from her family and the rest of Manhattan's elite.


A/N: Just for clarification, the suburb that Chuck and Blair live in is extremely wealthy. I grew up in northern New Jersey about 20 minutes outside of New York City, and one of the counties there was one of the richest in the country, so that's where I imagine they would live. And when I'm writing, I'm totally picturing the high school that some of my friends went to. Lol. But anyway please review! K thanks.