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After he had graduated from Columbia, Chuck's father had given him a powerful position in Bass Industries, effectively training him to one day take over the family business.

A few days after he had proposed to Blair, Chuck was going over some paperwork in his recently furnished office as he waited to see if his ten o'clock appointment would show up or not.

Just as his clock turned to 10am, Chuck's secretary opened the door to tell him his appointment had arrived and with Chuck's permission she let the man into the room and left.

"Mr. Waldorf, it is great to see you," Chuck said as he stood and gestured for the older man to be seated in the chair in front of him, "I wasn't sure if you would show."

"To be honest, I wasn't sure myself." Harold said as both men sat down, "I have been going back and forth about it since I got your message, but I was curious as to what exactly you wanted. You must know that I do not approve of your relationship with my granddaughter. I am in complete agreement with my wife on that issue. You are simply not good enough for our Blair."

"I agree with you." Chuck said softly before he met Harold's gaze confidently, "But frankly, sir, I don't think anyone is really good enough for Blair. She is the epitome of class and perfection. There is not a man alive who could be worthy of a woman like her."

Harold looked surprised at Chuck's words as he nodded towards the younger boy, "Go on."

Chuck leaned forward with his elbows on his desk, "Mr. Waldorf, while I may not be exactly what you envisioned for your granddaughter when you pictured her perfect spouse, I am what she wants and what she needs. I love her, sir; I always have. I have been there for her through everything and I will continue to love and support her. I may not be what you want for Blair, but you have to know that with me you would never have to worry about her being hurt or broken. I could never-"

Harold was nodding as he looked away for a moment, "Yes, yes. Despite your history of questionable actions I know that you have always been good to my granddaughter."

"I've been more than good to her," Chuck argued, "And that will only continue once we are married. The last two and a half years without her were the worst years of my life. I can't imagine going another day without her and I would never do anything to jeopardize my relationship with her."

Harold sighed, "Charles, while you don't come from the best family or have the best reputation, I do have to admit that Blair is a different person with you; a happier person." Harold paused and drummed his fingers together, "But we still have to get to why I'm here today. Certainly you didn't invite me here just to convince me of your love for my granddaughter."

Chuck smirked, "No, that was just a bonus." He narrowed his eyes seriously, "I actually have a request for you. I'm sure you are aware of Blair's long-held desire to wed on your Hampton property. Eleanor has repeatedly told her it will never happen and Blair doesn't even mention the possibility anymore, but I know it is what she wants. And I plan on giving her everything she has ever dreamed of both in this wedding and throughout our marriage."

Harold looked down and shook his head, "Charles, Waldorfs always get married in a church."

Chuck's eyes darkened slightly, "Yes, well she is going to be a Bass, and the Basses get married wherever the hell we want to." He leaned back in his chair and ran a hand over his face, "Mr. Waldorf, this is something Blair wants, I know, even if she has been pretending otherwise. If you refuse to let us marry on your property, that won't stop us. I have already hired someone to begin searching for homes in the Hamptons that could serve as possible fill-ins, should you turn us down. Whether we wed at your home or at someone else's, Blair will not be marrying in a church. That has already been decided."

Harold looked Chuck in the eyes for a moment before he nodded once, "If you are going to marry at my home, I do have one condition."

Later that week, Chuck and Blair were in the limo, headed to see the location Chuck had picked out for their wedding.

Blair was clutching his hand tightly, nervous and excited at the same time, "I know you have great taste, but what if I don't like it?" She asked him.

He smiled softly as his thumb stroked the back of hand, "Then we will find a different venue. But I'm fairly confident you will approve."

Blair sighed and looked back out of the window anxiously. A few minutes later she recognized where they were going and turned to him with wide eyes, "We're going to the Hamptons? We're getting married in the Hamptons?"

Chuck didn't respond, but from the look on his face and the dancing glint in his eyes she knew she was correct. She immediately squealed and snuggled up closer against his side, "Oh my God, the Hamptons! You do have good taste. What place are we looking at?"

Chuck knew she was trying to trick him into telling her his top secret location and he wasn't fooled. He kissed her nose and gave her a knowing look, "You'll see when we get there."

She pouted for a moment before she began thinking about all the little chapels and grand churches that could be the possible hosts of their nuptials and her smile quickly reappeared.

When they began to travel down the familiar streets that lead to the Waldorf summer home, Blair turned to Chuck with wide, questioning eyes but she didn't ask any questions and he didn't make any explanations. He simply squeezed her hand and smiled reassuringly.

They pulled up in front of Harold and Eleanor's house and Blair stared out the window before looking at her fiancé, "Chuck-"

But at that moment their driver opened the door and Chuck stepped out of the limo. He leaned down and reached his hand back inside towards her, "Come on, Waldorf. Let's take a look around."

Despite her hesitations, Blair took his hand and exited the car as well. Once she was standing, Chuck put an arm around her waist and kissed her hair. He began leading her forward, but Blair wouldn't budge, "Chuck we can't. My grandparents won't allow it."

"They're not here." Chuck said with a smirk, "They are in Paris for a few days."

"That's great, but even if they are gone now, I think they will notice in six weeks if we try to put on an entire wedding in their backyard!"

"It has already been approved." Chuck said as he once again tried to get Blair to follow him onto the property.

But Blair refused to be moved, "What? Eleanor would never-,"

"Eleanor has no say," Chuck interrupted, "Legally speaking, of course. This home is held solely in the name of Harold Waldorf, so really it is his decision. And when I met with him he agreed to let us use it, after some convincing of course."

"You spoke with my grandfather?" Blair asked softly in awe. Chuck had never cared much about making a good impression on her family or anyone else, so the fact that he made an effort really meant a lot.

Chuck looked smug as he replied, "He came by the office after we got engaged. Once I explained how much I love you, he was more than willing to let us hold the wedding here, under one simple condition."

Blair looked wary, "Which is…?"

"If your family still refuses to attend the wedding, which at this point seems likely, Harold would like the honor of escorting you down the aisle, if it is alright with you."

Blair had tears shining in her eyes as she smiled, "I would love that." She wrapped her arms around Chuck's neck and pressed a soft kiss to his lips, "Thank you."

"I know how long you have dreamed about getting married here." Chuck said softly, "And I plan to give you the dream wedding you have always wanted."

Chuck and Blair's wedding was held at the Waldorf's Hampton house six weeks later and it was absolutely beautiful. All the guests said Blair look stunning and the set up was like something out of a fairytale.

Blair's parents did decide to attend only a few days before the ceremony but they refused to participate, which was fine with Blair. She thought it was more fitting that Harold walked her down the aisle rather than her own father anyway.

Eleanor was the only family member who staunchly refused to even speak of the upcoming nuptials throughout the whole planning process and Blair was sure she was not going to attend. But while she waited with her grandfather as the bridesmaids walked down the aisle ahead of her, she noticed Eleanor sitting in the very last row right on the end. Evidently she had changed her mind and decided to sneak in at the last moment.

At the reception everyone was having a good time and giving their congratulations to the happy couple, who could not keep their eyes, and hands, off of each other.

Chuck had parted with his bride for a few moments to speak with his father and some Bass Industries executives when Eleanor approached to speak with her.

"Grandmother," Blair greeted with a smile as she neared. Not even Eleanor's negative attitude could dampen her happiness, "I'm glad you decided to come."

Eleanor looked away as she answered casually, "Well, you are still my granddaughter, even if you are making an awful choice."

Blair closed her eyes and took a deep breath to keep herself calm, "Look, I know you don't like Chuck but-"

"You're right, I don't like him," Eleanor interrupted, "And do you want to know why that is, Blair? I don't trust him. He has too much to gain from this relationship while you are getting absolutely nothing in return. It isn't an even relationship."

"But I get everything." Blair explained, "Don't you understand that? He is everything to me. I only need him."

Eleanor looked at her knowingly, "Well then it is going to hurt all the more when he stabs you in the back. I just don't want to see you end up hurt."

Blair glared at her defiantly, "He won't do that, Grandmother. He could never do that to me. If you would just give him a chance, he would prove all your judgments of him completely wrong."

Eleanor shrugged, "I guess only time will tell. Just don't expect my sympathies when I am proved absolutely right."

"Okay, Grandmother," Blair said with a roll of her eyes, refusing to start a fight on her wedding day.

Timidly, Eleanor reached forward and pushed a lose curl behind Blair's ear, "You do look beautiful, Blair. Despite my reservations about the groom, your wedding was wonderful."

Blair smiled softly, "Thank you."

The older woman quickly dropped her hand and became serious once again, "Yes, well, at least Bart Bass now has that connection he has always wanted to our family and our fortune."

"Too bad his son made that connection with the only Waldorf with absolutely no access to that fortune." Blair pointed out good-naturedly. She wasn't bitter anymore about the fact that her grandparents had cut her off; she had just married into one of the wealthiest families in the world, her inheritance really was a non-issue at this point.

But to Blair's surprise, Eleanor scoffed and waved her hand dismissively, "Oh please, Blair, do you really think your grandfather and I are going to leave all that money to your prissy little sisters? They are going to spend the rest of their lives in Suburbia with soccer mom haircuts and high-waisted, ill-fitted jeans from the Gap. That would be the biggest waste of our fortune that I could imagine."

"But, I thought-"

"That was only a temporary threat," Eleanor explained, "Made with the hope that you would change your mind and find a more qualified suitor. Your grandfather never would have let me cut you off forever." She shrugged slightly as she continued, "Besides, your grandfather took the time to point out to me that as much as I may dislike Charles, even he is ten times better than whatever unintelligent jock or frat boy your sisters are sure to end up marrying."

Blair threw her head back and laughed just as Chuck returned and placed his arm around her waist, "Hey Mrs. Bass," He whispered in her ear as he eyed Eleanor warily. He didn't want anyone to ruin Blair's perfect day, and he knew Eleanor had the potential to do just that.

Blair turned slightly in his arms and pressed a kiss to his lips, "Hey, yourself. You were gone for a long time."

"I know, I'm sorry. Bart started talking business," He explained with a roll of his eyes, "The caterer saved me. Apparently they are ready for us to cut the cake. If now is a good time?" He asked cautiously, looking between Blair and her grandmother.

"Oh no, now is fine, right Grandma?" Blair asked as she looked away from her husband with a glowing smile.

"Yes, yes, go on you two. Have fun." Eleanor said as she shooed them away with her hands.

Blair's grin grew even larger and Chuck looked surprised at the older woman's warm teasing tone as he and Blair began to walk away. But they had only moved a few steps before Chuck paused and turned to address his new in-law.

"Oh, and Eleanor," Chuck said, "There is a least one good thing about being a part of Bart's family: when he is being his usual obnoxious self, you're now allowed to just tell him to fuck off."

Eleanor eyes widened in shock at Chuck's harsh language, but as he smirked and sent her a wink, a small smile appeared on her face. The boy did have a point. She didn't have to be polite anymore. What was the worst Bart could do if she wasn't? His son was now married to the major heir of the Waldorf fortune. It wasn't like he was going to bankrupt her. Chuck Bass may not have been Eleanor's first choice for her granddaughter, but now that she really thought about it, maybe he wasn't such a bad companion for Blair after all.