My mind has been in overdrive lately. So many thoughts and images running through my head, that this is the only way to get them out. This idea came to me when I attended a male strip club with my girlfriends for a birthday celebration. Yes, a male strip club where the end up in nothing but a cock ring.

Edward is desperate to break out on his own and write a book. He finds the life of a male stripper intriguing and decides to pose as a stripper to get the real feel for it so he can write a book about it. Bella and her friends walk into the club for a birthday party seeing the most beautiful man she has ever seen dancing naked. Will she like him because he is a stripper or the man he really is?

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My Life as a Male Stripper


You just have to walk out there.

Yea but I have to walk out there and get naked.

You wanted to do this remember.

I wanted to write a book. Not do this. Not exactly.

Not exactly. What do you mean not exactly? How are you ever going to know what it feels like if you don't do it yourself?

I can ask some of the other dancer's questions. Get them to tell me what it's like to dance in front of a room full of people buck ass naked. Without me having to get buck ass naked I might add.

Like that's going to give you the real feel of it. You have to dance.

But I don't want to.

You have to dance. You have to get out there strip off your clothes and dance. When it's over you have to crawl around for your tips like you've seen the other dancers do. But you won't know what if feels like unless you do it.

But I don't want to.

Stop whining like a baby and get your pansy ass out there. You have lived a sheltered life all of your life. There's no way you know what these dancers go through on a nightly basis. The dancing, the strutting around, and the way they have to mingle with the crowd. The lap dancing that goes on behind closed doors.

You have to do this. You have never wanted to do anything in your life besides write. You have written a couple of great papers for your college professors and what have each one of them said. You need to write about something you know. You can't write about a love life if you never had one. You can't write murder and mystery when you don't have the imagination for it or the stomach.

After you graduated from college, you went to work with for your father at the newspaper because that was what was expected of you. You did it to appease him. Not yourself. You have a degree in writing and journalism. That's not going to waste by working at the paper, but it's not what you want to do. You want to write. You want to write about more interesting stories than just local government or business news.

You want to write about things that are exciting and real. Not saying that what you write about in the newspaper isn't real. It's not the real thing you want to write about though. You want to write about life and how it's lived. How are you ever going to write about life if you haven't lived it?

You spent your whole life living in the shadows. Never able to experience school life or friends because you were home schooled, tutored by the best of the best. Not knowing what it was like to walk down the halls of the schools with friends or sit in a classroom with them. The only real life you had was when you were in college and even then you went home every night not having the chance to experience the true college life.

You have been nothing more than a geek your entire life. You have to get out there and live. That's why you moved from your parent's huge house in the country club and moved into an apartment the size of the entertainment room at their house. You quit your job at the newspaper parked your car in the garage and walked out of your house leaving your fuddy-duddy clothes behind.

If you want to write about something like this, then you have to live it. Sure Ben and Tyler can talk to you until their blue in the face about them coming out here every night and shaking their goods in front of everybody. But you will never know until you walk out there and do it for yourself.

I know your right. But damn all those people out there.

Don't think about them. Just get out there and shake what your mama gave you. You've sat in the corner in the dark long enough and watched all these other guys enough to know what to do.

You're right. I'll just turn off the old Edward and turn on the new.

That's it. You can do this. Get out there and live this. Just imagine all you will experience. The thrill of dancing naked in front of women who will be screaming for you, walking around these women afterwards talking dirty to them, getting up close and personal with a woman while you do a lap dance for her. Then when you are finished you will write the most amazing book about The Life of a Male Stripper.

Why did I choose this topic again?

Because the thought of it excites you. Every since you heard some of the guys talking about doing this to make extra money, you wondered what it would be like. For you to take off your clothes in front of someone, to feel the rush of excitement when they scream for you to take it off, and then the thrill of dancing around naked. You want this not only so you can write about. You want this so you can live it to. Just do it.

What is this a fucking ad for Nike?

No it's your brain telling you for once in your life do something for yourself.

Okay here it goes. My life as a male stripper, Chapter 1.

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