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Chapter 5: Dancing God


It is another boring day in the office of Bella Swan. Of course I had finished my work like hours ago, not as quick as I usually do though since my mind was wandering more than usual, leaving me with nothing to do but sit and stare at my computer screen. But all my proofreading is done, and all of my editing is done, so I'm left here to twiddle my thumbs as usual.

Well, I'm not twiddling my thumbs so to speak. What I am doing, I shouldn't be doing. I shouldn't be on the website I am looking at, going from screen to screen, searching for something that is unobtainable. Besides that, it isn't appropriate for me to be looking at something like this at work, and it certainly doesn't help my predicament.

My horny, sexually frustrated predicament, among other things.

I should be trying to work on my writing, but I just can't write at work, that just isn't happening. I've tried, I really have. But for some reason I can concentrate so much better at the little coffee shop down below my house.

You would think that I wouldn't be able to focus with all the noise of the baristas taking orders, the sound of the coffee machines, the customers prattling away aimlessly on their cell phones or carrying on a conversation with whoever they were with. But the chatter of all the people and the clinking and hissing of the coffee machines just make it easier for me to drown everything else out and focus on what I am writing.

But lately, I haven't been able to concentrate on anything, not jack shit, no matter how hard I tried. At work, when I was proofreading or even editing a piece, my mind would wander off and I would have to force myself to focus on what I was doing.

Thankfully it hadn't affected my work performance to the point that it drew attention to Mr. and Mrs. Hale. Emmett had picked up on me being distracted, simply by him finishing his workload before me, which was unusual. And thankfully he hadn't said anything about my distracted state of mind. As long as he didn't bring attention to me, he could keep away the attention to the fact that he had an obsession with fan fiction. It's not only a girl thing.

Even when I have taken the time to go down to the coffee shop or even sit in my apartment, I haven't been able to work on my own book without errant thoughts running through my head and coming across my computer screen. My daydreams would have me so carried away that when I looked back to see what I had written, it wasn't about the story I was working on; it was about a night I knew I would never forget.

It had been so bad in the past couple of weeks, that when I looked down and realized what I was writing, I would sigh to myself in exasperation about my mind drifting and then resign myself to the fact that my thoughts wouldn't go away and go ahead save it in another file thinking that one day I might use it. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop thinking about that night.

Since the night that Rose, Alice and I went to that male strip club, all my thoughts have centered around and on him, the green eyed dancing god that had danced naked in front of me. My mind would constantly drift to that night, remembering how he danced around the stage, gripping the pole with those long fingers, his muscles tensing and straining as he held on. The way he was grinding himself against the pole, like he would do to a woman. The way he would grasp himself at times, and throw his head back like he was about to have an orgasm, the muscles in his neck strained from what looked like pleasure.

Each time I would think about it, my stomach would tighten in response and my insides would heat up, a delicious flush running through my body. Sensations that I had never felt before were beginning to rule my body in a most delectable way.

Knowing Rose and Alice the way I do, I had to avoid them so they wouldn't be able to see me fantasizing about the dancing bronzed haired beauty.

And he was beautiful.

Even with the crappy club lighting and the flashing lights over the stage, I could see that he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen.

I was unable to get my body under control. I had hoped that the way my body was reacting was only temporary and would go back to normal in a few days, but much to my dismay, it only became worse.

Just like now, I'm sitting here staring at Arrow's website trying to find a picture of him among all the other dancers that have their pictures posted on the website.

Can anyone say stalker?

It has become part of my routine to check their website, like someone checks the weather or stock reports, to see if I can find him.

Maybe he hasn't worked there long enough to get his pictures taken to be posted on the website. The way he danced though led me to believe that he had been doing it for a while, except he did seem nervous before he started.

What the hell do I know about stripping anyway?

Besides being nervous, he didn't really look the stripper type. I wasn't really sure what type he looked like. Well, for one, he was naked and it wasn't like I could look at his clothes and tell whether he was a jock or a suit. There was just something about him that didn't scream stripper. Hot blooded male, yes that definitely was obvious, but he just seemed too nervous.

Then on top of that, I couldn't quit thinking about the way he kept looking at me. None of the other dancers were ogling me or the other women like that. Hell, it's not like I'm a Rosalie, top model criteria with the blonde hair and sky blue eyes and a body built like a brick shit house. No, I'm just plain old me, boring brown hair and eyes with a size four body.

The chime on my computer signals, breaking me out of my depressing thoughts thankfully, letting me know that I have a new email.

TO: Alice Brandon; Rosalie Hale; Bella Swan

FROM: Angela Webber

SUBJECT: Free for Dinner?

I am finally finished with the auditing assignment I have been working on. (Sigh) I would love to go out tonight and catch up and talk about your trip to Arrow. Inquiring minds want to know.

Email soon and let me know.


"Fuck!" I mutter. Depression returns. Luck had been on my side for the last couple of weeks. Angela had to work through last weekend again to help out because they were behind. Alice had a shipment of material come in and was busy sorting through all the bolts of fabric. Rosalie went out to dinner with her parents and Jasper. That usually put Rosalie in a bad mood and she would go off power shopping by herself so as to not take out her feelings on us.

Before I could finish what I was thinking about, my computer chimes again alerting me to another message.

TO: Alice Brandon; Bella Swan; Angela Webber

FROM: Rosalie Hale

SUBJECT: Dinner and Drinks

Hey Bitches! It's been a long week and I am looking forward to Mexican and Margaritas tonight at La Siesta. Angela is free tonight. She just emailed asking if we could do dinner. So how does 7:00 sound to everyone?

I've missed everyone. (sad face)


When I finish reading it, I groan out loud. There is no way I can avoid this any longer. And I just know that they are going to read me like an open book, especially when we start talking about the dance god. I know there is no way around it, and I miss them anyway, so I reply my acceptance.

The rest of the day, I try to build up my strength and think of answers to the many questions that I know they will be asking me. Whatever answers I give will be futile anyway because as soon as they say anything, I am sure that I will start blushing and give myself away.

I am sure that Rosalie and Alice will tell Angela exactly what happened after the dancing god finished his erotic dance. I wasn't even sure what happened myself, so I don't know how I am going to explain it. It was a wonder that they hadn't questioned me before now. If they hadn't been so busy, I'm sure they would have already been hounding me for answers.

After work, I reluctantly make my way to the restaurant. When I walk into La Siesta, Rosalie is already here with a pitcher of margarita's sitting on the table. Alice had texted us all, explaining that a delivery she was expecting was running late and she would be here shortly. Just as I am approaching the table, out of the corner of my eye I see Angela walk out of the bathroom and make her way over to the table.

As soon as I sit down, I relax a little. Being around my girls does this. I know the questions will start up soon. And I know that it won't be long before they will all start quizzing me. But anytime I am around them, I am comfortable in a way that I could only be with them.

"Hey, Rose." I say, sitting down beside Angela.

"How are you?" I ask Angela, wrapping my arm around her, tilting my head till it touches hers. Even though she was Alice's friend from college, we had become close. It was the first time in several weeks, almost a month, since I have seen her face to face and I want to hug her hopefully to let her know how much I have missed her.

"I'm good. So glad that we are caught up at work." Angela replies exasperatedly, rolling her eyes. "The last couple of weeks have been hell. People have been out because of the flu, that auditing job took much longer than it should have because we were shorthanded, and then because it was the end of a tax quarter, the paperwork just kept piling up." Angela works at an accounting office and truly loves her job, but sometimes, I just have no idea what the hell she is talking about.

Rosalie picks up my glass, filling it to the brim with margarita, before handing it back to me, then picks up Angela's glass and tops it off. "I'm sorry you've been so busy. I hated that you missed my birthday." Rosalie's lips protrude out into a pout.

"I'm sorry Rosalie. You know I love you don't you?" Angela asks, batting her eyelashes at Rosalie. "Well, I have a way to make it up to you."

Rosalie claps her hands together excitedly in a way that was so much like Alice, I laugh earning me a glare from Rosalie. "Really? How?"

Just then, the door opens and Alice comes bouncing in waving and yelling over a quick hello to Roberto, the owner of the restaurant. We have been eating here since it opened, and when Roberto's wife found out Alice had a clothing store, she has shopped at Alice's store ever since then. We were all on a first name basis and sometimes Roberto and Juanita would join us at the table and drink and eat with us.

"Hey, girls!" Alice smiles lovingly at each of us, giving a hug to Angela just as I had to let her know she had missed her. Before she sat down, she gave Rosalie and I hug too. "I'm sorry that I'm late. I had to wait on the delivery guy. Then Jasper showed up to update something on my computer." She sighs happily, her eyes twinkling with love. We all knew that she had had the biggest crush on Jasper forever, but he had his head stuck to far down in the sand to notice.

Rosalie pours Alice a glass of margarita just as she had done for me and passes it to her. Just as Alice takes a big swig, Rosalie says what is on everyone's mind. "I wish you two would get together and fuck already."

Alice chokes on her drink and glared at Rosalie pointedly. "Rosalie! Do you have to be so crass about it?" Primly she wipes her mouth gaining a snicker from me and Angela.

"When have you ever known me to watch what I say? I say what's on my mind, that's just how I am." Rosalie shrugs nonchalantly.

"Well, it doesn't matter. He is with someone else," Alice says dejectedly, hurt swimming in her eyes.

"God! Don't fucking remind me about that skank!" Rosalie practically spits out. Jasper had hooked up with Lauren a couple of years ago, and ever since then, it had taken a toll on their relationship, not to mention the one with his parents.

"Why in the hell he is even with her, I don't fucking know. She is an embarrassment to the entire family. My parents tried their best the other night to make him see that she wasn't the 'right type' for him." She did air quotations when she said right type. "He's got it in his fucking head that he can't do any better. Some bullshit about that it was too late to go after what he really wanted and after being with Lauren, he didn't deserve her and it would never happen."

"I just don't understand what the hell he sees in her anyway." I quip. We all went to school with Lauren and calling her a skank was somewhat nice. She would ride the train all the time, and I didn't mean the one with an engine.

"Fuck if I know. She is nothing to look at. She's so skinny, she looks like a fucking junky. Which would probably explain why her teeth look the way they do. And her hair, it is so fine you could roll it with Uncle Ben's rice." Rosalie makes a twirling motion with her finger. We all laugh at her description of Lauren. It isn't far from the truth at all. I've seen better looking junkies on the street corner.

"Why does he think he can't have what he wants?" Angela asks curiously. She didn't know Lauren like we did and I was sure that she was baffled about how someone like Jasper could be with a slut like Lauren.

"Who the hell knows? He told my parents the other night that Lauren needed him and he couldn't turn her out into the cold. I knew that as soon as she moved in with him, and she sunk her claws in deep enough, that he would have a hard time shaking her."

We are all quiet for a moment, Rosalie seems to be struggling with her anger over her brother and Alice just looks sad. She had laughed when we said something funny, but had remained unusually quiet throughout our observations.

The waiter comes over to take our order unknowingly breaking us out of the funky state we are all in.

After he leaves, Alice turns to Angela and I watch as she struggles to put a smile on her face. Alice had been in love with Jasper since she had first met him claiming that it was love at first sight. Jasper being with Lauren hurt her more than she cared to admit.

"How was your trip out of town?" Alice asks Angela.

"It was okay. We worked our asses off so we could get finished and get back home. We had everything catered so that we wouldn't even have to leave for lunch. At night we would go downstairs to the hotel bar and get drunk. Ben and
Tyler are hilarious." Angela smiles shyly, a faint blush on her cheeks, and I wonder what that is all about.

"Did you have hot monkey sex while you were there?" Rosalie asks dreamily, propping her chin on her hand.

"Rosalie, I swear, if I didn't know you better, I would think you had some fucking syndrome or disorder where you can't control what comes out of your mouth." Alice and Angela laugh hysterically at my comment.

"Ha Ha," Rosalie scowls at us before she starts laughing along with us. We've always given her hell about the things she says. She's not ashamed. She just tells it like it is.

"No," Angela replies once her laughter subsides. "Some stupid ass came up and hit on me though trying to get lucky. I've heard some pick up lines before, but this one took the cake. He said and I quote, 'I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I sure can make your bedrock.' Then this guy just busted out laughing at his own line. He looked like a fucking idiot. Tyler and Ben heard the guy and every since then they keep calling me Wilma."

We all start laughing. Angela was really funny. She traveled with her job sometimes, so she was always coming back and telling us strange things that happened while she was away. One thing that never happened was her having sex with a stranger. Angela and I were very much alike in that area.

Our dinner arrives shortly and we eat with gusto. The long week and the margaritas are fueling our appetites. We laugh some more, talking about anything and everything. Roberto brings another round of margaritas on the house, winking at Alice thanking her for the lovely dress Juanita had worn home the other night, and we drink some more.

Angela tops everyone's glass off and starts asking the questions that I was dreading. "So, tell me about Arrow. I've been dying to talk to you about it. Were they really naked?"

"Oh. My. Gosh. You missed it Angela." Alice all but shrieks, sounding like a valley girl. I know that it is almost time to cut her off. "They were butt ass naked. Nothing on but a cock ring girly!" Alice said a little too loud for me causing heads to turn in our direction.

"It was everything I hoped for and more." Rosalie gushes proudly.

"Whoa, wait a minute. What the hell is a cock ring?" Angela asks, as the family of four that had tolerated us for most of the night suddenly clears out of their seats. My face turns red at the thought of what they had heard. Rosalie cussing and carrying on is one thing, but talking about naked men and the fact they are about to discuss the dancing god, I was mortified.

Then as if on cue, images of the dance god with nothing on but a cock ring cloud my vision, my body begins to tingle and I can feel the heat spread along my skin.

"Let's start at the beginning." Alice begins describing everything, our first impression of the club when we walked in the door and saw for the first time the naked dancer up on the stage, the club itself, what the inside looked like, and the dance stage. Then in great detail, and I mean great detail, she described the dancer's, the music they danced to, and of course the cock ring.

The more I think about the cock ring and the dance god, I shift uncomfortably in my seat. Speaking out loud about him somehow makes it very real. More images flood my brain causing that heat to invade my body like it does every time I think about the dancing god.

My eyes drift to the table where the family had sat and then drift toward the sky sending a silent prayer to all that was holy that they had left and the restaurant was starting to clear out. Apparently we have been here longer than I thought, but by the way Alice is gesturing wildly with her hands, I know we have been here a while. She is hammered. No wonder she was talking like a valley girl.

"But the best part of the night was when one of the dancers had all eyes for our little Bella here." Rosalie looks at me with a smirk on her face and I know that my luck is about to be gone. She is about to humiliate me.

"Do tell." Angela laces her fingers together propping her chin on her hands mimicking Rosalie.

"Yes Rosalie, do tell." Alice claps her hands eagerly like a child that is about to be told a bed time story.

And I thought these girls were my friends. With friends like this, I guess I don't need enemies.

Rosalie leans forward on her elbows. "This guy gets up there, and at first he looks like he is going to hurl. You could tell that he was new and he hadn't been dancing long. Well, anyway, he shakes it off and gets out there and gives a hell of a performance. I mean a hell of a performance, dancing to a Kings of Leon song, shaking his shit to the beat."

For a brief moment, the song that the dancing god danced and swayed to filled my head. The way it started out slow and almost sensual, the singer's voice deep and raspy, talking of how he could use somebody. How the beat and words built up, almost in desperation. Every since watching the dance god dance to that song I knew that when I heard it again, I would think of nothing but him possibly using me.

"So near the end, his eyes fall on Bella. He just stares at her like he has never seen a woman before." Rosalie finishes her side of how things went that night and I bristle.

"Whatever Rosalie. It was so dark in there, I couldn't read his face any more than you could." I'm not exactly sure why he was staring at me, and it had bothered me somewhat that he had stared at me like that, but I was sure that he wasn't staring at me like that.

"You wouldn't know if guy was checking you out or not." Rosalie huffs in frustration.

"I resent that!"

"Well, resent all you like, but you just don't see things clearly sometimes. He was into you. He couldn't take his eyes off of you. They were yelling at him to get off the stage."

"No, he was blinded by the disco lights, but not me." Clearly I remembered the other guy trying to get him off the stage, but I thought it was because the next dancer was coming up.

"I think your wrong there Bella." Alice holds up her hand to both me and Rosalie to try and stop our bickering. Sometimes Alice had to be mediator.

"Well there is only one way to settle this. We need to go back." Angela responds sweetly, taking a sip of her drink, giving me a knowing smirk over the rim of her glass causing my mouth to gape like a fish. Apparently, she needs to cut back on the sauce too.

"What!" Rosalie and I squeak at the same time.

"That is an excellent idea." Alice beams.

"Yes!" Rosalie pumps her fist in delight.

"No!" I hiss curling my hand into a fist.

"That's what I was going to say earlier. It was going to be my way of making up to Rosalie for missing her birthday. I was going to suggest going there for my birthday. But now that I've heard this story, I insist we go." Angela is still smiling that sweet smile and all I can think about doing is smacking her.

Rosalie laughs loudly and I moan. It was bad enough that I hadn't been able to get the dancing god out of my mind, checking Arrow's website daily trying to find his picture and daydreaming about him. But now, I have to go back.

Maybe I will be lucky and he wouldn't be there anymore. Hopefully what happened before wouldn't happen again. It was a fluke. He just thought I was someone else. Or maybe because I was staring at him he was trying to figure out what my problem was.

Whatever it was, it had turned me upside down and around. The anticipation of going back was going to be just as bad as having been there and done that already. How was I ever going to survive going back when I had totally wigged myself out since going before?

Well dancing god, ready or not, here we come, figuratively and literally, in more ways than one.

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