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Okay, so I was washing dishes the other day and an idea hit me. One of those thoughts that just leads to a full blown story in my head. Sometimes I just let the movie play itself out, enjoy it, then forget it. But there are a few times when the idea grows and I want to share it, hints my other writings, and this was one of those times. I wondered to myself as I scrubbed a particularly stubborn pot, 'What would happen if Inuyasha said, will you bare my child?' That led to a full blown movie in my head and, as fun as the idea sounded, I had to share it with you guys!!

Beware: Lemon ahead and the first lemon ever written by me ahead so it probably sucks. No minors!!!!:D!

9 Months

By: Sombra112


She couldn't have heard him right. There was just no way he had said what she thought he had just said. But he was looking at her with such a serious face that there was no way he was joking.

"Wh…What?" she asked hoping she had heard him wrong.

"You heard me." Inuyasha Takahashi, head of the biggest business firm in Japan, said calmly, sipping at his tea.

Kagome had just graduated college and was happily enjoying her freedom from school, when a very formal letter, on personalized stationary no less, came to her in the mail. The letter was in her purse right now and it said, in a typed format with an official looking signature at the bottom:

Ms. Higurashi:

You do not know me, but my name is Inuyasha Takahashi. I am the owner and CEO of Testusaiga Inc. and I would like your help in a very important business transaction. Please do not take this as a joke or some kind of prank, I assure you I searched long and hard for you and you are the only person who has the skills and background necessary for the job I require.

If you would kindly meet me at the bistro on 22nd Street on February 23, I would discuss with you the services I would need from you. You will be greatly compensated for the part you play should you agree. I will be waiting at an outside table at 2:00 PM. I thank you for your cooperation before hand.


Inuyasha Takahashi

Convinced, despite the letter's assurance, that it was a prank, played by her friends no doubt, Kagome had almost decided not to go. Finally, the day of, she made a split second decision and walked down to the bistro in a pair of jeans and her college T-shirt.

After all, if it was her friends she didn't want to get dressed up and make them think she believed them.

But, true to his word, a man with long black hair had been sitting alone at a table looking off into the distance drinking a glass of tea in a dark business suit with a briefcase by his side.

A little shocked, and completely dumbfounded, Kagome had walked slowly over to him and had asked, "Mr. Takahashi?"

He had looked over to her and set down his cup to stand and shake her hand.

Then he ordered them a nice lunch and they exchanged small talk until the food came. Then, when Kagome had taken a bite of the pasta she had ordered, Inuyasha Takahashi had said, with a dead serious face, "Ms. Higurashi, would you bare my child?"

"Wh…What?" she had asked when she could finally swallowed her food.

"You heard me." He said leaning back and drinking more tea. "I would like you to bare my child.

Kagome sat in total silence for a moment then looked around as if expecting to see her friends snickering behind menus a couple tables over.

"I'm sorry?" Kagome said slowly still not completely sure she had heard him right.

"Let me explain." Inuyasha said putting down his cup and leaning forward to look her straight in the eyes.

"You see, I am not going to get any younger," he said, "and the women I know hold no interest for me."

"You're not that old." Kagome protested looking at his unlined face and broad, extremely muscled, shoulders.

"Thank you." He said absently as if he responded automatically. "However, I feel it is time that I produce an heir. I would need time to raise it, teach it everything it needs to know about my business and such things. By that time, I would probably be ready for retirement, or perhaps I would stay on for years more and let the child work with me."

Kagome couldn't speak through her shock and checked around again to make sure she hadn't missed her friends sniggering.

He reached down and opened his briefcase and pulled out a file. He opened it and pulled out a paper and handed it to Kagome. It had a picture of her on it followed by other information that she was sure wasn't legal to get unless you were police.

"I have spent the last year and a half searching for a potential mate." Inuyasha told her drawing her attention away from what she was sure was her grade point average throughout her school career back to him. "I needed a smart woman with good breeding and no history of violence or trouble with the authorities." He looked through other papers in what Kagome assumed was a file completely devoted to her.

"You have never been arrested; no history of drugs or alcohol and your grades throughout school have been more than acceptable, you majored in child care and development in college and passed wonderfully. And your family pedigree is very impressive."

Kagome's jaw was moving but no words were coming out. She hadn't even realized she had a family pedigree.

"You have no known diseases or undesirable traits that could be passed to a child and you're known for your love of children." He said shutting her file and looking at her again.

Kagome stared back for a second with her mouth hanging open then turned to look behind her to make sure her friends weren't pulling her leg.

"You will be well compensated as well." Inuyasha assured her drawing her attention back to him. "I will take care of you and pay for all the medical expenses and you will be paid handsomely as well."

Kagome blinked and waited for the mind he had praised of being so capable to come up with a response instead of just fuzz as if her brain had tuned into a channel of white noise.

"And, of course," he continued calmly, "I understand there are bonds between a mother and son that cannot be broken. You would be allowed to raise the child as well and rights to punish or praise as necessary would be given. So, what do you say? I will draw up a contract and it will be a very legal business transaction."

He waited then for her response.

When her brain finally comprehended that he was waiting for her to say something she had to work her jaw a few times and clear her throat before her voice would work.

"You…you're offering to pay me for sex?" she finally chocked out.

"No." he said immediately. "It's more like…" he searched for the right word, "a surrogate."

"A surrogate." Kagome repeated surprised to find her anger rising.

"Yes." Inuyasha said. "Only slightly different. A surrogate is what couples who can't have children together use. They pay a woman to raise their child in her womb then give birth to it. This is different because, not only will you have full access to the child, but it won't be me and another women's child, it would be yours in mine. A simple injection of my sperm into…"

"AhAhAh!" Kagome said cutting him off with her face going red. "I know the process." She assured him not looking in his eyes.

He smirked at her blush but continued, "It would be a very simple medical invasive procedure…"

"And stop." Kagome cut him off again. "I don't like medical procedures, invasive or otherwise."

"I suppose we could do it the old fashioned way." Inuyasha showed his teeth in this smirk as her face went redder.

"You're assuming I'm agreeing to this." Kagome said trying to calm her heartbeat down. "I never said I was agreeing to this. This is just...just ridiculous! I'm pretty sure you have to sign up to be a surrogate and I never…" she ran out of words.

"I understand." Inuyasha said gathering his suitcase and standing up. He reached into his inner suit pocket and pulled out a card. "I assure you, Ms. Higurashi, that by choosing this path, you will not only provide a wonderful and safe future for this child, but any other children you choose to have with some one else later down the road."

Kagome hesitated then took the card.

"If I do not hear from you by March 5, I will assume your answer is no. Have a nice day." He nodded to her and turned. Then he turned back, "Oh, and feel free to finish your meal, it's already paid for." Then he left, leaving her confused and disorientated.

"Wow, honey, that's incredible." Her mom said later, her voice fuzzy through the phone.

"Can you believe it?" Kagome asked putting some ramen on the stove. "He just asked as if it was nothing." She turned the stove on and leaned against the counter with the phone against her ear.

"It is a bit startling." Her mother said laughing.

"I know I should feel angry and insulted, after all he treated me like a…a…I don't think there's a word for it." Kagome shook her head.

Her mother laughed again. "So what did you tell him?"

"I didn't really say anything." She admitted watching her water boil. "I was in shock. He even gave me his card. He even said we would have a contract. A contract! Like having a kid is a business transaction."

"So what are you going to do, baby?" her mother asked.

Kagome shrugged though she knew her mother couldn't see. "I know I should say no it's just… God, what kind of person am I that I'm considering actually this?"

"Oh. You're probably confused out of your mind."

"You have no idea, mom." Kagome laughed softly. "How do you even respond to a question like that?"

"So you'll say no? Or will you say yes?" her mother laughed again.

"I'm glad you find this so amusing." Kagome said removing the pot from the stove to take it to the sink and empty the water. "I mean, it's not like he's unattractive. He's very good looking."

That was an understatement. The man gave a new definition to the word hot. How he managed to look professional and proper with hair longer than hers was something Kagome would never understand. Not to mention those violet eyes that pierced her soul and the body that would make a sculpture weep wrapped in an Armani suit. And the damn wind wouldn't stop blowing his scent toward her. He didn't use pungent cologne or an overwhelming aftershave, just soap and man.

No, desire wouldn't be a problem with mating with him and he could provide a good life for her and her child.

But the thought was so humiliating!

She would be having a man's child for a good life. That sounded like a whore to her.

Her mother laughed on the other end as if she could her Kagome's thoughts. And maybe she could. Kagome always said that her mother knew her better than any one else.

"Sweetie, you don't have to accept the money. Besides, you've always wanted a child."

"Yeah, but I always planned on being married to the father." Kagome said putting her ramen in a bowl and sitting on the couch.

"Just give it some more thought, honey." Her mom said. "I know you'll make the right choice for you."

"Thanks, mom." Kagome said. "I'll talk to you later. Love you."

"Love you, too. Bye, dear." She said and they hung up.

Kagome sighed and flipped on the TV.

But, whatever was on, she wasn't paying attention.

"'Bare my child?' As if it were so easy." Kagome mumbled to herself.

Sango threw her head back and laughed. "He asked you to what?"

"I know." Kagome said shaking her head.

She and Sango worked at a day care center and it was nap time.

Kagome rocked back and forth trying to keep the baby in her arms, who cried whenever she was put down, asleep.

"He has balls, you have to admit." Sango snickered.

"Yeah, and he wants to use them apparently." Kagome shook her head.

"So?" Sango urged. "What are you going to do?"

"I have no idea." Kagome shrugged. "Part of me says, 'Hell no, you weirdo!' Then there's this other part that…" Kagome sighed and looked at the sleeping baby in her arms.

The little girl's mouth was open slightly and her tiny hand was curled around the air. Her cheeks were pink and rosy and her hair was so dark and soft.

"I've always wanted a child and I don't really have any, as Inuyasha put it, potential mates." Kagome stroked the baby's cheek and looked at her hungrily. "I so want a baby."

Sango shook her head. "You're still young. There's still time."

"I'm almost 30, Sango." Kagome said. "I don't want my kid to bring me to parent-teacher conference day in the fifth grade with me looking like a fifty year old woman."

"Then say yes." Sango said. "It couldn't hurt anything."

Kagome sighed. "I don't know."

Like a teenager sneaking a smoke in the school bathroom, Kagome dialed the phone number on the card Inuyasha gave her at work while Sango distracted the little ones.

She waited nervously through two rings and was about to slam the phone down and forget it when a very professional female voice said, "Testuaiga Inc. Mr. Takahashi's office."

"Um…" Kagome stood up straight and fumbled over her words. "May I uh…May I speak to In…Mr. Takahashi?"

"May I ask your name?" The female voice said.

"Kagome. Kagome Higurashi."

"Hold, please."

Kagome waited again as her nerves ate through her stomach and her teeth chewed on her bottom lip.

Just when she had convinced herself to forget it all over again a man's voice said, sort of distracted, "Kagome?"

"Inuyasha. Um…I…uh…" Kagome fumbled.

"Is this phone call a yes or a no?" he asked his attention on her now.

"Well, not either, really." Kagome chuckled nervously. "I wanted to…talk with you more about it."

Inuyasha laughed twice quietly. "Of course. I knew I picked the right woman. How about dinner? A business dinner."

"That sounds perfect." Kagome said feeling relieved. "When?"

"I'll take you out Friday." He said and she heard some pages flipping in the back ground as if he was checking his schedule. "8 o'clock work for you?"

"Yes. Where?" Kagome asked.

"I'll get reservations at Shikon." Inuyasha said writing it down in his schedule.

"Okay. I'll meet you there."

"I'll see you Friday then."

"Okay." Kagome nodded and hung up.

"So?" Sango asked as she blew out a deep breath.

"Dinner. Friday. 8." Kagome said simply.

"This is funny as hell." Sango said smiling

Kagome shook her head and wondered if she had anything for such a fancy restaurant.

"Do you have a reservation?" the head waiter asked her when she walked in.

"Um, Takahashi?" she said.

He checked his book and nodded. "Right this way."

Kagome's only black dress was strapless and she didn't know if that was appropriate so she had but a green sweater around her shoulders.

She was more nervous than a cat next to a pool as she followed the waiter to a small two person table where Inuyasha was already drinking a red wine.

As soon as he saw her, he stood up and held out his hand.

"Kagome." He nodded his head.

"Hello." She said shaking his head. The waiter held out the chair for her and she sat down and Inuyasha followed suit.

They waited as the waiter poured her a glass of wine and walked away.

"I ordered your food already if that's okay." Inuyasha said.

Kagome nodded. "That's fine."

"So, how was your week?" Inuyasha asked courteously.

"Fine." Kagome lied. She had been eaten up by nerves the entire time. "And yours?"

Inuyasha shrugged and Kagome watched the smooth movement of his muscles as he did so. "I have no complaints."

They passed the time until their food came by discussing trivial things. He questioned her about the job he already knew about and she asked what his company did and what his day was like.

It wasn't until the food arrived, grilled salmon and fresh greens, did they move onto the business portion of the deal.

"So, I assume you've given a lot of thought to your response to my proposal." He said putting a bite of salmon in his mouth.

"I have." Kagome nodded slowly finding that she was no longer hungry.


Kagome sighed and put down her fork. "I want to make some conditions."

Inuyasha nodded. "Go on."

"When it comes to raising the kid, I want us to work together." She looked at him determinedly. "I want neither of us to make a decision without input from the other, like real parents would."

"That's fair. I can agree to that." Inuyasha said.

"And…." Kagome took a deep breath and looked down at her plate. "I really don't like invasive medical procedures." She blushed hotly and couldn't look up at him.

Inuyasha studied her for a second. Finally he smiled, "I have no objections to actually making love to you." He said calmly making her jump slightly and her blush get bigger.

He tried not to snicker. What a precious creature she was. She had a lovely body with curves and lovely round hips. All the women that ran in his circles seemed to like keeping their bodies like sticks and he found it extremely unattractive. She had a good temper but wasn't mousy, the perfect mate. A wonderful mother for his heir.

"Wow." Kagome said breathlessly. "You sure are blunt." She laughed nervously.

Inuyasha chuckled. "It's what makes me good at my business. So, do we have a deal?"

Kagome shook her head. "I must be crazy. Yes, we have a deal." She reached her hand across the table and he shook it deftly.

"Well, that's that." Inuyasha said smiling triumphantly. "When shall we start?"

Kagome shook her head again. "I can't believe I'm about to make an appointment to have sex." She said mostly to herself.

"Do you know when you're ovulating?" Inuyasha asked eating some more fish.

Kagome shrugged looking confused. Did women normally keep track of that sort of thing? Kagome barely even kept track of her period.

Inuyasha chuckled. "You're blushing like a virgin, Kagome."

"I am not." She said defensively.

"Blushing or a virgin?" he asked with a teasing smirk.

"Blushing and my virginity is none of your business." She said accepting the irritation that flowed into her body. It was better than thinking of having sex with the extremely hot man across from her. Just thinking about those big arms wrapped around her or that hot, arrogant mouth on hers made her…

Stop, stop, stop! She ordered herself.

Inuyasha smirked as if he knew where her thoughts were. "You're blushing again."

"I am not." Kagome protested knowing full well that she was.

"Virgin." He said quietly. It was fun watching her get angry.

"You wouldn't know, would you?" Kagome asked her eyes defiant. "And neither is it your business."

"Considering the circumstances, it is my business." Inuyasha said still smirking.

"You are so…so…big-headed!" Kagome whispered fiercely.

"Oh, really?" Inuyasha asked. "Big-headed? That's the best you could come up with?"

"How is it you made me so mad so quickly?" she asked.

"It's a gift." He shrugged.

"You're so irritating!" she practically growled.

Inuyasha slammed the door behind him not bothering to remove his lips from Kagome's.

He had never known the walk up that damn staircase in his house was so long, and why that hallway extended on forever was beyond him.

They had barely pulled up to his house before his lips were plastered to hers. It was only lust after all and it was so nice to find an outlet for it that didn't mind, and in fact planned on, not using the condom.

He had pulled her out of the car and her legs, those long shapely legs, had wrapped around his waist as her mouth devoured his.

He had trouble opening his door and walking that horribly long path to his room.

Now that he was there, he slammed her back against the wall, grabbed a fistful of her hair, and pulled her head back so he could feast on those gorgeous, sumptuous, lips.

Kagome made a small little moan in her throat as her fingers worked on his white dress shirt as his coat was already lost on the floor somewhere.

There was something fabulous about this.

Having sex freely without worry about getting pregnant because that was the goal anyway and enjoying each other completely at the same time, and the man that was in her arms happened to be extremely sexy and totally powerful was also a big plus.

Having him carry her all the way to his room as if she had weighed nothing was the most amazing experience she had ever had. It made a curious tingle start in her belly to be handled so roughly and at the same time so carefully.

Because, although his hands were now ripping the green sweater off her and his mouth was smashed against hers with bruising force, she was not only okay but damn wonderful.

He lifted her off the wall and walked them over to the bed as she finally achieved her goal and forced his dress shirt off of him. Then she ran her hands down the flat planes of his stomach and across the broad width of his shoulders.

He ran his hand down her back and pulled the zipper down as well. In a quick movement, he pulled it off her and dropped her on the bed.

Her breathing was heavy as she watched him take off his shoes and socks and she had just enough mind left to toe her heels off as well.

Then he leaned over her and crawled his way up her body, planting kisses on her bare skin along the way.

She dug her hands in his hair and pulled it out of its tail at the nape of his neck so she could run her hands through it.

He kissed his way up her chest, her neck, then across her face to find her mouth again and let his tongue explore the moist cave he found there.

She whimpered pitifully and let her hands stroke his powerful back as her caressed her body.

He pulled back, with his breathing hard and looked down at her half nude body. "No bra?" he asked laughing through his pants and gasps.

"Shut up." She said her words diminished by her lusty eyes and lips puffed up by his kisses.

"Last chance, sweetheart." He said carefully not touching her though his body was still poised over hers. "Say no now before it's too late."

She grabbed the locks of his hair next to his face and pulled him back down to her so he could conquer her mouth again.

As soon as she was sure he wouldn't move, she moved her hands back down his muscled chest to his pants.

Her body reacted violently to the bulge she felt there and he laughed as she gasped.

Struggling because she couldn't see and because her hands were shaking and because her mind was so preoccupied she was having trouble focusing, she unbuttoned his pants and tried to pull down his zipper.

His hands stopped her. "Better let me do that, sweetheart or we won't get anywhere tonight."

He quickly removed his pants and was back on top of her with his lips busy sucking on her neck.

"How did I know you would be a boxers sort of guy?" Kagome asked making him chuckle. The vibrations that came from his chest did interesting things to her body making her moan quietly.

Inuyasha reached up and pulled the clip from her hair so he could play with her raven locks.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome gasped as his lips found her breast and suckled greedily.

He groaned as her fingers dug into his shoulders while the pleasure shot through her body.

His hands roamed down her body and pulled the black panties off in one smooth move.

She was already panting and moaning quite sexily when his fingers found her and she cried out in surprise and pleasure.

"Oh, Inuyasha hurry!" she very nearly screamed.

He smirked against her flesh and kissed his way back up her neck and looked her in the eye.

"You're sure?" he said again.

Kagome tried to focus and said, "Yes. I'm sure."

"Good." He whispered and kissed her greedily as her pulled his boxers off.

Kagome wrapped her legs around his waist again as he put his head at her entrance and pushed in in one quick powerful thrust.

Kagome cried out and Inuyasha froze.

Her waited for her teeth to unclench before he said, "I told you you were a virgin."

She chuckled making their bodies move together in an interesting way again and making Inuyasha groan.

Kagome pulled his face down to kiss her again as he started to pull back and push back in slowly.

The pain slowly faded and was overshadowed by a wave a pleasure that wracked her body every time he moved.

Carefully, waiting for her to give some sign to stop, he began moving faster.

She threw her head back as his tempo increased and the pleasure began to build toward something bigger. Like she was heading toward a big cliff with a sea of unknown pleasure at the bottom.

Their pants and groans began to mix and Inuyasha grabbed her hips to hold them still so he could thrust that much harder into her.

She climaxed just seconds before he did and the force of her muscles clenching made him cry out as he emptied his seed into her.

When Inuyasha finally got his breath back, he looked over at Kagome to see her looking back at him.

"Like what you see?" he asked.

She smirked. "Definitely."

They were quiet for a minute then Inuyasha said, "You know, we should try more than once. Just in case."

Kagome laughed out loud and rolled over on top of him. "Maybe we should." She said as she leaned down to kiss him again.


Well, that's that for the prologue, kind of moved fast didn't they? More to come if you say so!:)