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18 Years

"That is so unfair!"

"You agreed, Kieko." Kagome said said turning the page of her book. Reading and talking to some one was just one of the many skills motherhood had taught her.

Her fifteen year old, Kieko Takahashi, was literally on her knees in front of her, her hands clasped together as if she were begging. "Yeah, but both of them keep rubbing it in!"

"All three of you agreed to wait until you were 16. They waited 16 years and so can you." Kagome closed the book and looked at her youngest. Kieko was the drama queen, most popular girl in school, beautiful, and extremely sweet. Her hair had been styled like Kagome's had been at her age though the clothes she wore were much more up-to-date and 'in'.

"And besides that," Kieko continued, "do you know who Inumaru is taking to prom. He's taking Aiko, mom. Aiko."

"I know, sweetie." Kagome said pulling her daughter up and putting her next to her on the couch.

"Mom, they're practically cousins." Kieko whined.

"Honey, we're not actually related to them." Kagome laughed. "And besides, don't you want to go to prom with Kai?"

Kieko gasped. "Who told you?"

"I'm your mother, dear, I know everything." Kagome smiled not telling her that Kai had already come begging himself.

Aiko was Sango's oldest daughter, just a few months younger than Inumaru. And their son Kai was only a year younger than her. He had already begged Kagome, even before he asked Keiko, if he could take her to prom. As she was only 15 Kieko couldn't go yet unless Kai invited her.

"Hiromi, Nagata, and Kane don't have to wait until they're 16." Kieko continued.

"Yes, but I'm not their mother, am I." Kagome asked. "If Rin and Sesshomaru want to let their kids date already then that's up to them."

"Mom, even Saren has a date. And he's like a mutant."

"Don't talk that way about your brother." Kagome chastised.

"Yeah, sis, that's not nice."

Saren said walking in, an apple in his hands. Saren was the genius of the family. Inumaru never wanted to take over Inuyasha's business, something Inuyasha didn't mind. But Saren was always following his father to work and he could already do the peoples jobs there better than they could. He enjoyed the boring business dinners and his date to prom was a sweet little girl who was the daughter of a man who owned a toy company. He looked just like Inutaisho. His hair, that was as long as his fathers, was kept up in a ponytail on his head, but his eyes were dark like Kagome's.

"How was work?" Kagome asked as he bent down and kissed her cheek.

"Fine. Isabella, you know that girl I'm taking to prom," he sent a victorious look at his sister, "she sends her best."

"Don't taunt your sister or you wont go either." Kagome smiled up at him.

"Mom, have you seen my backpack anywhere?"

Inumaru asked coming into the room.

18 years old and going to Tokyo University to play soccer in a few short months, her oldest was in line to be the next great soccer star. Souta, the current great soccer star, had called her a few days earlier to tell her that he was sending some scouts to the games Inumaru would play in. Despite being a jock, Inumaru looked more like a punk, more like his father at his age. His violet eyes were the capturer of hearts and his attitude was the breaker of them.

"It's in the kitchen, why?" Kagome asked.

"Aiko invited me over to study." he said sitting on Kagome's other side. Her two sons dwarfed her in size and it usually made them very protective of her.

"And by study, he means smooch fest." Saren said and dodged a blow from his brother from over the couch.

"Jealous? Isabella wont let you have smooch fests will she?" Inumaru asked triumphantly.

"She's a lady, bro." Saren winked taking a bite of his apple. "And just because we don't broadcast our smooch fests doesn't mean they don't happen."

"Guys, I'm your mother, remember?" Kagome asked.

"Sorry, mom." They said at the same time.

"Hey, we're getting off topic." Keiko said grabbing her mother's hand. "Mom, please. You know Kai, you know nothing will happen."

"Honey, the whole family agreed, no dating until your 16." Kagome said.

"But, mom!" Keiko moaned.

Kagome sighed. "Okay, here's what we're going to do. You can go." Keiko's face lit up. "But you can't hang out with your friends or go anywhere else afterwards. You come right back home after prom."

"Deal! So deal! Yes! Thanks, mom!" She threw her arms around her mother then ran out of the room, no doubt to call Kai and tell him the good news.

"Mom, you never let us out of the 16 rule early." Saren gripped.

"Yeah, that's not fair." Inumaru agreed.

"Oh, really?" Kagome asked, a smile on her face. "So that time you snuck out when you were 13 to go meet up with Hina never happened?" she asked Inumaru.

"How did you-?"

"Or when you were 14 and you snuck out to meet Isabella at the movies? Did that never happen?" she asked Saren.

"I thought-?"

"I'm your mother, boys. I know everything." Kagome said getting off the couch and leaving the room.

"How did she-?" Saren said, baffled.

Inumaru shook his head. "I don't think I want to know."

Rin hummed happily as she walked through her and Sesshomaru's house. Unlike his last monstrosity, this one was smaller, warm, filled with the laughter of her children.

Her oldest, Nagata, was only 16 and already quite the ladies man. He could charm a smile even out of the battiest and crankiest of old ladies. Hiromi, her only daughter, had inherited her fathers personality. Though she did smile she did it very rarely. She was only 14 and already she was getting ready to take over for her father. Her youngest, Kane was only 11. He was the baby of the family and could get away with pretty much anything because of it. He was cute and had puppy dog eyes that he used shamelessly. Rin always fell for them but they were completely uselss on his father.

She continued humming as she walked down the stairs then turned to go to the back yard. The house was quiet, much quieter than Rin preferred it. Until she opened the door to the backyard and laughter and music spilled inside.

Inuyasha and Miroku were arguing over the grill, over something stupid no doubt. Sesshomaru and Hiromi were sitting on the porch playing chess, as far as Rin knew neither of them had ever beaten the other.

Inumaru, Kai, Nagata, and Saren had started up a game of soccer with one goal being the inside of an unused trashcan and the other a hoolahoop that the boys had halfway buried in her backyard when they had been kids.

Kagome and Sango were laughing in a corner while Keiko and Aiko watched the boys with drinks in their hands, each of them cheering on whoever had the ball at the moment. Kane sat beside them, quiet though his eyes sparkled with happiness.

Rin walked over to Sango and Kagome. She loved their yearly bar-b-que. It was always a great time for the entire family. Though Inutaisho and Izayoi hadn't made it this year. Scuba diving in Greece is what they were doing if Rin had heard them right.

"Hey, girls." Rin said happily.

"Hey." Sango said smiling.

Kagome's eyes were shining. She loved it the most when the family came together.

"So, what's the topic."

"Kagome's freaking out." Sango laughed.

"I am not." Kagome said. "It's just...my oldest is going to college soon."

Rin laughed. As her kids were the youngest out of all of them, she didn't have to worry about that yet.

"So, is mine. You don't see me blubbering." Sango laughed.

Kagome sighed, content, as she looked over at her oldest as he made a goal inside the trashcan. He held his arms up in victory though it didn't last long as Kai took that moment to tackle him.

It seemed like yesterday she had just given birth to him. Those pretty violet eyes looking up at her for the first time. So small she could hold him in one arm.

"It just seems so unreal." she said smiling as the boys got into a wrestling match, soccer temporarily forgotten.

"Hey! Guys! Foods ready!" Miroku yelled from the grill.

"Yeah!" Inumaru, the victor, jumped off of Kai and ran to the grill with the others.

"Hey, beautiful."

Kagome smiled when Inuyasha wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"Look at them, Inuyasha." Kagiome smiled. "They're so big."

"Yeah." he said watching as his sons fought for a position in line to get the food. Often he would stare in wonder at the miracles that were his rowdy sons. He had though his life was perfect when Saren had been born. He had been wrong. It had been perfect when Keiko, his precious little princess, was born.

When he had first met Kagome he hadn't been looking for a wife or a family. He had only wanted an heir. In the end, that was what he didn't have. After Inumaru was born he realized the only thing he didn't have was the heir he sought. It became even more obvious when Inumaru made it clear he wanted nothing to do with his fathers business. It wasn't until his second son that he got his heir. Funny old world. Had he not stayed with Kagome he never would have got Saren. Fate sure was a botch.