Welllll....here I am again oh loyal readers! Though I know there are stories that I should be updating at the moment, I have been experiencing a very prolonged writer's block. However! After recently joining Kamerreon's Yahoo group and subsequently taking part in a very pleasing Drabble chain, I have found my muse! Teehee! :)) Unfortunately for you all though, he took me in the completely wrong direction and we have sadly found ourselves stranded in a world of Drabbles. Not only that but he seems to have run off again...oh well. Here's something to entertain you all until I find him again...

Debby wanted Harry/Draco with Veela!Harry and Mate!Draco

Harry stubbornly ignored the weighted gaze he could feel burning a hole into his head, choosing instead to pick at the eggs and toast in front of him.

"Of course it's easy for him to say...your duty Harry!..Your responsibility! '" He stabbed viciously at a spare banger on his plate causing Seamus and Dean who were across from him to snigger at each other.

Harry scowled at them before turning his attention to Dumbledore at the headtable who was twinkling merrily at all and sundry. Harry's scowl deepened tremendously when that gaze met his own, resulting in the blue-eyed twinkle being cranked up a notch. Figures the old coot would be enjoying this, Harry was starting to think perhaps the Daily Prophet had it right and Dumbledore really was loosing his touch.

"Hope he chokes on a bloody lemon drop." The snickers coming from the duo across the table turned into full blown laughter.

Harry found his gaze traveling to the table decked in silver and green, landing on one person in particular. Harry's eyes narrowed on the fair-headed snake. "Responsibility my arse. Why is it always me?"

He sighed though, knowing he'd better get it over with before the choice was taken out of his hands. Gathering up the courage that his house was famous for, he stood resolutely.

The closer he got to the Slytherin table, the quieter the hall became. By the time he came to be in front of the Prince of Slytherin himself, the only sound in the expansive hall was the breathing of hundreds of students and teachers.

"Potter?" Draco rose an elegant eyebrow with a scowl as he turned to face the Gryffindor Golden Boy.

"Look Malfoy, I'm only doing this because the old coot seems to think the fate of the Wizarding World is counting on it."

Draco could only stare as a second eyebrow crawled up to meet the first.

Harry glared at the blond snake as he continued to just sit and stare. "So? Am I gonna have to spell it out for you Malfoy?"

Draco cocked his head to the side as his scowl deepened. "Apparently so Potter."

Harry smirked as he finally found out why Dumbledore seemed to think this could be in any way amusing. "Fine," he hauled the pureblood up out off of the bench, hands gripping his expensive robes, "I'll put it in terms even your inbred mind can understand. Me: Veela. You: Mate," and pulled him into a snog in front of the entire Great Hall.

As the students and teachers felt their mouths gaping open, a certain long-haired headmaster simply popped a lemon drop into his mouth which he sucked on, twinkle going full blast.