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Chapter 1: New Partner

Kirill awoke to the sound of sirens. His head pounded, his whole body was sore and he swore he couldn't feel his limbs. Something was broken, he knew it. The sound of the distant sirens coming closer spurred him into action. Struggling severely, he moved his hands to shove himself up on the steering wheel, his head spinning even with slow, steady movements.

His adrenaline kicked in when he heard shouting and as he ignored his pain, he tried to shove the door open without any luck. It was jammed. He unlatched his belt and maneuvered himself out of the broken window of the crashed car, but his foot caught on his belt coming out, making him hop and wince in pain at the action and he toppled to the ground with a groan when he landed on his back.

The sirens getting closer, his adrenaline pumped a little more into his system, allowing him to ignore any pain he felt as he sprung to his feet and stepped toward the car to reach into the window to pull the door open. Once it was open he leaned in, snatched his gun from the floor of the car and looked around, limping away from the car as he shoved the gun into his jacket pocket.

He hurried out of the tunnel, checking over his shoulder to make sure no was following him, including the man he'd been sent to kill…the man who let him live. He soon found himself on the streets of Moscow, outside the tunnel and almost being run over by cars before he finally limped onto the sidewalk. Police cars whizzed past him as he hid his face, still limping, the cold getting to him, freezing his blood as it flowed from his wounds. The hairs on the back of his neck suddenly stood straight up and he knew he was being followed, but he didn't look around. He was in no position to fight.


He shot his gaze ahead as he stopped, his eyes wide as he looked up at the figure in front of him. Her emerald eyes were as wide as his and glazed with concern and confusion. Her brown, elbow length hair was pulled into a ponytail under a warm hat as she was bundled in sweaters, a scarf and gloves.

"Are you ok?" she breathed in an American accent. "You look terrible. Do you need help?"

"No," he groaned, trying to limp past her and lied, "It looks worse than it is."

"You sure---?"

"I'm fi…" He trailed off as he turned once he past her, his vision going black as he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Kirill woke up again, still sore, his head still splitting, but this time lying on hias back and feeling warm instead of cold. He gave a frown of wonder as he sat himself up, slowly. Wincing, he glanced around quickly, noticing he was lying on a couch and taking note of the exits before looking down at himself. He was under a blanket wearing only his pants, with bandages over his cuts, the blood that had been frozen to his skin cleaned away.

He looked to the door of the small apartment when he heard keys jingling on the other side. He instantly began looking for his jacket which should have still held his gun. He couldn't find his jacket and when the door opened, he froze in his spot, ready for anything…except for what actually came through the door.

"Oh, you're awake!" the girl smiled, brightly as she closed the door, a brown bag of groceries in her arms. She walked toward the kitchen as Kirill watched her with wide, green-hazel eyes. "I washed your clothes. They were full of blood and dirt. You looked like you were in a fight or something."

He only stared at her as she began unloading the bag and putting things away. She frowned at him when he didn't reply and leaned on the counter to frown at him.

"You're---" he choked and cleared his throat as she smirked and he tried again, "You're…wearing my jacket."

She stood tall with a smile and walked into his view to turn from side to side, grinning, "I hope you don't mind. It looked so warm, and it's so cold out there. I had to clean it first, though." She stepped to the side of the couch at Kirill's feet and bent down for something as he sat, unmoving. "Your shirts are right here. I thought of washing your pants, but I didn't take the liberty." She set his shirt and sweater on the arm of the couch as she smirked, suggestively, "A boy's gotta have his secrets, right?"

She turned back to the kitchen to continue unloading her bag.

"Y-You didn't happen to find anything in the pockets, did you?" he wondered, his mind instantly going to the gun.

Her back turned to him, he didn't see the smirk that crept to her lips before she turned to lean on the counter again, a hand slipping into one of the pockets. He noticed the action and straightened, painfully, ready to defend himself, even against a woman. The brunette pulled out the gun he'd been carrying and held it up for him to see before setting it on the counter.

"You mean this?" she smirked, leaving the gun on the counter as he still stared at her in shock. "Don't look so surprised. I'm no stranger to firearms." She lifted the gun again and showed him the butt of the thing. "I pulled out the clip. Figured I'd keep it just for show in case I got into trouble."

"Give it to me," he ordered, holding out a hand, and ignoring the pain that shot through his arm. "And gave me the clip as well."

The girl frowned and gave a small pout as she set the gun down again and resumed putting things away. Kirill raised a brow at her as he lowered his hand and gritted his teeth at the pain as he tried to move to get up.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," she warned, not looking at him. "Your left ankle is sprained, and you've got a couple broken ribs on your right side. You're gonna have some pain if you move."

"Give me my gun," he demanded, not moving. The girl gave an eye-roll as she walked back to the couch after emptying the bag and picked up his shirt and sweater to hand them to him as he stared hard at her, still silently demanding she give him his gun.

"My name is Lily, by the way," she said as he painfully took his clothes. "Lily Kendall. What's your name?"

He glanced up at her, unfolding his clothes in his lap and examining them before muttering, "Kirill."

"No last name?" she smirked, watching him slowly move to sit forward on the couch.

He remained silent as he tried to pull on the shirt, but he was struggling, grunting and groaning at the pain in his side. Lily sat next to his and tried to help him but he yanked out of her reach, making him groan in pain again at the sudden movement.

"That's what you get for being stubborn," she smirked and he glared at her as she tried again to help him.

This time he didn't move as she pulled the shirt over his head and helped get his right arm through the sleeve with as little pain as possible while he still glared at her through a pained shadow over his face.

"Your eyes are boring a hole in my skull," she muttered, pulling his shirt down over his stomach, her fingertips accidentally brushing over his stomach and making him straighten. She caught the movement and frowned at him, asking, "You ok?"

He looked down at her, suddenly noticing the delicate freckles sprinkled across her cheeks below her emerald orbs, but he instantly glared at her again as he muttered, "Fine."

"Fine," Lily mocked a low, Russian tone before asking through a smile, "Are you thirsty? Hungry?"

"No," he muttered, and winced when he tried to pull on his sweater as she stood.

"Let me rephrase," she began, sauntering toward the kitchen. "How about I make you a sandwich and give you a pain killer with water?"

"I said no," Kirill shot back through gritted teeth as he slowly, painfully, pulled on the right sleeve of his sweater as Lily gave a sigh and an eye-roll from the kitchen. He gave a sigh of his own after pulling on his sweater and leaned back on the couch, closing his eyes and letting his head lull back as he tried to will away his migraine.


He opened his eyes and lifted his head to see Lily in front of him, two pills in the palm of one hand as she held them out for him to see, a bottle of water in the other. He looked at her for a moment, evaluating her. Why was this girl helping him? Could she be trusted? What if those pills were some sort of drug that would knock him out or even kill him? The question that came to mind next, he voiced.

"Who do you work for?"

Lily gave a small frown, still holding the pills toward him. She could tell by his glare and tone that it wasn't a question, it was a demand.

"I'm a student here," she replied honestly, though she didn't see the relevance of it. "I don't really have a job yet. I just got here."

Kirill couldn't help but frown at her response, but he could tell she was telling the truth and apparently didn't understand the question.

"Look, you're kinda strange, but seeing as you collapsed in front of me in the street, I couldn't just leave you out there to freeze to death. Just take the pills and once you're well enough to walk right you can leave and never see me again, ok?"

Kirill's frown disappeared as she set the pills and water on the table in front of him and headed back to the kitchen. He stared at her for a moment before he looked to the pills on the table then gazed around the apartment.

A few feet from his left there was a glass door that led to a small balcony overlooking the street, white sheer curtains hanging over it for minimal shade. Directly in front of him was the kitchen, separated only by a small bar which had a sink and two stools on the side facing him. Adjacent to his right was the front door, directly to his right a small stand with a single drawer against the wall and behind him was a bedroom, a door on the right side of the bed leading to a bathroom. He couldn't see a door for a closet. No TV, no photos of personal effects decorated the room. It was very plain, which corroborated with her story that she'd just gotten there.

His gaze fell to the surface of the table in front of him. Lying next to the pills were a few text books. He only looked at the cover of the top book which was on the Russian language.

Kirill looked at the pills and painfully reached for one to examine it. It was a blue, oval shape and on one side was stamped, Aleve. He was familiar with that brand, but any organization could supply their assets with drugs that looked like one thing when they were actually something else. Then again, this girl didn't seem to be any asset he could even picture. Most of them were like him…or Jason Bourne.


The syllable was drawn out and laced with sarcasm when she said it. He looked up at Lily to see her leaning on the other side of the bar, her shin set in her hands, supported by her elbows.

"You know you took five whole minutes to take in your surroundings and stare at that pill?" she smirked, making him scowl as she stood tall and lifted a plate with a sandwich on it to walk toward him. She set the plate on the table next to his water and retorted, "It's not poison of anything like that. The sooner you take it the sooner you can get outta here. You can even have your gun back."

She peeled off his jacket and tossed it next to him on the couch before heading back to the kitchen. He glared at her back before looking back at the pill in his hand. He set it down and the pain he felt course through his body was what made him cave.

He took the bottle of water, opened it, took both pills in his hand, popped them into his mouth and began drinking the water. He hadn't realized how thirsty he'd been until he found himself downing half the bottle. When he came up for air he looked at the sandwich and his stomach grumbled. He hadn't realized how hungry he had been either. He reached for the plate, brought it to his lap and began eating.

Lily had been watching him from the kitchen but said nothing. She realized something must have happened to him if he was this cautious, of maybe his job or lifestyle made him that way. Whichever it was, she wouldn't rub it in his face anymore. It wasn't any of her business anyway.

"You should get some sleep and let those pills kick in," she advised, putting away the things she'd used to make his sandwich. She jumped when a hand set the plate down next to her and turned to her right to find Kirill standing directly next to her.

"I'm feeling much better," he said as she swallowed. He was standing so close she could feel the heat from his body.

"Well---" she cracked before looking away from him and taking his plate to put it away as she tried again, "Well, that was fast. You must have a crazy fast metabolism. Usually it takes an hour for those pills to kick in for me."

She turned to see if he was still standing next to her but he was gone. Frowning, she heard some shuffling behind her and spun around to see him pulling on his coat with a little difficulty. She glanced to the place she'd set the gun to find it missing and looked back to him.

"You're leaving?" she guessed, stepping to the sink to lean on the counter and face him. "Where are you gonna go?"

He said nothing as he straightened out his jacket and turned to face her, limping toward her slightly, making her frown.


"The clip. Give it to me," he ordered. Lily bit the corner of her lip and shoved a hand into her pant pocket to pull out the clip for the gun and handed it to him.

"Here," she grumbled, slapping it into his hand. He pulled the empty gun out of his pocket, loaded the clip, cocked it, and shoved it back into his pocket before turning to the door and marching toward it as best as he could march with a limp.

"You're welcome!" Lily called from her spot, sarcastically. "Bye!"

Kirill stopped as he gripped the doorknob, not turning from facing the door as he murmured, "My last name is Ivanovich."

He turned his head enough to look at her. She smiled sweetly as she nodded and said, "Do svidaniya, Kirill Ivanovich."

He gave a small smirk, the first she'd seen from him and said, "Do svidaniya, Lily Kendall."

She couldn't help but grin like a giddy school girl as she nodded and he nodded in return before turning back to the door and opening it. He looked up and came face to face with the hand of a man who was about to knock on the door while looking around the hall. The man looked back to the door with a frown when his knuckles hit air, but his frown disappeared as the hand that had been up reached toward his waist.

Kirill instantly gripped the man's wrist with one hand to stop him and slammed his other fist into his face. The man still struggled for his gun as Kirill hooked his leg behind one of the man's and shoved him to the ground in the hall. The assassin finally pulled out his gun but Kirill gripped his hand and slammed it to the floor until the gun equipped with a silencer slid from his hand and onto the floor.

Kirill reached for it and pressed it to the man's temple as he froze and Kirill growled, "Kto vy?!" (Who are you?!)

The man didn't respond.

"Kogo vy rabotaete?!" (Who do you work for?!)


He turned his head just enough to see Lily in the hall.


"Get back inside!"

Taking advantage of his distraction, the man smacked gun from his head and punched Kirill, rolling to pin him and lock his hands around his neck. Kirill started choking but still fought, gripping one of the man's wrists with one hand, swinging his other fist wildly at the man's face.

A high-pitched, muffled shot sounded behind the assassin and he jerked, his eyes shooting wide before he slowly fell forward as Kirill felt the grip on his neck loosen. He shoved the assassin off of him before he fell completely and stared at the bullet hole in his back, right where his heart was. He looked up to Lily who was staring wide eyes at the man she'd just shot, the gun still in her shaking hands.

Kirill stood and slowly moved toward her, but she only stared down at the body as it lay in a growing pool of blood. He placed a hand on her wrist and gently lowered the gun, slipping it from her trembling grip with one hand, still looking at her as he stood next to her.

"I…" she trailed off then shuddered, "I…I killed him."

"He would've killed you after killing me," Kirill guessed, examining the gun before shoving it into his other coat pocket.

"But, still…" she breathed, not looked away from the body. "I've never killed anyone before."

"I know," he sighed slightly, his heart clenching in guilt that he'd dragged her into this. "I'm sorry."

She didn't look at him of respond and he gave another sigh, knowing what had to be done. He had two options: He could take her with him – on the run at high speed, or kill her. Leaving her there was not an option. She'd tell the police everything that happened and either they would take her to jail or go after him. He couldn't have that. Not with his enemies coming out of the woodwork.

He made his decision in a split second, saying, "We can't stay here."

Lily's gaze finally shot to him as she gave him a wide-eyed frown and breathed, "We?"

"Where are your passport and ID?" he asked, ignoring her question.

"My…?" she trailed off for a moment before registering his question and answered, "I-In my purse."

"Get them," he ordered and she hesitated before darting into the apartment.

He looked at the body and realized that their best bet was to simply leave it. He'd call anonymously to the police to report it after they were a good distance away. Or maybe he'd just leave it to someone else.

Turning and limping into the apartment, he shut the door behind him and instantly felt something was missing: Lily was nowhere to be seen.

Something was out of place as well: The balcony door was wide open.

He ran to the door and leaned over the railing to see Lily hustling to climb down a drain pipe attached to the wall of the building. It wasn't dangerous, they were only two floors up, but his heart leapt in panic. Her passport and ID were clamped between her teeth. She was making a run for it.

Kirill ran back into the apartment and out the door to head down the hall and down the stairs. He cleared the flight in record time, even with a sprained ankle which he was now ignoring and charged through the front door of the building to round the corner just in time to see Lily dismounting the drain pipe she had been climbing. After dusting herself and taking her papers from her mouth she looked up to catch Kirill coming toward her.

Don't run, he pleaded, silently.

She turned and bolted in the opposite direction and he responded by bolting after her, muttering a curse in Russian as he did at having to ignore the pain in his ankle again. He gained on her quickly, even when she turned the corner onto public streets, then another into an alley. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand straight up and didn't have to turn around to know he was being followed.

When Lily turned down the alley he was almost right on her heels and when she rounded it, he pulled the hood of his sweater over his head just as he reached a hand out to grab her arm. She gave a squeal as he pulled her toward him and shoved her against the wall closest to them, a hand over her mouth. His trained hearing picked up the sound of hurrying footsteps and voices that were guessing where he's went.

Thinking quickly he moved his hand from Lily's mouth and planted his lips to hers, making her give a squeak of surprise. He kept his eyes closed and worked his mouth expertly against hers but kept his concentration on what he could hear. The footsteps stopped at the end of the alley just as Lily's arms wrapped around his neck, his hood remaining on. There was some murmuring as his hands went to Lily's hips, pressing her harder into the wall to make the scene look believable. He could hear that they were arguing about which direction he could have gone, then about whether the man still kissing Lily was him or not. Not until he heard the footsteps head away did he chance to open one eye to see the end of the alley empty.

Lily gave a small moan and pulled him closer, making him remember what he was doing and he generously finished off the kiss before pulling away for breath. Lily swallowed as she stared her emerald eyes into his green-hazels, breathing heavily and not letting him go.

"We were being followed," he explained, unmoving. "If you ran again, they will kidnap you to get to me. We must stay together until we are out of the country."

"Why would they think kidnapping me would get to you?" she wondered breathlessly, still coming down from the high of the kiss.

"Because they've been watching me since I came out of the tunnel back there," he replied, his hands still on her hips as his body still pressed her into the wall.

"Kirill?" she breathed and their eyes locked again. "Who's 'they'?"

He set his jaw and looked her in the eye, leaning close enough to whisper, mysteriously, "Everyone."

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