"Papa!" the seven year old girl grinned, running with open arms toward the man in a security guard's stepping through the doorway and tossing his keys onto the table next to it. He looked to her with a warm smile and knelt down to pick her up and sit her on his arm as she threw her tiny arms around his neck and she kissed his cheek before grinning, "Dobro pozhalovat΄ domoĭ, papa!" (Welcome home, papa!)

"Zdravstvuĭte, Alexandra," (Hello, Alexandra) he smiled, heading toward the hall, still holding the little girl. "Vy praktikuyushchiĭ vash ispanskiĭ?" (Are you practicing your Spanish?)

"Si," Alexandra instantly nodded, her sea green eyes glowing with excitement then looked up in thought as he still walked her down the hall before she continued, "Cómo…estuvo tu dia?" (How…was your day?)

"Buena," (Good) he nodded, coming to a door at the end of the hall and stopping. "Y el tuyo?" (And yours?)

"Buena!" she grinned, hugging his neck again and he chuckled when her black hair flipped into his face before she pulled away again and he asked, "Gde tvoy mat΄?" (Where is your mother?)

"My smotreli televizor v svoyeĭ komnate," (We were watching TV in her room) she explained through a whisper when she noticed where he'd stopped. "Ona zasnula." (She fell asleep)

"Li ona?" (Did she?) he smiled in a whisper before turning to head toward the door adjacent to it and opened it, saying, "Malen΄kie devochki dolzhny byt΄ v posteli v eto vremya nochi, sliskom." (Little girls should be in bed this time of night, too)

"No ya ne splyu!" (But I'm not sleepy!) she pouted, making him chuckle again as he entered the room illuminated by a small blue light at the foot of the small bed.

"Lozhis΄ i vy budete," (Lie down and you will be) he assured, shifting her in his arms to sit her on the bed.

"Rasskazhi mne istoriyu, papa!" (Tell me a story, papa!) she grinned, quickly pulling the covers over her and snuggling into her bed.

Kirill smiled down at her as he sat next to her on the bed and he stroked a strand of hair from her face before setting his hand on hers where it sat on the mattress.

"Horosho," (Alright) he sighed in defeat and her grin grew wide as he asked, "Gde zhe my ostavit΄ printsessa i yee rytsar΄?" (Where did we leave the princess and her knight?)

"Oni yehali vo Frantsiyu!" (They were riding into France!) she grinned giddily, making Kirill smile.

He gave a small frown when the hairs on the back of his neck stood up, but he didn't turn, and his frown disappeared when Alexandra glanced behind him but said nothing.

"Riding into Paris, they stopped in a small house owned by a local man," he began, still smiling. "The Knight knew the man who lived there and asked if he and the Princess could stay until they were sure they'd lost the men of the Black King. The man allowed them to stay and once they were settled in the house, the Princess tended to the Knight's wounds from his last battle.

"As the Princess cured him he could not keep his gaze away from her. She was the most beautiful thing he had seen in a very long time, and he wanted to remember everything about her."

Alexandra gave a giggle, making his own smile widen before he continued.

"The Knight told the Princess to rest, but before she could think to close her eyes, the door burst open and a Black Knight charged in!"

Alexandra gasped, her hands flying to her mouth as her eyes shot wide. Kirill lifted his hand and gestured as if sword fighting as he resumed.

"Our Good Knight shot to his feet to protect the Princess from being hurt, his blade flashing as they fought. It wasn't long before the Black Knight's sword went flying through the air but he ran away before our Good Knight could question him.

"He suggested that they leave, but the Princess knew their enemies would expect that, and as we've already learned…"

"The Princess is always right," Alexandra grinned when he trailed off.

"That's right," Kirill nodded. "So, following the advice of the beautiful Princess, he asked the owner of the house if they could stay, and the man replied, 'As long as you like!' So the Princess and her Knight remained in the house while the man worked in the fields, and the two of them became closer and closer with each day. They had peace for one, whole month, until one morning, their peace was shattered…but we'll save that story for tomorrow night."

"Aw!" Alexandra whined, pouting as she crossed her arms over her chest and making Kirill give a chuckle. "Papa! Why do you always do that?"

"Because you would ask me for another story if I finished the first," he replied, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her forehead. "Little princesses need sleep to grow up strong and beautiful so that they can keep up with their handsome knights when running for their lives."

"Yes, because all princesses end up running for their lives with their handsome knights."

Alexandra giggled as a pair of arms slid around Kirill's neck to rest the hands on his chest, a chin resting on his shoulder. He turned his head to meet a smiling, freckled face with emerald green eyes and brown hair spilling over his shoulder.

"You would know, da, Liliya?" he smirked.

"Da," Lily nodded, kissing his cheek before stepping away to lean over Alexandra and kiss her forehead as well. "And I also know, that little girls need to sleep."

"But I'm not tired!" Alexandra pouted before yawning and making Lily chuckle before she stroked her daughter's hair, gently.

"Spokoĭnoi nochi, milaya," (Goodnight, sweetheart) she smiled as she moved away to allow Kirill to stroke his daughter's cheek before he stood as well.

"Spokoĭnoĭ nochi, malyshka," (Goodnight, little one) he murmured as Alexandra closed her eyes and snuggled into her pillow.

"Spokoĭnoĭ nochi," she muttered before finally falling asleep and Kirill stood to tuck the covers over her.

He stood tall and stepped next to Lily so that she could slip her hand into his and lean her head on his shoulder, both watching Alexandra sleep.

"She's so beautiful," Lily whispered.

"Kak i yee mat΄," (Just like her mother) Kirill murmured and Lily chuckled.

"You had a hand in it too, ya know?" she smirked before lifting her head and smiling up at him, then turning to head out the door, still holding his hand.

He allowed her to pull him out the door and into their bedroom where the small television at the foot of the bed flashed bits of illumination into the room.

"How was your day?" she asked, leading him to one end of the bed to allow him to sit as she stood in front of him, between his knees.

"Uneventful, as usual," he sighed, tiredly as his hands rested on her hips, her own hands moving to unbutton his shirt. "Yours?"

"Alexandra's Spanish is getting better," Lily smiled, un-tucking the shirt and pushing it off his shoulders. "I'm glad we decided to home school her. No one can teach her better than you and I."

"And I'm sure you enjoy spending so much time with her," he smirked, helping her take off his shirt before fingering the hem of hers. "As do I, on my days off."

"Speaking of which, when's your next day off?" she asked, slipping her hands around his neck to rest her forearms on his shoulders.

"Tomorrow, actually," he replied, gripping her waist and lifting her up off her feet to allow her to lift her legs and straddle him as he settled her back down to wrap his arms around her, his hands flat on her back. "Why do you ask?"

"Because, I was thinking tomorrow we could all play hooky and go to the beach or something," she smiled, threading her fingers through his thick, dark hair making him groan in contentment as he shut his eyes.

"Eto zvuchit horosho," (That sounds nice) he hummed before opening his eyes and Lily smirked as she recognized the look in his eyes. She laughed as he spun her around and she landed on her back with Kirill on top of her, her legs wrapped around his waist.

Kirill had found redemption.

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