Chapter 1 – Gift

"You have betrayed us. What do you have to say for yourself?" I watched as Felix held down the traitor. What have I done? Please don't hurt me. Please send my apologies to Aro. I smirked at his pleas, "It's too late for that. You were warned." He looked up at me, "Please, Edward, I know I was wrong."

I rolled my eyes, "Useless words." Nodding to Demetri and Felix, the three of us took our positions. In a final desperate attempt, the traitor turned and ran. Ahh, this just got interesting. Felix was preparing to chase after him, when my hand held his shoulder, "Allow me." I was the fastest of the three of us, so he wasn't getting far. I scaled the roofs, while Felix and Demetri followed him on the ground. Leaping to the ground, I stood in front of him.

My hand caught his throat. His arms flayed, clawing at me. Felix and Demetri caught his arms and he was torn apart. The three of us stood in front of the fire, watching the body burn. The thick purple smoke was blown away by a light breeze.

"This is why we didn't bring Alec," Felix boosted, "He would have taken away all the fun." Alec's power would have immediately immobilized the traitor. Some of us liked the thrill of the chase. "True, but maybe we should bring Jane. It is fun watching them scream in pain." Hearing their screams of pain were an added bonus, however much like her brother, the kill would have been too quick. No entertainment in that.

The three of us flew back to Volterra. Felix had his eyes on a flight attendant. She looks like fun. My foot kicked his leg, "Not now." He groaned and fell back into his seat. At home, we were praised by Aro. "Have you dealt with this traitor?" Felix and Demetri bowed their heads, while I smiled, "Yes, he won't be creating anymore untamed newborns." Aro took my hand and saw the entire ordeal. It was interesting looking through Aro's mind when he saw my memories. "Very good. The three of you make me so proud."

Felix, Demetri and I were the leaders of the Guard. We were the ones that dispensed punishments on traitors and rebels. For the past 70 years, I have served Aro well in his Guard. I ventured to Volterra after leaving Carlisle and Esme. Since my arrival, I have become Aro's favorite. Jane wasn't pleased with that turn of events, so much that she tried to attack me. From then, Aro commanded that she is not to use her powers on anyone unless ordered by him or in self defense.

Jane and I have learned to be civil ever since, but I know at time she still resents me, not that it bothers me. Being with the Volturi, Felix and Demetri have become my closest friends. Being a few years old to this life, when I joined the Guard, it didn't take much for them to persuade me to feed as they did. That was why I left Carlisle and Esme. I enjoyed drinking the blood of humans. The humans are brought to us on a weekly basis by Heidi. She prided herself on her skill of bringing humans. "Hello Edward," she said in a sultry voice. "Hello Chelsea." I had so much fun. Hopefully, we can do it again, soon. I smiled at her, "Maybe."

There were many advantages to being a Guard member, but there was one aspect that tired me. It was the constant instant gratification. Aro rewarded us frequently. Demetri was rewarded with his liberties to track a desired prey for as long as he wanted. Felix was reward with young girls. He found their blood to be the sweetest. But he has become more sadistic about it. Besides, his thirst, Felix has another insatiable appetite. He had taken to using the girls, for their bodies and then killing them.

As for myself, I turned down rewards as much as I could. All I wanted was time to myself, when I didn't have to hear the constant babble of voices in my head. Besides, I uphold the law as a purpose for my immortality. I was cursed, damned, so I became an enforcer of sorts to keep it in control. Aro dismissed Demetri, allowing him his leeway, while Aro spoke with me and Felix. Felix was smiling at Aro, as he took back his hand.

From his thought, I saw what Felix had done before we left. My head shook as I looked back at him, "Take the girl for yourself, Felix. She won't interest me." Felix scowled. Aro tried to ease the tension, "Edward, she's a gift from Felix. And, I understand she's a rare item." I looked at them, "She is?"

Felix chuckled, "I had her examined; she's a virgin from America." Those are rare, but still blithely uninteresting. "I appreciate that, Felix, but…." The both of them were thinking the same thing, I should keep the human. I closed my eyes in defeat, "Fine. Thank you, Felix."

Walking back to my chamber, there was a faint scent. As I got closer to my door, it was getting stronger and sweeter. My feet pulled me following that alluring scent. It was by far the most delicious scent I've ever encountered. Had I known such a scent exist, I would have scoured the earth looking for it and its origin. If the scent alone was this deliriously sweet, then the taste of the blood would be a delicacy.

Entering the chamber, the scent was even more unbelievably sweet. Following it to my bedroom, the scent slammed into me, almost knocking me backwards. The scent had my body coiled and ready to drain the sweet blood that called to me. La tua cantante, the source of this blood was my singer. In the room, there was the girl standing, with her quickened heartbeat.

Along with her heart, pumping the luscious blood was the sound of metal clanking against the floor. This blood must not be shared with anyone. Felix had the girl dressed in a sheer white hooded robe made of a see through material for the top, and from her waist down, the material was more opaque. I could still see through the entire robe and all she wore was a gemmed bra.

Enjoy. My head shook as Alec went by with Jane. Walking up to the girl, her body stared to tense up. Getting closer to her, the scent of her blood was even stronger, because of her fast heartbeat. My mouth opened to speak and drop of venom fell from my teeth. She was mouthwatering.

From underneath her hood, there was a glimpse of her dark hair. I had to keep myself in complete control. She couldn't be harmed. That feeling surprised me; why did I want to be careful with this girl? My fingers lightly caressed her cheek and she jumped. Her body spun around and I saw the curve of her jaw. Her lips were slightly parted, letting her warm, sweet breath flow out of her. The hood still covered half of her face, but I was focused on her lips. They were full and from the sight of them, they seemed so soft.

I moved quickly and she fell against the wall. Her heart was racing as my hands held her shoulders and pulled her closer to me. The heat of her skin warmed my hands. My fingers left indentations on her skin. I leaned closer to her and inhaled deeply at her neck. Her scent set my throat ablaze. Looking up at her from the corner of my eye to see her eyes were tightly shut.

Moving my hand, I lowered her hood to saw her face completely. She had a heart shaped face, with wide cheekbones. Her upper lip was slightly off from her lower lip. Remaining quiet for a moment, her eyes finally opened. Her teeth chattered as she looked up at me. Her eyes were not what I expected. Under my hands, her shoulders trembled. I smiled at her and her eyes widened. Well, she was mine, I could do whatever I wanted.

To my surprise, her trembling slowed and she finally spoke, "I know why I am here," there was still a tremble in her voice, "so just get it over with." This human was feisty. It's oddly appealing. "And why are you here?" All humans cannot be that unintelligent. She looked at me, "Trafficking. I was kidnapped." I held her face, making her look at me, "Well, you're a rare thing. An American virgin. They're sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars and usually to royalty."

She struggled to get out of my hold, until she yelped in pain. Turning her face with the lightest of touches, the blood was pooling, changing the color of her skin. Seeing this made the venom flow. She stepped back, trying to escape me. I looked her, taking in her feature underneath the robe.

For a human, she had pale skin, with a slender body and long legs. The girl rubbed her cheek, wincing in pain. My body froze for a moment, seeing her in pain, "Are you alright?" She didn't answer, she turned away from me, cutting off my sight of her face. I watched her stroke her cheek and look down at her hand, "You don't care."

I stood behind her, reached for her face again, but she pushed my hand away. My own anger built up, as I took her shoulder, turned her body and held her against the wall. She looked up at me with pure fear in her eyes. She was so scared, that she barely blinked. The bruise would start to color the skin on her cheekbone. Her heartbeat quickened and chin trembled.

My body kept her pinned. I could feel her heart slamming in her chest. Her skin was soft and warm underneath my fingers. Her breath was short and fast as she stared at me. I had to admit that for a human, she was beautiful. Her lips were full and red, her eyes were a deep brown and her body was tempting. Soon, her eyes narrowed, "What do you want with me?" Feisty again. I smirked, "I haven't decided yet. You were given to me."

She exhaled, "I am not being given to anyone." She shifted her weight and the metal clinked again. I looked down and saw that her ankles were cuffed. I shook my head at this precaution; it's not like she could escape me. Bending down, my fingers broke the shackles easily. Her legs flinched and one became exposed underneath the robe.

My thumb caressed the skin that was under the shackle and she gasped. Her skin was thin and raw from rubbing against the harsh metal. A long vein trailed up, just beneath the surface of her cream-like skin. Holding her ankle, I moved my hand up her leg, following the vein. Her blood pumped through it, pulsing against my skin. Her leg stiffened from my touch, ide against fire. I watched as the goosebumps rose on her skin while my touch moved passed her knee.

My hand was now underneath her robe. My hands moved high enough to confirm that all she wore was the bra under her robe. Stopping at the top of her leg, my fingers brushed at the delicate skin, making her whimper. My fingers stopped there, not moving, feeling the heat of her body burn through me. Taking up the shackles, I hung them over the peg by the window. Straightening up, I looked into her eyes again. Something about them held my attention.

The scent of her blood was tempting me to drain her. Moving my hand from underneath her robe, it moved along the line of her waist, feeling her body jolt from my touch. The blood pulsed under her skin, making her more appetizing. With one finger, I curved it around her wrist. She tightened her muscles, trying to stop me from raising her arm, but it was pointless.

I took her hand, raised it to my face and inhaled at the inside of her wrist. Her blood flow increased as her skin touched mine. I opened my mouth, pulling my lips back from my teeth and lowered it to her wrist. The girl suddenly inhaled deeply and I looked at her. Confusion was in her eyes, actually making me smile. I didn't release her hand; what was it about this human? Her blood practically begged me to taste it, but her body tempted me to have her and her eyes intrigued me.

Looking at her, I realized it was so quiet, at least for me. I heard nothing from her mind. Realizing this, I thought nothing of it; her mind must be silent because of her fear. Her lips parted slightly and I inhaled at her breath again. Without thinking, I pressed my lips to hers. She fought against me, pushing against my chest, but that did nothing. Her body was pressed against mine. Her lips were as soft as rose petals. Her sweet breath touched my tongue. This girl was so soft and sweet, I had to have her. She continued to fight as I took one of her legs and pulled it against my waist.

A moan escaped me as I kissed the delicate porcelain doll in my arms. It took me by surprise when her hand went across my face and she groaned. I pulled back and she exhaled. She looked at her hand, examining the damage she had done to hurt herself. I took up her hand, but she pulled away, "Just stay away from me!" My wrist locked around her wrist, holding her in place, "Do not speak to me like that."

She glared, "What do you want with me?" My thumb pressed to the inside of her wrist, feeling her pulse. I took her hand, spreading her fingers, "What do I want?" I took her thumb, pressing her skin against the edge of the shackle. She gasped, "Ahh," as her skin broke and a pin drop of her blood pooled out. "What do I want?" I lifted her thumb to my mouth and drank the wine of her blood. My eyes closed and sighed; her blood was magnificent. It was truly like wine. The bouquet of it was wonderful, but nothing compared to the taste. I pulled more of her blood out, trying to appease my thirst. But I wouldn't be satisfied, not until I drained her. But this blood was precious.

With the combination of her heart racing with adrenaline, this blood was the sweetest I've ever had. I had to make myself stop drinking or she would die. My instincts would have me sink my teeth into her lush skin. No, I couldn't let her die. I dropped her hand from my lips and pressed my lips to hers again. She moaned in protest underneath my kiss. My fists pounded on my chest, trying to get out of the kiss. I pulled back and looked at her. The skin of her cheeks was flushed, but her eyes were wide.

The clock chimed, indicating it was 3 in the morning. Looking at her, behind her fear, her eyes were sallow. It must have been a long time since she rested. I would decide what I would do with her in the morning. Moving quickly, I took the girl up into my arms and she gasped. She shuddered in my arms and I placed her in the center of my bed, "Go to sleep."

She eyed me as I walked around the bed. Sighing in exasperation, I looked at her, "You're safe. I won't harm you. You're the only person who can attest to that." Her teeth chatter quietly. The robe she wore did nothing to shield her skin against the cold. Going into my closet, I took out a seldom used blanket. It bored me to move at a human pace, but I didn't want to terrify her to death. Her blood would get cold and be wasted.

I walked back into the room and she hadn't moved an inch. She stared at me, with her legs up near her chest and she clutched at her robe. I spread the blanket over her body, "Now, get some rest." She clutched at the blanket and leaned against a pillow. Soon, her breathing became steady and she was sleeping.

I stood by the door, watching at her sleeping silhouette. Her heartbeat was steady for once and it was somewhat calming. She's still alive. Huh, he's losing his touch. I rolled my eyes, "No, Felix, I haven't. Let me take care of my human." Felix chuckled as he left. I stared at her, she was my human.