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Somewhere far past the borders of the Valley of Avalar, in a mountain valley, was an orb of purple light. It zoomed through the tress of the valley, to a mountain cave. Inside the cave was a dark purple crystal resting atop a pedestal. The light flew to the crystal and was absorbed by it. The crystal began to glow, illuminating the whole cave with a eerie purple glow. A voice emanated from the crystal.

"Mograine, I required your kin's services again." The voice of Malefor said.

The crystal flashed a bright purple and when the light faded, a worgen was standing in front of the crystal. The wolf blinked and looked around at its surroundings until his eyes rested on the crystal in front of him. He bowed before the crystal.

"Master, why have you released me?" Mograine asked.

"I have been defeated by two whelps." Malefor said, receiving a surprised look from the worgen.

"My spirit lives on however, and I can be brought back. That's where you and your kin come in."

"What do you ask of me and my people?"

"Bring me the whelping that defeated me. Bring me the purple dragon, Spyro!" Malefor ordered.

Mograine was slightly confused, "But Master Malefor, I thought that you were the only purple dragon and that only one is born every ten generations."

"You are correct Mograine," Malefor said, "but I can assure you what felt like maybe days for you has actually been a thousand years!"

Mograine's eyes went wide with shock. Because it looked like he was too shocked to speak, Malefor spoke.

"Not much has changed since your kin's disappearance. But what has changed, I can provide."

"What do you mean?" Mograine questioned, unsure what changes he was talking about or what he can do about them.

"In technology, your wooden armor and cruel weapons and your primitive defensives are inferior in this age and you'll be crushed by your enemies within seconds. But I can change that." The crystal began to glow until its light illuminated the whole cave, causing Mograine to clench his eyes shut.

When the light disappeared Mograine open his eyes. The first thing he noticed was that his armor was no longer wooden and cloth, but was plate and leather. He held his sword in his hand and examined it. It was now made of sharp steal and not of cruel, unsharpened metal.

"Like what you see?" Malefor asked.

Mograine continued to look at his new weapon with a smirk. "I can't wait to use it."

"Good to hear. Now look outside and look at your new village."

Mograine obeyed and left for the cave's entrance. When he reached it, he gasped at the site. The village that was made of sticks and furs is now a large city made of stone and wood.

"Your city is now equivalent to the great dragon city, Warfang." Malefor explained to Mograine. "And now for your kin's task."

"So you need me to find this young purple dragon named Spyro and bring him back here?" Mograine asked, recalling what Malefor said earlier.

"That is correct, Mograine." Malefor confirmed. "You will be able to find him the valley of Avalar. He should be accompanied by a black dragoness. You can do whatever you want to her or anyone else that's with him, but you must bring back Spyro alive. Do not underestimate them, or you will repeat my mistake."

"I will assemble my hunting party to find and capture him." Mograine said. "Why do you want this dragon for anyways?"

Malefor's tone went serious and angry as he spoke. "Are you questioning my orders, mutt!"

"No master." Mograine said, cowering in fear. "I was just curious."

Malefor's tone calmed before he spoke again. "All things will be revealed in time. Now go and bring me the whelp that defeated me."

"As you wish master." Mograine bowed in front of the crystal.

"Good. I'll give you and your kin week to adjust to new changes and armor and weapons before you carry out my task."

"Thank you, master."

The crystal stopped glowing as Malefor's presence left the cave. Mograine stood and left the cave to the city to assemble his hunting team.

Somewhere along the borders of the Valley of Avalar…

In a small clearing surrounded by trees, the sun shone on two scaled creatures, a purple and gold dragon and a black and red dragoness. They were both unconscious.

The sunlight landed on the dragoness' face through the leaves and caused her to stir awake.

"Ugh…" the dragoness groaned before looking up at her surroundings, "Where am I?" She thought for a moment before the events of her last battle with her best friend rushed through her mind. The last memory that went through her mind were the three words she said to her purple friend before he pulled the world back together.

"Did he hear me? Does he love me back?" she thought to herself before she gasped. "Spyro!"

She looked around until she saw him unconscious on the other side of the clearing. She quickly got up feet, despite the sore feeling in her legs, and ran to him.

"Spyro, wake up!" she nudge him with her snout, causing Spyro to groan.

"What is it mom? Did Sparx get eaten by another frogweed again?" he said groggily before rolling over so his back was to Cynder, keeping his eyes closed.

This got Cynder slightly annoyed. She was about to yell at him until she heard the sound of rushing water nearby. A smirk came to her face as an evil idea entered her head before she headed towards the water. A few minutes later she came back using her wind powers to bring water back to the clearing. She then raised the water over Spyro and dropped it right on top on him. He immediately jumped up as cold water shocked him wide awake.

"Wh-What was th-that for?" Spyro said through his chattering teeth.

"Well it was the only way I could wake you up without hurting you." Cynder said with a sly smile.

"W-Well do-don't do it ag-again!" Spyro said, teeth still chattering. "So where do you think we are?" Spyro asked when the cold feeling left.

"Well from what I saw from here to the river, I say maybe Avalar or somewhere near it." Cynder answered.

There was a moment of silence before Cynder found something to say. "So what should we do now?"

"I think we should try to find our way back to Warfang and see how Sparx and the Guardians are doing. I want to know if they all got out okay." Spyro said.

"Yea, we can do that, 0r we can visit them some other time and enjoy ourselves for once." Cynder suggested.

"What do mean?" Spyro asked.

"Think about it. We have finally defeated Malefor, the world is saved, and for the first time in our lives we have peace and have a chance to live normal lives." Cynder explained.

Spyro thought about this for a moment before speaking. "Yea, your right. I never actually thought of what I'll do after this was all over." There was another moment of silence. "So what should we do, now that we are at peace?"

"Hmm…" Cynder thought about it as she walked towards Spyro. "I don't know, but we can start off with this." Cynder said, her muzzle only a few inches away from Spyro's.

"Cynder, wh-what are you do-doing?" Spyro stammered.

"Oh, just this..." Cynder suddenly tap Spyro's snout with her paw before taking to the air with a playful smirk yelling, "Catch me if you can, 'purple dragon of legends'!"

It took a moment for Spyro's mind to register what just happened before he put on a playful smirk to match Cynder's and jump into the air after here. "Alright, but don't be angry when I do!"

Cynder gave a light laugh as she flew over the beautiful landscape of tall trees, rolling hills, and rushing rivers with Spyro following right behind her. They finally were at peace, and no longer had the weight of the world on their shoulders. If only they knew that an old enemy has just brought a new army that will destroy the peace just as quickly as it came…

The moonlight and torches lit up the worgen city as nightfall came. The worgen were moving around the city, getting used to its new size and layout and making preparations. In the courtyard, which marked the center of the city, worgen wearing armor and armed with various weapons were gathering and waiting for their leader to tell them why they, some of the greatest warriors of the worgen tribe, were gathered here. Mograine stood on a terrace that over looked the courtyard and raised his voice to speak over the many worgen.

"Brothers and sisters, our master has been defeated." This got most of the worgen to talk among themselves until Mograine motioned for them to be silent. "But even defeat doesn't keep the all powerful Malefor down. He has given us a chance to redeem ourselves for our last battle against the Warrior Dragons. Malefor has blessed us with new weapons, armor, and a city to rival those of our enemies. We have been given a week to adapt to our new weapons and armor. After that week I will assign you your tasks and we shall prove ourselves to master Malefor once again and carry out his will! Glory to Malefor and glory to the worgen!" Mograine and his worgen followers howled to the night sky and its full moon.

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