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Summer quickly came and Hermione Granger had successfully graduated Hogwarts. She was to become Professor McGonagall's apprentice for the up coming two years and then eventually take her place.

For now though, she was making herself comfortable at #12 Grimmauld Place. Harry Potter had offered her a place to stay for the summer. Ronald and Harry were off at Auror Training, so Hermione had the house to herself. Technically she didn't. Remus Lupin did live there and Tonks stopped by a couple times a week, but she had no idea when they would be around, and then there was Krencher.

It was about nine o'clock at night on Saturday. Ron and Harry weren't due back from their training camp till later the next week. So Hermione grabbed a book from the Black's enormous library and snuggled herself up on the couch.

Severus Snape popped into the kitchen around midnight. He wanted to get away from Hogwarts. Albus Dumbledore wasn't giving him his space. Severus was frustrated. Albus knew he liked to be alone. Why the hell was he not? He kept on insisting that Severus be less socially awkward.

"Like that will be the day!" Severus snorted to himself.

He made himself a cup of tea and sat himself at the dining room table.

Hermione was thirsty. She was too engrossed in her book though to set it down. So with great skill she got up and headed to the kitchen without taking her head out of the book.

She walked in and with a flick of her wand she had a glass of water next to her. She leaded against the counter after putting her wand back into her pocket and grabbed the glass; still not taking her eyes off the book. She took a sip of her water and continued reading.

Severus was frozen in the corner. He had no idea Granger was there. Had she noticed him? He doubted it since she didn't look up from her book. A slight smirk spread across his face. He had an idea.

He slowly got up from the table; his chair lightly screeching. Hermione looked up from her book. She didn't see anything. Luckily Severus had a habit of sitting in the shadows.

She shrugged and turned her back against Severus. She sat her book down on the counter and kept reading.

Severus stepped up quietly behind her, and leaned over her shoulder.

"Still craving knowledge I see."

Hermione screamed at the top of her lungs. Before she could turn around and hex whoever it was behind her, he grabbed her arms.

"Calm Down Miss Granger."

"Snape…" She hissed.

"Not a very respectful way to address someone. You should know that Miss Granger." He said in his best professor tone.

"Really?" Hermione screeched letting her anger towards the man fill her up.

"And sneaking up on someone like that is?"

Severus rolled his eyes. "Women and their overreacting!"

Hermione blinked a couple times and then finally spoke.

"What are you doing here?" She asked.

Severus studied her for a moment. He remembered the day he gave her his cloak. He also remembered the day under the tree where she told him she thought he was hot. He had to admit it was one of the better days he has had.

"I am here, because I wanted to get away from Hogwarts." He simply stated

Hermione just nodded. "Well Harry and Ron will not be back until sometime next week. I have no idea when Remus will be around either. So I guess it will just be you and me."

Severus didn't say anything.

"Well it's late. I am heading to bed," Hermione told him, and with that she headed up the stairs

Severus thought he'd turn in too. He washed his glass and headed up to bed.

He slipped under the sheets and started out the window. It was starting to rain, and he could hear the faint thunder in the distance. He loved these kinds of nights; the sound of the rain and the crack of thunder, also the flash of lightning here and there. He thought it was fascinating.

He closed his eyes and was soon met with a peaceful sleep.

Across the hall and down two rooms, Hermione was hiding under her covers. She loved the rain, but thunder and lighting on the other hand scared her to pieces. She never understood why it scared her so badly. Hell she faced Voldemort, and when she was 11 years old she faced a troll. As much as she told herself those were more terrifying, she couldn't convince herself that thunder and lighting were nothing to be afraid about.

She felt the prickling begin in her nose, and the tears weld up behind her eyes. She hated this kind of weather.

She cried herself to sleep. It didn't last long though. The storm had made its way over the house. A big flash of lighting lit up Hermione's room, and a big crack of thundered echoed through the house. The wind was so strong and violent that it flew open her windows. Hermione woke up screaming at the top of her lungs. She flung the covers over her head cried into her pillow.

Severus heard Hermione scream and rushed out of his room and down to hers. He flew open her door.

"Hermione!" Snape yelled over the wind and the thunder. He walked over to the window and shut it; making sure to lock it up tightly.

He turned around to face Hermione's bed. He saw a lump under the covers and he assumed it was Hermione. He could here deep breathing and sniffles.

"Hermione?" Severus asked again.

He sat gently on the side of the bed. He was debating on what he was going to do. He finally decided to grab the corner of the sheet and draw it back. It was really dark in the room, except for the occasional flashes of lightning.

When he pulled it off Hermione's head, a big crack of thunder rumbled the house, along with a blinding flash of lighting.

Hermione screamed. She scrambled for the covers again but Severus stopped her.

'"Hermione…..Hermione….HERMIONE!" He finally yelled.

She froze and looked at him. She had tears sliding down her cheeks, and her eyes were full of fear.

Severus pulled her into him wrapping his arms around her. She immediately calmed down.

"Hermione what's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?" He asked.

She shook her head. She took a couple breaths to calm herself down some more. She lifted her head from Severus chest and looked him in the eyes. "I am scared."

Severus looked at her weird. He looked to the floor. "Hermione what are you…" He was cut of by a huge crack of thunder and all of a sudden he felt Hermione's grip on him tighten like a vise.

"You're scared of the thunder and lighting." Snape said, more like stating it then asking it.

Hermione still was crying. She nodded her head in embarrassment and buried her head into his chest.

"I am sorry P-Professor….for….for w-waking you u-u-pp! I…I…"

Severus was quiet for a moment then gently pried Hermione off him.

He stood up and Hermione looked as if she was going to go into hysterics.

"Where…a-are you g-going?" She asked full of fear.

Severus looked at her. His heart suddenly broke. He hated the fear and tears coming form Hermione's eyes. He had the urge to protect her from everything she was scared of.

He held out his hand to her. "Come on Hermione, we are going to bed."

Hermione looked at him with wide eyes. She slowly lifted her hand and placed it in his.

He gently pulled her from the bed and led her out of her room and down the hall to his.

When the reached there he quietly shut the door and walked over to the bed.

"Get in." He said.

Hermione slowly climbed into the bed, Severus following right behind her.

"There is nothing to be scared of Hermione. I am here." He said sweetly.

Hermione laid on her side facing the opposite direction from Severus, while Severus laid on his back.

There was another loud bang of thunder and Severus felt Hermione jump and then tense.

"It's okay Hermione I am here. It is just thunder." He reassured her.

Hermione bit her lip as more tears fell from her eyes. She hated thunder, and she hated the fact she was being a little baby about it.

She rolled over and sat up. She reached over Severus and grabbed his right arm. She then laid back down and pulled him over with her. She tucked his arm under her belly and snuggled her back into his chest as close as she could get it.

Severus was in shock and completely tense.

"Severus….just hold me. Your warmth makes me feel safe." Hermione whispered, and with that she fell asleep.

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