This is just a story from my imagination in where Lawrence, instead of finding love from Gwen, finds friendship from Amelia Madison. I do not own anybody from the Wolfman just the whole friendship between Lawrence and Amelia AND Amelia. I wish I owned Lawrence… :'[ LOL

The full autumn moon shone over the town of Blackmoor, England, illuminating the houses. All the doors and windows were closed, hiding the frightened residents from view. Amelia Madison had her bedroom window open, unafraid. A howl rang through the air and Amelia could hear a porcelain plate break upon the floor in the other room. She knew her poor, old mother had been frightened, therefore dropping her favorite plate.

Amelia did not know why the people of Blackmoor get easily frightened over the so called 'beast' that lurked in the shadows. She knew there was a logical explanation for the 'strange' occurrences. As she had studied, there are species of wolves; how could there not be at least a wolf or two in all of Europe? Surely all the killings are caused by wolves not 'beasts'. Amelia sighed. All the people of Blackmoor must be out of their minds, she thought. She sat up on her knees and drew her windows shut. She lay back down, pulling the covers over her body, turning to her side.

"All nonsense," she whispered, ignoring the long howl coming from outside the window.

Well, I'm sorry this is short, but it's just the beginning! I'll try and write soon!