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Amelia took hold of the reins and patted the shoulder of her midnight colored horse. She stood outside of the bookshop with her mother. She checked her pack before strapping it to her saddle.

"I'll be all right, Mother," she insisted, facing her mother and taking her hands in her own. "I feel I should tell Ben's brother of his death."

"You still haven't told me where you're headed, dear," her mother said, shaking her head.

"London, Mother. Mr. Talbot is currently there. He's an actor," Amelia replied, looking over her shoulder at the approaching man.

"Oh my. Do be careful then, Amelia Marie Madison," her mother said, rather sternly.

"I will, ma'am." She turned around to she her least favorite person, Peter Connolly. She crossed her arms and simply glared at him. "When are you ever going to leave me alone?"

"When I get tired of seeing such beauty," Peter answered in his most pompous way, "I doubt that will ever happen."

Amelia rolled her eyes and went into the shop to say her last good-bye to her mother, but Peter followed and stood in front of her.

"And where is the temptress heading to now?" he asked, staring at his nails like they were the most marvelous things he'd ever seen.

"London. Far, far away from you," she replied, pushing him away, "Let me through."

"Feisty, are we? And may I ask, whatever reason are you heading to London?" He followed Amelia into the shop as she gathered a few books and stuffed them into another pack. Just as she was going to grab a piece of paper, Peter snatched it and held it 2 feet away from his face.

"Hey! Give that back, Connolly!" Amelia protested.

"Ah, Lawrence Talbot. Going to see him are we? To tell him about the sad, tragic news of his dear, dear brother. Ha!"

"I must!" She snatched the paper back and shoved it into the pack, not caring whether or not it crumpled. She was far too annoyed and angry to care. She shoved by Peter, but he stopped her.

"Why do you care about those Talbots anyway? You should be caring about me really. Falling for me, in fact." He drew closer to her, holding her firmly. His hand grasped her chin tightly. "Having such lust for me." He brushed his lips against hers, attempting to kiss her. She jerked her head back and glared at him.

"They are my friends and you must be stupid enough to think I would fall for you or even have lust for you, Connolly."

"Why would you be friends with them. They surely are the spawn of that crazy, Gypsy whore. You are higher in the ranks of society." He had messed with the wrong person.

Amelia swung her hand and her palm made contact with his cheek rather harshly.

"She was not a whore! Peter Connolly, get the hell out of my home!" she screamed. Peter refused to leave so she shoved him out the door, knocking him to the ground for all the world to see. She stormed back into the shop, arms crossed and her face in a fury. She could never understand why men like him would bother her like that.

The reason was clear to all men. She was utterly beautiful (or so I'm told. I would see her as a normal, everyday woman). Men would see her like this because of lust. She was rather beautiful. She had midnight hair of a raven's and sparkling emerald eyes. Her lips looked a dark, soft pink and her skin was almost as pale as snow. She got her eyes from her mother, whom had had gold, sun kissed hair in her day. Amelia had taken the rest of her traits from her father. She had a perfect thin frame and it was no wonder men wanted her.

She hated almost all of them. She longed to find more men who had Ben's sense of humor and his kind heart. Oh, how she missed him. She wiped the fresh tears from her cheek and grabbed her pack, rushing into the parlor to say her final goodbyes. She then rushed out and tied her pack to the saddle and climbed onto her horse. She rode by an angry Peter and pretended to pay no attention to him, making sure dust rose up and clouded him.

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