He laughed, teasing me, his black hair wild about his face, and ran. I chased him over the sand and into a pyramid we had worked. The goblins we worked with saw us but just shook their heads at the silly humans.

Finally, I caught up to him in one of the emptied rooms. I pushed him against the wall and turned him to face me. My hands went to either side of his head on the wall. We breathed each other's breath as we panted hard. I leaned in and tasted his sweat salty lips. He moaned and grabbed my hips to press against his. "Harry." I moaned into his mouth.


"Bill can you hear me? Oh my darling I hope you're alright!"

I opened my eyes to see a wash of pale hair and a the pale face of my wife leaning over me. Her eyes softened in relief when she saw my eyes open.

"Oh, I am so relieved! When zey told me a curse had got you I was so worried..."

I closed my eyes again, ignoring her. I moaned in pain this time. Mourning what had never been more than a dream.