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The Bloody-Hand Print

Adam looked up from behind a barricade shooting his G36c at opposing enemies. He looked at Phineas and called to him, "They've got mounted RPD's take 'em out"

Phineas nodded he aimed at the turrets as their bullets flew by and took out the three turrets. Isabella was taking heavy fire and blind firing with her ACR. After firing for a while they heard a whistle. They looked up to see Ferb pointing his arm towards Phineas's team.

Adam and the other kids got up and started giving each other high-fives. Buford was angry and hit Baljeet over the head. Phineas went over to talk to Adam. " It was a cool idea to have a weekly air soft battle" Phineas started unloading the last of his air soft bullets. Isabella planted the flag that the winner waved every battle. It was a green flag that had the word "Hispanic" written in gold letters. She and Sarah were usually the flag carriers for all the missions. As the entire group of kids from all over the tri-state area cleaned up the mess, someone was hidden in the bushes . An older man in about his late 20's or early 30's. He was named Vladmir Ivanov, a member of a gang, the militia.(the title "The bloody Hand-Print" is the militian symbol on their flag) He had watched their entire battle and now had plans on what he was going to do. He grabbed a fellow militia member, Nakoli Petrov. Nakoli was a slack-off, he was never a real soldier. To Vladmir, he was considered a "fat S.O.B." even thought Nakoli was skinnier than Vladmir.

They were unarmed except for a Desert Eagle they always carried.

The two Russians approached the near 500 kids. Vladmir started to speak " I would like to see the three main kids who organized this please." Adam looked at Phineas and Isabella and signaled them to come. They talked to Vladmir while Nakoli just sat there.

" So, I see you kids are good with these guns eh?" Vladmir asked "Y-Yeah, I guess" Adam stated still confused what was going on. " Well, I would like to have a challenge, I challenge you to a war until none of one team is left" Vladmir had a strict tone. "Uh-h I g-guess" Adam stuttered. Vladmir gave a smirk "Meet here at 12 o'clock tomorrow!" He shouted. Adam was sure it was a simple air soft war. He had no idea what he was getting into. He told the kids of the battle and they all went to sleep with a clear conscience, but only the militia would have the upper hand. The next day the kids showed up and set up for the battle. "What did he mean by no one of one team is left" Isabella asked Adam as they both carried a barricade. " I'm sure he meant just if you get hit with the air soft pellet your out" Adam replied wiping the sweat from his forehead. " I hope your right Adam, but it's weird how the looked and sounded Russian and they dress like the militia gang from Joseph's game" Sarah stated. Sarah was one of Adams best friends from when he lived back in New Jersey. Her dad was transferred to PA and now they live in the same town, Joseph was her younger brother. "Ya dude it is kinda freaky" Johnson stated. (If you don't know who Adam., Johnson, or Stephini are, read my other story " new kids on the block") After they were ready, they saw a large group of men with guns come in a perfect march. Vladmir saw their air soft guns. " You've got to be joking little kid, you thought we were talking about air soft battle, no, we meant REAL war" Vladmir yelled as the 12,13,14,15,16, and 17 year olds were all in shock. " R-real w-war?" Adam questioned, he was shaking. Vladmir gave a quick chuckle " Of coarse foolish American"

Adam dropped his gun and would have fallen strait to the ground if Isabella hadn't caught him first. Vladmir looked impatient. " I'll give you 24 hours to get yourself prepared, if your not ready by then, well you don't want to know what will happen"

Adam's mouth was hanging open, he fell to the ground and sat there. Isabella sat next to him. "Isa, what did I just get us into, we've got to fight, not only that we have to…we have to kill" Adam buried his face in his hands. As the group of kids eventually filed out, the town was ordered to evacuate except for the kids fighting. Phineas,Ferb,Isabella, and Adam all camped out by were the battle was supposed to take place. As the others slept, Adam couldn't, he kept having nightmares of his friends dying because of his mistake. The only real weapon he had was his bowie knife his dad gave him before he, his mom, and Stephini evacuated. Stephini wanted no part in war. Around midnight, Adam heard a noise, he got out of his sleeping bag and took out his Bowie. He walked toward the noise until he saw Jeremy with his sleeping bag and M1911.45, he asked if he could stay. Adam nodded and was relieved that it was only him.

He heard another noise around 2 A.M. it was Nakoli in a fairly large jeep. When Adam could reach Nakoli, he tackled him, he put his hand over his mouth and his knife to Nakoli's neck. " Don't worry, I want to help you" Nakoli said moving Adam's hand off his mouth." Come with me little American" Nakoli opened the trunk of the jeep it had hundreds of guns, grenades, rockets, etc. " Why? Aren't you with the militia" Adam asked. "I was but Vladmir is an S.O.B and doesn't care what happens to me so I have taken the Russian supply of weaponry and give them to you than just leave." Nakoli answered. Nakoli drove the jeep up to camp with Adam in the passenger seat. Jeremy heard the noise and woke up and quickly snapped a magazine into the pistol. He woke up the others they were relieved when they saw Adam get out and go to the trunk. When the saw Nakoli, Jeremy ran and tackled him and put the pistol to his head. Adam didn't see it was Jeremy grabbed an AK-47 and ran to Nakoli and put the gun to Jeremy's head he then yelled " DROP THE PISTOL" Jeremy then looked at Adam. Adam put down his gun. "You working with the enemy?" Jeremy asked. " No, he's helping us come with me." Adam said leading them to the trunk. The kids smiled. " Those bitches are gonna eat led and die." Isabella said. They all looked at her. Adam laughed "Really Isa?" he kept laughing. Isabella gave a smirk.