"Hey guys, I know I said I wouldn't update TBHP anymore but I wanted to thank everyone who read and reviewed this story. But I have some bad news for anyone who cares. I regret to inform you that, sigh, I am quitting fan fiction. Some people will not care and a few close friends will I know."

"WHAT?" Phineas yelled. "Ugh, I thought the door was locked." I said. "Yeah, too bad, now, why are you quitting?" "I know that a lot of people hate my stories and I know my writing is bad. So why should I stay?" I replied. The rest of the cast barged through the door, including my OC's. "Ellis! Come on man, if you leave we are going to!" Adam yelled, fading fast. "Stop arguing with me, you're in my mind. I can delete you now just like I did with, file deleted, and file corrupted." Adam, Michelle, Johnson, Katherine, Michelle, Jesse, Dakota, and my other OC's were screaming, slowly disappearing. "Well, sorry guys, I can't change people's minds to make them like my stories. I'm finished." I walked out.