AN: Bethany wanted Harry/Hermione/Ron Word: betrayal

Betrayed Us

I held Hermione tight to my chest. She'd cried herself to sleep again. I wanted to join her. But it had been too many nights since he'd left us, and I felt drained dry. Empty. I loved Hermione, but without Ron, we felt wrong, incomplete. We both became too serious. I became depressed more easily, and was more likely to burst out in fits of temper and frustration. Hermione became quiet and self-conscious. She lost her her hard won ability to think outside books. It was like forth year again, only worse, we knew how good it could be now.

I still could not believe he left us. That he betrayed us like that. I knew the Ron liked his creature comforts. We'd both teased him about food too many times to count. But it was a part of what made Ron, Ron. I guess I can't blame the man I love, my best friend, who I know better than myself, if what made him betray us is part of who he is. ..... Nope, I can blame him. He's a stupid inconsiderate prat who can go to hell!

And I cried.

AN: for those who haven't read the seventh book, or forgot. Ron did leave them. But he comes back! and Hermione beats him up a bit but they both forgive him. So to picture the happy to this, Harry joins Hermione in the beating, but otherwise mostly canon, minus Epilogue.