Chapter 4.

"TWO girlfriends?!" Kotaro asked seriously.

"That's what she suggested." Negi affirmed as they walked toward the headmaster's office. "Personally, I'm a little scared of the whole idea."

"Seriously." Kotaro whispered as Negi's only real companion in charting the unexplored territory of the opposite gender. Negi noticed the boy shiver at the idea of having to handle both Natsumi AND Chizuru. "So, you know... what are you going to do?"

"For now? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Dating a student would be wrong, dating TWO students would be even worse." The boy mage replied. "Apparently both girls are content to wait until graduation, but I have the feeling they'll be double teaming any rivals for my affection they might have."

"Scary." Kotaro noted.

"Quite." Takamichi agreed.

Negi and Kotaro jumped straight up and turned on the older man with fear in their eyes. "Ta-ta-ta-ta-tatatata..."

"Relax Negi-kun, I'm not going to tell anyone about your relationship with your students. It looks like you at least are trying to keep it professional... for the most part." Takamichi assured the boy with a chuckle. "Trust me I can understand the difficulties in having a student in love with you."

"Thanks, I appreciate it." Negi thanked his old friend.

"So what does the headmaster want with you anyway?" Kotaro asked.

"Well, he wanted a chance to speak to Demetrius after what happened at Library Island yesterday. Then I have an idea about what to do with the book since I really HAVE been given the task of guarding it, but I need to speak to him about it first." Negi said as the three men headed through the halls to their bosses' office.

Negi knocked at the door, and the three entered to see the elderly headmaster nodding as he flipped through the book. "Come in, all of you. I was just getting ready to summon you."

"Yes headmaster?" Negi asked as the three of them assembled in front of his desk.

"I have spoken with Demetrius and I have decided to leave him in your care Negi-kun. There are some that disagree about allowing a mage of his caliber within such close proximity to Library Island where he can get loose, but I think the threat is minimal." The headmaster said as he handed the book to Negi.

"You allowed this to happen didn't you." Kotaro accused the old man.

A derisive snort was the old mage's first answer to the impertinent youth, but he did nod. "Well, vigilance can only be maintained if there is some sort of threat to guard against. If we are always safe and secure then it can lead to complacency. When your grandfather approached me about testing your ability, I was hesitant, but I have been pleased with the outcome."

"Thank you headmaster, but I cannot say that I have been. That is why I have a request to make..."

Yue stalked through the halls of the library looking for her delinquent club mates. There was a lot of work to do, and Haruna, Nodoka, and even Konoka had gone missing.

Yue didn't suspect anything as having happened, but recent events had still made her cautious. Taking out her cell phone, she quickly dialed up Nodoka.


"Nodoka, where are you? We've got a lot of work to do and I can't find anyone anywhere." Yue scolded her friend.

"I'm sorry Yue, something came up. Could you please do a favor for me? There's a book at the library that the headmaster wanted. Could you carry it to him? I promise I'll make it up to you." Nodoka said on the other end of the line.

"Alright, but you better not be off chasing Negi while we're supposed to be working. At least not while I'm not there." Yue said jokingly. She then searched around until she found the book that had been set aside for the headmaster and set out for his office.

When Yue arrived, she found the office was empty as well. Looking around, she decided to knock on the door to make her delivery. No answer came, so Yue timidly opened the door. "Are you in headmaster?"

The room was dark, so Yue decided to just enter, leave the book on his desk and leave. As soon as she entered the room though, darkness surrounded her and the door slammed shut behind her. Darkness filled the room, and then one lone beam of light appeared above her surrounding her in a circle of white light.

"Ministra Magi Ayase Yue. Step forward." The headmaster's voice commanded.

Yue froze for a moment, but then slowly moved forward as the light followed her.

"Right there." The headmaster ordered from somewhere in the dark.

Yue halted and strained to see into the darkness, but couldn't.

"Please activate your pactio card." The headmaster again told her from somewhere.

Yue removed her card and activated it, her clothes, book, and broom appearing in her hands and on her body. This time the headmaster appeared in the light and walked up to her carefully. "The university has been watching your actions Yue-san concerning your conduct with one of your teachers, namely Negi Springfield with whom you now hold a probationary pactio agreement. Do you acknowledge this relationship?"

Yue trembled, surely the couldn't be angry over Negi having kissed the girls or exposing his magic. The young girl steeled herself. She would not turn away and if need be she would defend Negi and his decisions. "I do."

"It is also the understanding of this faculty that you entered the magic world with Negi Springfield, during which time you became separated and during this time you became enrolled at the Ariadne Academy. The actions of your teacher having put you at great risk and peril, you followed him in the name of aiding him in seeking his father. Is this also correct?" The headmaster continued.

"It is sir." Yue confirmed.

"The faculty of this university finds this relationship unacceptable." The headmaster stated flatly.

"Headmaster, Negi is blameless, I was the one who..." Yue floundered.

"Silence!" The headmaster roared. Yue immediately fell silent as the old mage held out his hand over her. The glow of a magic circle slowly illuminated the circle of light she was standing in and Yue watched in horror as her magical items faded from existence. The frightened girl looked up to see her card appear in the air before the headmaster. The old mage looked at the card critically and then watched as it disappeared in a flash of flame. "We find these artifacts to be highly inappropriate for one such as yourself to possess. Therefore if you are prepared to hear my judgment, I will release Negi Springfield from his responsibility. Do you agree?"

It had come down to this. She was going to have her memory erased, or else Negi was going to be an ermine. Yue wanted to learn magic more than anything else, but Negi was more important to her. "I will accept and do anything if it helps Negi-sensei."

Konoemon looked down on her and studied her carefully. "Then my decision is made. I find you... worthy."

Yue looked up in shock at the old mage as the light seemed to dim and Yue was finally able to see her friends and all of Negi's partners gathered around the circle along with Takamichi, Kotaro, and Evangeline. Negi stepped forward into the light by her side. He was wearing a modest robe with his staff by his side.

"Negi Springfield, as the teacher of your Ministra Magi Ayase Yue, do you concur that she has performed to the utmost of her ability and do you now relinquish your responsibility as her teacher?" The headmaster intoned formally.

"I do sir." Negi reported happily.

"Very well, then I believe a modification of your pactio card is then in order." Konoemon said holding out his hand as a pactio card appeared before him. Yue watched as robes the same as Negi's, her book, and a staff appeared around her.

"From this day forward Ministra Magi Ayase Yue, you are no longer an apprentice under Negi Springfield. It is with great privilege and pride that I elevate you to the rank of Magi-in-training. While you will still remain within Negi's class as his student, from this day forward you will take your place at his side and the other magic teachers in the defense and duties of this school as an equal." The dean intoned.

Tears were starting to swell in Yue's eyes as she looked to Negi at her side. "I guess from now on, you'll be able to call me Negi-senpai."

"I'll still call you Negi-sensei in class." Yue whispered.

"Now repeat after me, Yue-chan." The headmaster said kindly. Yue listened as he recited what first sounded like a spell, but was some sort of oath. He then nodded to her to begin.

Yue cleared her throat and tried to steady her nerves as she recited her own oath. "I am a mage. In my profession I take deep pride. To it, I owe solemn obligations. Since the Stone Age, mages have vitalized and turned to practical uses the principles of magic and the means of the arcane. Were it not for this heritage of accumulated experience, my efforts would be feeble. As a mage, I Ayase Yue pledge to practice integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect; and to uphold devotion to the standards and the dignity of my profession conscious always that my skill carries with it the obligation to serve humanity. As a mage I will practice none but honest enterprises. When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. In the performance of duty and in fidelity to my profession I will give my utmost."

When Yue finished the oath, all the girls came running forward to congratulate her.

"I am so jealous Yue, you were the first one to make it where you are." Nodoka whispered as she hugged her.

"I won't lose to you Yue." Konoka said as well as she hugged her too. "I'm going to train hard and catch up to you."

"Here kid, you've earned it." Evangeline said tossing her a small satchel. "It's a catalyst bag. I put few in there for you to play with too."

"Thank you." Yue stammered.

"Don't think this makes you better than me." Kotaro threatened. "Get stronger and I'll beat you too soon as I get done with Negi."

"Good luck with that." Yue whispered to herself as she continued to return the thanks of all her friends who had attended her surprise ceremony.

"Let's go have a party to celebrate." Konoka suggested to the other girls.

Cheers of agreement went up and pretty soon the happy girls went running off to see what mischief they could get into in the name of having a good time. Yue followed them out to the front steps of the building before the headmaster stopped her.

"A moment Yue-chan." The old headmaster, and her new boss, said as he waved her over to where Negi, Kotaro, and Takamichi stood. "Now that you are officially recognized as being part of the staff here it is time for me to give you your first assignment."

Yue gulped audibly as Negi walked up to her and held out the Book of Phalerum. "Yue-san, I want you to take over as the guardian of this book."

"You want me to... to... but, that's a very powerful artifact. I can't just..." Yue flustered.

"You're a librarian." Negi noted happily. "Taking care of books is what you do."

"Negi-kun believes, and I am in agreement, that you above all others is uniquely qualified to be the keeper of this book. Demetrius' knowledge is invaluable to the magic community, because most of it was lost when the library at Alexandria was burned. Not only his own magical research, but the knowledge of his teachers has been lost to history as well. We believe that there is no one better suited to opening a discourse with this philosophical librarian, than another philosophical librarian." The headmaster explained.

"Couldn't understand a word he was saying could you." Yue accused.

"Not a one." The headmaster confirmed happily.

"We get that a lot." Yue said reverentially taking the book. In her hands was over two thousand years worth of philosophy long forgotten to the human mind as well as magical secrets that modern mages could barely fathom. "I will gladly accept this post that I have been given."

"You may release him in the library when you wish." The headmaster continued. "The old boy needs to get out more. His mobility is limited to that place so it won't be any major threat, just keep him out of the adult section will you?"

Yue nodded with another tear coming to her eye. She couldn't control it anymore, she just had to do it. Yue wrapped her arms around the headmaster and hugged him as hard as she dared and then pecked Negi chastely on the cheek before running off after her friends.

Negi watched Yue go and finally breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm glad that's over."

"Quite." The headmaster agreed.

"Why do you let girls kiss you like that man, it makes you look like a wimp." Kotaro jibed at Negi.

"Better her than the alternative." Negi replied happily.

"What do you mean 'the alternative'?" Kotaro asked slowly.

"Well when I fought Demetrius, he said I looked heroic and compared me to some guy named Diognis. I went and looked up who this guy was to see what he meant and it scared me." Negi said shivering.

"What did you find?" Kotaro pressed.

"Diognis was the prettiest young boy in Athens... and was Demetrius' lover." Negi said with a shiver.

"You mean Demetrius is..." Kotaro asked aghast.

"Yep." Negi affirmed flatly.

"And he likes little..." He continued.

"The younger the better." Negi confirmed.

"Think Yue will ever figure out the only reason you asked for her promotion was so you could palm off your custodianship of the book on her?" Takamichi asked.

"Man I hope not." Negi said seriously.

Kotaro nodded somberly looking at the direction Yue had gone. He then turned and dove head first into the bush next to the sidewalk and started rolling in the mud for all he was worth.

"Kotaro, what are you doing?" Takamichi asked quizzically.

"Chizu-nee and Natsumi said that if I came back to the room covered in mud and dirt from fighting one more time they were both going to haul me down to the baths and scrub me from head to toe." Kotaro huffed getting out of the bushes and heading resolutely towards to dorms.

The three men watched him go and then looked at each other.

"I'm going to see if Asuna-chan needs any help with the party." Takamichi said quickly heading off.

"I'm going to go find an excuse to bury my face in Shizuna-sensei's cleavage again." The headmaster said hobbling away.

"I think Chachamaru needs winding." Negi said finally setting out as well.

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