This is an update to tell you guys I'm sorry, but I will not be updating this. Honestly, I've lost interest in this and I lost interest in this a while back. This fic is about 6 years old now and I have loved the comments and the PM's I've gotten over the years - I am notified often by FF from my email on how much attention this fanfiction gets. And this does get a lot of attention.

Truth is, this story was made out of boredom. I didn't have an actual plot to it - I didn't even edit it after I wrote it. It was a late night write with a late night update. I don't see myself picking this up ever again. If I do decide to go back to a story that I have posted on FF, I will be sure to put an update note on my profile and insert a link to the story, as I will be 100% likely to post it on AO3 rather than on here. I will keep the other stories that are currently up on this website and account, but they won't be continued on this website.

Will I ever write another SasuNaru fic that isn't a reboot? Probably, even though the series is now over and the two of them are married to other people and have kids. There's always AU's, side stories, flashbacks, past secret relationship stuff and blah blah blah, but that will be about it. Otherwise, I'll ship them through Boruto and Sarada. I can handle Sasuke and Naruto being in-laws. You never know, I might write a fic about it - when or if it actually happens, I have no idea. I haven't actually made a Naruto fanfiction in a long, long time - not even ones with my OC's.

Again though, I am sorry for getting your hopes up with an update that wouldn't be a chapter update, ever.