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"Asshole!" The girl screeched, smacking him and flouncing off to another part of the cafeteria. Kurogane rubbed his cheek and sank into the chair, unable to ignore the tell-tale smirk in his best friend's eyes. Their camaraderie surprised people: given their strikingly different personality. In fact had they not been best friends Fay was the sort of person Kurogane would have hated.
"I never said I wanted to be in a relationship with her." He growled defensively, snatching some food from Fay's plate.
"Commitment? I never accused you of such a thing." Fay said, more than used to these situations. It was common knowledge half the girls in school had foolishly fallen for the Japanese boy, each one thinking they were special, that they could change him.

"All girls are fucking crazy." Grumbled the dark haired boy.
"Now I'm sure that's not a fair statement." Fay pushed his food tray across the table to Kurogane, who grunted gratefully. "Only the girls stupid enough to sleep with you, are 'fucking crazy.'"
"Yeah yeah." He muttered darkly. Despite sporting a maroon handprint across his cheek Kurogane was remarkably handsome, typical Japanese colouring with coffee-coloured skin and jet black hair, he was masculine beyond his 17 years with muscles to make the boys envious and the girls drool. The sexiest thing about Kurogane though was definitely his gaze, with bright red eyes, intense eyebrows and a fevered view. It was understandable why so many girls fell at his feet, he was rugged.

Fay was handsome in his own way, but the complete opposite to Kurogane in looks, with hair as light as Kurogane's was dark, and skin glowing with moonlight pale colours. Whereas Kurogane could be described as angular Fay could only think of himself as 'pointy'. Fay surveyed Kurogane carefully, with cerulean orbs for eyes, pretty and deep as a girls.
"You know." He ventured casually. "One of these days your playboy lifestyle WILL catch up with you."
"Probably." Kurogane shrugged.

"Kurogane-senpai." Said a chirpy voice and a girl in the year below hurried up to them. She frowned at the handprint but shook it off, she was more than used to this. "Syaoran-kun is going to be late for phys ed next period." She informed him breathily. Fay shot her a winning smile, another of Kurogane's brilliant attributes was that despite his frankly appalling morals regarding sex, he was capable of maintaining friendships with the opposite sex, in fact he quite respected his female friends.
"And he couldn't tell me himself why?" Kurogane asked lazily.
"He's in dinner-time detention."
"Unlike Syaoran-kun to be bad." Mused Fay.
"He fell asleep in class." Sakura explained. "But he asks if you could keep him a place on your team." She added to Kurogane, who nodded curtly.

Sakura was untouchable, Kurogane had in his first few days at school taken to a boy in the year below, becoming friends with him almost instantly, Sakura was part of that package, wherever Syaoran was, Sakura was. Kurogane didn't mind, but he wasn't tactless enough to hit on a friend's girlfriend. Fay had been surprised at how well he treated another girl in that year, Tomoyo. His respect was borderline over-protective. Fay had at first thought perhaps Kurogane loved her, only to later discover the two had grown up together, and from being very small they were almost as close as siblings.
"Don't be late because of us." Kurogane warned her. She looked at the clock, nodded, then ran off. Fay smiled.
"I wonder why he fell asleep in class."
"Probably up late with his princess." Kurogane grumbled standing up and grabbing Fay's bag, he threw it at him.

PE was exhausting, possibly because he was no good at it. Fay had the build of a good runner, in fact he was brilliant at running. But contact sports just left the scrawny blond in pain.
"No pain no gain." Kurogane repeated for like the 50th time, slapping Fay on the back. Blue eyes rolled skyward and Fay cursed under his breath in a foreign tongue, but removed his sweaty gym clothes as was necessary before climbing into the unrelenting heat of the showers.

'Of course' Fay mused silently 'Gym does have some benefits'. Fay had never made his sexual orientations a secret, if anyone had asked Fay would have gladly told them he was as straight as a rainbow: but nobody ever asked. People assumed that because he hung around with resident womanizer and heartbreaker Kurogane that he must be similarly inclined. Fay had known since he was14 and first started high school that he was gay, and didn't see any shame in it. He'd also known, from being 14, that he was hopelessly in love with one of the straightest guys in school.

"Oi, you spend too damn long in the showers, what are you a girl?" Kurogane barked, causing Fay to jump and spin quite impressively. Face to face with the golden toned and very naked body of his best friend and long time love Fay became meek, hoping against hope he didn't get an erection in the middle of the class.
"Now… it's awfully silly of you to call me a girl when I'm standing here naked." Fay quipped, drinking in the site of the warm water pelting Kurogane's pecs. His eyes trailing several droplets as they slid across his stomach. His eyes could wander no lower, or he'd be caught.
"Don't just stand there… you're clean. Move." Kurogane grumbled and Fay grabbed his towel before literally skipping out of the showers.

Despite his ability to bring out the absolute worst in people, and the fact he used more women than tealeaves there was something very magnetic about Kurogane's personality that kept Fay hanging around. He was fiercely loyal to his friends, and defensive to the very ends of the earth. The fact he was handsome didn't dock him points either. Fay wasn't prone to sulking, it sometimes made him upset that he and Kurogane would never be together as a couple, but as long as they could laugh together, hang out and joke with each other: what did it matter? And if Fay occasionally got to peek at Kurogane in the shower well...
"So you slept in class?" Fay asked Syaoran who was pulling his shirt on.
"Yes." Syaoran murmured embarrassedly.
"Late night with The Princess?"
"Something like that." The brunet mumbled quietly. Nobody was sure how Sakura had come to be known as a Princess, she wasn't really royalty, nor was she arrogant or stuck up as one may assume from the nickname. She was kind and sweet and so innocent Fay found it hard to believe she and Syaoran had even kissed. Fay smiled. Despite the fact Syaoran was athletic and kind, good natured and strong willed, Fay had never felt attracted to him. He could certainly appreciate that he had a nice body, but he held no desire for the slightly younger boy.

"Oi, I'll be late tonight." Kurogane asked, having not bothered with a towel and approaching them both as naked as the day he was born. Fay raised an eyebrow, not at Kurogane's attire, Kurogane knew he was hot and didn't bother hiding that, but at the statement.
"Dare I ask?" Kurogane grinned in a catlike way.
"Sora Kawasaki." He said simply. Fay rolled his eyes. He didn't mind that the love of his life slept around the school, but he didn't particularly need to know the details such as the exact times.
"Fine be late, but I'm not doing your work for you." Fay warned, their project was due fairly soon and Kurogane had a nasty habit of laying back and letting other people do the project, Fay lamented the fact they were so close, if they hasn't been he may have been able to get a competent lab partner. As punishment Fay flung his wet towel at Kurogane's head. Kurogane growled. Syaoran chuckled.
"You two fight like an old married couple." He told them.

"Do you have no sense of shame?" Fay asked exasperatedly as Kurogane swaggered into Fay's bedroom and flung himself onto the bed. Kurogane's usually spiky hair was messier than usual, his lips were redder than ever with the force of kissing, and he smelled of sweat and sex. Fay didn't want to admit to himself that all sex-ruffled Kurogane looked hotter than ever. "How did my mother even let you in the house looking like that?" Kurogane chuckled.
"She's amazing."
"Who, my mother?" Fay asked in a weirded-out tone.
"Sora. Seriously, some guys pay good money for the stuff she does for fun!" Fay rolled his eyes and sat on the edge of the bed beside his friend, he could smell her on him and it made him feel dizzy and sick. He knew Kurogane slept around but this was salt in the wound.
"Since you're obviously distracted I'll give you a simple task." He produced a sheet of paper. "Label this."
"I never understood how girls can do that thing with the back of their throat." Kurogane was making an 'o' tunnel with his fingers and flexing it, trying to mimic the action he was talking about.
"That's nice." Fay murmured. Kurogane raised an eyebrow, he could sense something was wrong. Fay never did do talking about things very well and whereas Kurogane would outright say if something bothered him Fay would smile and act aloof. Like now.
"What?" He asked, slightly pissed off that he wasn't being allowed to vent about his amazing night in with Sora.
"Just… we have work to do." Muttered the blond, obviously uncomfortable.

Kurogane sighed and began labelling the poster.
"Fine I guess. How do you spell stamen?"
"Without the y."
"I'll definitely go see her again." Kurogane decided. "She's into kinky stuff. Not many girls will let you put your..." He started but Fay vut him off in an almost pleading tone:
"Kuro-myuu…" One of the staples of their friendship had long been that Fay insisted upon ridiculously cute nicknames that didn't entirely fit Kurogane's brash personality. Kurogane loudly complained about these in public, but when it was just the two of them like this (and it often was, few guys wanted to speak to Kurogane given his tendencies to sleep with girls already in relationships) he couldn't care less what Fay called him.
"What, I am working!" He pointed to the sheet in his hands where he had incorrectly lablled 'ANTLER' 'STAMEN' and 'PISTOL' in his usual blocky handwriting. "Maybe if you got laid more often you'd be less prudish about the whole topic." He grumbled and Fay sighed knowing full well their project would not get finished tonight. Once Kurogane got a bee in his bonnet he wouldn't let something go.

'Like a dog with a bone.' Fay mused inwardly, smirking to himself. He could very much picture Kurogane as a dog, all scruffy and mating with any bitch who crossed his path.
"Come to think of it…" Kurogane frowned and looked Fay in the eye, distracting the blond from his amusing slideshow. "When WAS the last time you got any?" He queried in a curious and almost concerned tone.
"I haven't." Fay answered honestly, after all Kurogane was his best friend: Fay wasn't about to lie to him. Kurogane facepalmed, not believing what he was hearing.
"Please tell me that sentence finishes 'I haven't... a clue what her name was, she was blonde'." Kurogane groaned. Fay rolled his eyes. "Are you SERIOUSLY a virgin, Fluorite?" Fay nodded.
"Why does it matter anyway? Why does everything have to come down to sex?" He asked with a cute pout, hoping to get the spotlight off of himself.
"Are you saving it for the right girl?"

Fay chuckled. Kurogane could not be more wrong.
"No." He reassured his friend. "I'm not saving it for the right girl." Kurogane nodded firmly and decisively, his brain working a mile a minute.
"Do you want me to help?" He asked.
"With the project? Yes please, very much so Kuro-sama!" Fay said playfully, trying to avert the subject of his virginity. The fact was Fay wasn't as fussed as Kurogane was making him out to be, it wasn't that Fay held hopes of his first time being some amazing tryst with Kurogane; he'd long since resigned to the fact his feelings for the dark haired Japanese boy were unrequited. No, it was that nobody in school knew he was gay and he wasn't about to volunteer that information willingly. Fay sometimes thought a random fling with some guy would be good for him, if it distracted him from the uncomfortable butterfly feeling he got under Kurogane's company.
"I meant, do you want help losing your virginity?" Kurogane said, a glint in his red eyes.
Fay froze.

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