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Fay lay with his arm over his eyes. He'd skipped school today. Nobody had called. It only made sense, apart from Kurogane what friends did he have really? He never let himself get close enough to people to call them friends. One or two but… not many. There was a knock at his bedroom door and his heart skipped a beat half hoping, half wishing...
"Fay," a female voice called. His mother. Fay felt the disappointment crushing his chest. "Are you feeling any better?" Fay didn't answer, how could he feel better? The fact Kurogane hadn't called spoke volumes. Fay cursed his own tongue for speaking without his permission, he should just have stayed quiet. He heard his mother on the other side of the door sigh heavily. "Okay well, I have to go grocery shopping… I'll be back later?" She suggested hoping for a goodbye. "I love you." She told the door, before heading off downstairs.

As she opened the door to leave for her car she was startled to see Kurogane on the doorstep, still in his school clothes with Fay's coat slung over his shoulder.
"Oh!" She jumped. "I'm sorry I didn't hear you knock."
"I didn't." Kurogane said awkwardly, she had never seen him look so out of place. Kurogane had always treated this house as though it were his home, yet here he was loitering. "Is he in?"
"He's in… but I'm under strict instruction that he doesn't want to talk to anyone." She said, stepping forward and locking the door. Kurogane looked severely disappointed.
"Oh…" He mumbled. Mrs Fluorite (and she was still 'Mrs Fluorite' despite her husband having passed away of sickness many years ago) showed him the key as she placed it under the doormat.
"But if you were to let yourself in…" She smiled. He grinned cheekily back at her,
"Thanks Mrs. F." He said gratefully, and after she'd driven off, he let himself in, throwing his schoolbag into a kitchen chair and hanging his own jacket and Fay's coat on the usual peg.

Unlike Fay, Kurogane had been to school: it had been very lonely without Fay there to tease him. Sakura had certainly seemed to miss him, she apparently valued their friendship more than Fay knew, Syaoran had commented that it didn't seem right to see Kurogane without Fay. True it had been uncomfortable all day all around. His thoughts had been a jumble of sexuality, of what ifs and subconscious movement. Kurogane used his super-ninja skills to ascend the stairs silently, fwp-ing hurriedly, careful of his own footfall, before just walking into Fay's room.
"Not like YOU to sulk," Fay nearly jumped out of his skin. Kurogane practically lived here anyway so he had no problem striding across and laying on Fay's bed. Fay visibly became rigid at Kurogane laying casually beside him. He honestly didn't know whether he wanted to hug Kurogane, punch him, or run away from him.
"Go home." he said half-heartedly. "I… I don't want to talk about this." Kurogane glowered.
"Yeah see that option went out the window when you told me you loved me." He said simply, and for a long moment there was silence.

Kurogane had to admit Fay looked cute all flustered. Not that he didn't already know that. Fay had always been attractive, Kurogane just hadn't been attracted to him… consciously at any rate.
"I spent all last night and most of today trying to work out how to let you down gently." Kurogane volunteered the information in lieu of conversation.
"Well now you have." Fay nodded. "Why don't we play on the gamebox?" He suggested hopefully.
"Not yet… you know I even watched gay porn last night, to see if I was interested."
"Why does everything come back to sex with you?" Fay sighed, resigning himself to the fact Kurogane wasn't about to drop the subject. He rolled over slightly on his side to look at his friend properly.
"It doesn't… well okay it usually does." He admitted. "I needed to see if it turned me on… and truthfully I'm just not into that sort of thing." Kurogane said in his same gruff tone. Fay sighed and nodded.
"I never for a second thought you were."

Fay felt hopeless and useless, why was this rejection so drawn out? He was touched Kurogane was trying to spare his feelings, it meant he valued their friendship if nothing else: but he wanted the conversation to be over now, it was just too painful and he wanted it done with.
"That being said… you're you." Kurogane was frowning, now the situation was here it all DID make sense like he'd thought it would, but it didn't make it any easier. Instead of struggling with the fact he was attracted to his male friend he now had to deal with the fact he was attracted to his male friend.
"Well I'm not my identical twin brother." Fay murmured sarcastically.
"That being said…" Kurogane repeated in a determined tone. But he couldn't finish the sentence, he didn't know how to finish it. Not with words. Instead he leaned across and placed (possibly the most chaste ever) kiss against Fay's lips.

There were sparks. Literally. Kurogane must've picked up static electricity from the carpet when he'd been ninjaing up the stairs and the joining of their lips shocked them. Fay pulled back slightly, but he didn't look relieved and relaxed and overjoyed as Kurogane had expected. His delicate brow was furrowed and his lips were pursed in a frown rather than seduction, his blue eyes gazed not into his but to the floor awkwardly.
"No." He said weakly, then shook his head. "No." He repeated, firmer this time. He locked eyes with Kurogane who looked innocently puzzled.

"It would change too much. I thought about it… and I can't. I can't be thrown away like that and still stay your friend." Fay seemed to be dredging all his resolve into this little speech, he spoke with a maturity beyond his seventeen years and his face was steeled. "I'd end up resenting you, or falling harder for you or something I… I don't want that. What I'm trying to say is I like you too much for a one night-stand. You probably don't understand that but…" Kurogane did understand. As weird as it sounded, Fay was right, this was no one night stand… he was 17 and no fool he wasn't about to say Fay was 'the one' but this certainly felt much realer than anything he'd ever experienced.
"Who said anything about a one nighter?" Kurogane growled, pinning Fay's arms quite gently. "I meant to make a go of it. Properly."
"You don't commit." Fay said bluntly, turning his head against Kurogane's temper.
"I don't lie either." Kurogane countered heatedly.
"You just spent 10 minutes convincing me you're straight." Fay said in disbelief, looking slightly pained.
"No. I just spent 10 minutes trying to convince MYSELF I'm straight." Kurogane breathed, speaking in such a low voice Fay who was only centimetres below him had to struggle to hear him.

"I wouldn't be here, offering, if I didn't mean it," Kurogane explained, knowing it was true. "You wanted me, you've got me. I've never been a boyfriend before, I can't guarantee I won't fuck up. I'll probably end up messing up some way or another but I'll try… take it or leave it." Fay felt his heart leap to his throat. He was scared in all honesty. He wanted to believe Kurogane wanted him, but his brain just let wasn't going to let him believe it. He bit his lip. Kurogane could see the fright in his friend… crush's eyes. Kurogane sighed heavily and climbed off of Fay. He didn't want to scare him.

"Fine." He murmured, feeling strangely hollow as he said it. "We'll just forget it okay."
"Yeah." Fay croaked. He hadn't moved from laying flat on his back, staring at the ceiling. "No." He kneeled up slowly, before pulling Kurogane close and giving him a proper kiss. Kurogane this time felt that Fay was tense, he raised his own hand and cupped the back of Fay's head, slowly taking control over the kiss as Fay obviously had no clue what he was doing. Kurogane certainly felt odd about it, but not a bad odd, a stirring odd, an odd that resonated big changes.

Plus, this was where he was confident. Kurogane was good at this and without being cocky he knew it, he slowly massaged Fay's lips open, gently dipped the tip of his tongue into the other's mouth, carefully stroked his thumb along Fay's cheekbone. His spare arm slid around Fay's waist and of his own accord Fay moved closer, settling on Kurogane's lap without breaking the kiss. Kurogane's tongue softly probing Fay's confidence as the blond wrapped his arms around his now-boyfriend's neck.

Kurogane cringed inwardly. He'd become so accustomed to getting laid once he got this far he couldn't stop his body's natural reaction. He was painfully aware that Fay would want to go slow, want to wait, make sure it was real: that only made Kurogane harder. Kurogane deepened the kiss, hoping to distract himself, lose himself in the feeling of Fay's lips pressed against his. His hand instinctively toyed with Fay's hair, silken spun gold. Fay wriggled slightly to make himself more comfortable, and Kurogane couldn't help but murmur, breaking the kiss momentarily.
"I don't know how to do this." Fay said breathlessly. He had an… odd look on his face. It was definitely lusty, with his eyes all intense and his lips pouted and kiss-stained.
"Do what?" Kurogane asked, tucking the gold strands behind Fay's left ear. Fay raised an eyebrow. "Oh here's me thinking you'd want to wait…"
"You're kidding me." Fay said exasperatedly. "Do you know how long I've already waited?" Kurogane thought Fay probably had a fair point. "Plus… the things I've heard from the girls at school, I'd be doing them a disservice if I didn't find out." He added in his usual cheeky tone, which was a relief to Kurogane.

"Teach me." Fay asked, slowly pushing Kurogane's shoulders to ease him into a lying down position, so that he was straddling the dark haired boy.
"Cute…" Kurogane smirked, but shook his head. "But you're crazy if you think I'm just showing you." Kurogane was a lot stronger than Fay, that much had been established in phys-ed a long time ago, so had no problem flipping them so Fay landed with a dull 'thud' noise on his back. Kurogane placed his elbows either side of Fay's head and silently asked if this was okay. Fay had no clue if it was okay, but he trusted that Kurogane knew what he was doing, he'd done it often enough. He nodded. Kurogane took this as a green light and kissed Fay's lips with more meaning than last time, more intent. Fay's hand absently clutched Kurogane's shirt as his lips ventured downwards. Kurogane was taking his time, wet kisses along Fay's cheek and jaw, slowly down his neck. Fay shivered as Kurogane's tongue found his pulse and began probing, massaging gently. Such a simple motion was really working wonders on the blond virgin who quivered and clenched his hand in the material of Kurogane's shirt.

Kurogane was in no hurry and swirled his tongue absently in the same place, enjoying Fay's slight wriggle. He went for the top button on Fay's shirt, only to find there was none. Kurogane pulled back in confusion. Fay was wearing a T-shirt.
"Nothing. I'll just have to work up instead of down." Kurogane said decisively, befuddling the blond. Fay jumped slightly as Kurogane's fingers lifted the hem of his plain white T-shirt, obediently Fay raised his arms, but Kurogane ignored this, and placed a kiss at the base of Fay's stomach. Darting his tongue over the dips where his hips met his trousers. Fay shivered embarrassedly, but Kurogane wasn't finding it as awkward as he'd thought he would, and slowly exposed more of Fay's stomach. Not soft and fleshy like a girl's, but taught and thin. He kissed and licked a trail upwards, finding sensitive areas and probing them, the centre of his abdomen, the curve of his hips, just to the left of his navel.

Fay was very aware of his own breathing, and how heavy it had become, he was also aware of the fact that as Kurogane was kissing upwards his (albeit fully clothed) chest was rubbing against the front of his pants. Fay gasped suddenly as Kurogane had reached his nipples by riding his shirt up gently. He'd never particularly known his nipples to be sensitive but in all fairness nobody had ever sucked on them as Kurogane was doing right now. Not just sucking, licking, nibbling, prodding. Fay squirmed and Kurogane's eyes flickered briefly upwards to make sure he was still comfortable, before switching to the other nipple. Fay's hand threaded through Kurogane's coarse black hair. Kurogane smirked and pulled back very slightly, before coaxing Fay's shirt over his head. It ended up somewhere on the floor, but Fay didn't care, and dragged Kurogane in for a quite intense kiss. Kurogane complied, using the moment of Fay being distracted to spread his legs, and lay between them as they lay back down.

This proved interesting, the twin bulges in their trousers rubbing against each other in a pleasant friction. Kurogane rocked slowly, and it only took Fay a moment to pick up a rhythm and rock in sync. Kurogane's hands roamed Fay's upper half hungrily, running the back of his nails over the 'hotspots' he'd found earlier, and every time he did Fay's hips bucked slightly. Fay's hands flew, hurriedly to Kurogane's school shirt, which did have buttons, and he deftly unbuttoned them. Kurogane had no issue with this and shrugged his shirt off, barely leaving Fay's lips, the blond was now becoming more comfortable and instead of just lying there he returned the kiss ferociously, his hands traced patterns on Kurogane's chiselled chest and muscular shoulders. Kurogane didn't shiver or squirm the way Fay did but he did half-close his eyes, he did buck his hips slightly harder, and he did nip the skin on Fay's collarbone with his teeth: to show Fay he was doing it right.
Fay knew he was doing something right, because Kurogane's hard-on was now straining the zipper on his school pants. Yet they'd done nothing below the waist. Fay slipped one hand between them, and very shakily flipped the buttons above Kurogane's zip open. Kurogane was visibly relieved.
"Thanks." He murmured into the crook of his lover's neck. Fay only vaguely nodded, he went to kiss Kurogane's head but Kurogane moved: downward.

Fay bit his lip to refrain from making an embarrassing noise as Kurogane again made his way slowly down his body with kisses (though they were a little quicker this time, his tongue slightly more erratic and frantic). This time though he didn't stop at the hips (though he lingered a little longer than usual) he tugged Fay's pants a little further down his hips, but didn't undo them. Fay being so skinny, they pulled down easily, stopping only at the top of his erection. Kurogane smirked wickedly, before continuing his downward trail, new flesh available, more sensitive skin begging to be kissed and licked. Kurogane's tongue wasn't shy and when he reached the very hem, when he could go no further down, it darted forward and kissed the very tip of the bulge in Fay's pants which were now painfully tight. Fay mewled, something he'd been trying not to do. He clamped his hands over his mouth in shame. Kurogane grinned.

He'd liked that noise, even if it had turned Fay's face an odd shade of pink. He'd have to get him to make that noise again. He didn't take his eyes from the blond's as he undid, and then removed Fay's pants. Kurogane nearly lost it right then and there, he'd seen girls in various states of undress, doing unmentionable things, but visually speaking this was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. Fay: naked except for a pair of white boxer-briefs, laid out before him, innocent and nervous but at the same time so turned on and ready. Fay's hair had become messed up in the making-out bit, and his lips were slightly bruised and pouted a little giving him the look of someone on the peak of physical ecstasy. Fay's skin was pale apart from where it was flushed or where Kurogane had nibbled too hard, and he wasn't muscular at all: taught but not muscular. His abdomen lacked any definition but his hips pointed out at gentle angles, and just above his underwear very fine tufts of blond hair.

Kurogane took a moment just to appreciate the sight before remembering he could do more now. His hands weren't as stable as they'd been at the beginning, but he managed to still them at Fay's inner thighs, rubbing up and down rhythmically and watching Fay's reaction. His fingers danced small circles upwards, always stopping just short of the material of his underwear. Truthfully this scared Kurogane a little, so far so good but he wasn't entirely sure he knew how to pleasure a guy properly. Fay meanwhile was trying to be crafty, and while Kurogane was busy raking his fingernails along his thighs, Fay's overly dextrous feet were slowly pushing Kurogane's trousers down. It took Kurogane a good while to realise, and he only actually realised because Fay had twitched as Kurogane's hand had slipped over his underwear.
"You want them off?" He asked coolly. Fay nodded, he'd lost his words long ago, they'd been swallowed up in a kiss. Kurogane stood up, off the bed, in order to properly remove his pants and socks. He'd always preferred boxers, and stood there quite proud of his own figure, tall and tan in his black boxers: no less than a Greek god. Fay whistled.

Kurogane brushed it off and lay himself between Fay's legs. Fay clamped his thighs over Kurogane's hips as they made out, now with sex at the forefront of both of their minds. Kurogane's Herculean chest pressed against Fay's not-so-Herculean chest, Kurogane's weeping underwear covered cock against Fay's cotton encased one. Their hips bucked and fell in rhythm enjoying the sensations, both becoming very worked up. Testing the waters Kurogane moved down ever so slightly so his tip was no longer against Fay's shaft, but at the cleft in his underwear where his asshole surely was beneath the fabric. Fay gasped slightly, and against covered his mouth as though he'd sworn. Kurogane pushed forward slightly and Fay's eyes fluttered closed. As he moved Kurogane groped Fay's erection, massaging it slowly.
"We need lubricant." Kurogane said gruffly, pumping Fay through his underpants. Fay nodded dazedly. Kurogane shrugged. "I have to go get a condom from my jacket anyway. I'll be back in a minute." He kissed Fay's lips in a softer manner than before, then vanished.

Fay was overwhelmed, every inch of his body cried out in want for Kurogane, he was also terrified: what if being with a boy wasn't as good as being with a girl? What if Kurogane changed his mind? Then again even if Kurogane decided to be a complete dick (not that he would) and say it was only a one night stand: Fay couldn't stop now even if he wanted to. His cock was engorged with more blood than he'd known he had, his tip was leaking a steady drip of pre-cum.

Kurogane skidded slightly on the polished floors. A water based lubricant had been easy enough to find, quite a few household objects would suffice in dire need(1), and he knew at least one condom was in his jacket pocket. As he dug for it the door opened and Mrs Fluorite appeared in the doorway, shopping in hand. Kurogane turned a very bright red, standing there in his underwear, turned on, with a bottle of lube in one hand and a condom in the other. His heart stopped, face to face with Fay's mother.
"I'll… come back in a half an hour." Mrs F said, turning around, her cheeks a bright pink.
"Uh… thanks." Kurogane said embarrassedly and as she left he ran back upstairs. She hadn't disapproved: that had to be a bonus right?

And upon re-entering the room Kurogane's panicked thoughts were erased immediately, Fay was still laying there innocent and virginal. All his. Kurogane smirked softly, almost a smile but not quite, he crept closer. Fay's eyes which had been closed in thought and hormonal delirium snapped open.
"I think you need to lose the underwear." Kurogane said decisively.
"I will if you will." Fay countered, before sliding his off, and throwing it randomly over his shoulder. Kurogane just stepped out of his. He looked Fay up and down hungrily. His blond hair was damp with sweat giving it a more golden tone, his skin glowed with a sheen of sweat and kiss-marks, his lips seemed swollen slightly, in an open pout.

He'd never needed to be in someone this desperately.
"I've NEVER been this close to cumming by just looking at someone." Kurogane admitted. Fay looked a little confused.
"Is… that a compliment?" He asked, his innocence getting the best of him..
"Definitely." Kurogane said, closing the distance between them, and going back to being on the bed. Fay's hand was bravest and closed around Kurogane's shaft, rocking slowly. "Harder." Kurogane said to Fay, who was staring at his own actions as though mesmerized. "Like you would yourself." Fay nodded slowly and picked up the pace, trying not to be aware that Kurogane was opening the bottle he'd brought up. He focused on the job at hand: literally. His own heart raced as he squeezed and pulled Kurogane's member back and forth, running his thumb over the leaking slit which was a bright red/purple colour due to want and need. He couldn't believe he was being allowed to do this.

"This… might hurt." Kurogane panted and Fay raised an eyebrow. He jolted slightly as he suddenly felt a finger at his entrance, he'd been so focused on jacking Kurogane off he hadn't noticed Kurogane slick his hand and slide it between them. Fay wasn't in pain, it didn't hurt, but it wasn't comfortable, even less so when one digit slid in, very little resistance due to adequate lubrication made it much easier to cope with. The second finger did hurt, and by the third Fay felt the urge to bite his lover for causing him pain. He moved slowly and carefully but it still wasn't comfortable, like his fingers were just tickling something that needed a bit more force, it made him yearn and long, and Fay was surprised to find his own hips bucking forward, trying to move into it. Kurogane took this as a good sign and curled his three fingers inside him. Fay mewled. That was it. He was ready. Girls could lay like this for hours and Fay could not, so he placed his own hand on Kurogane's forearm to still him.

Their eyes met. Kurogane nod and pulled his fingers out with an obscene squish noise. Fay gulped slightly but held his tongue as Kurogane fumbled with the condom. He tried not to be aware of the fact he mouth was drier now than the Sahara, and he tried not to show his embarrassment as Kurogane carefully lifted his leg. He braced himself, clawing desperately at the quilt he clenched his eyes shut as Kurogane pressed into him. He waited for the pain. It didn't come. He opened one eye cautiously. Kurogane was looking at him in the same apprehensive manner.
"You okay?" He asked awkwardly. Fay was slightly surprised but nodded slowly. Kurogane's fingers had done their job, even if they hadn't satisfied him, they'd eased him enough to relax and the pain was barely there.
"You can move." Kurogane seemed grateful for the permission and began rocking.

And Fay suddenly understood why Kurogane did this so often, just a few strokes in and he felt fit to burst with the heat racing through him, every time Kurogane pressed in he gasped, and when he moved out he moaned. It vaguely occurred to the blond that he was being loud and that made no difference at this stage. His hands which had been clenched in the sheets raised to Kurogane's shoulder blades, leaving crescent nail marks as Kurogane thrust. He was evidently holding back to try spare Fay any pain but if there was pain he didn't feel it, he felt only sheer carnal bliss, the giddy thrill of Kurogane being buried inside of him, the guilty shiver as Kurogane brushed his prostate and an unnatural quake as his insides melted. Kurogane was equally excited but he was not just holding back for Fay's sake, he didn't want this to end as quickly as he felt it would. He measured his rocking, occasionally shifting his hips sideways.

It was fascinating to watch… from Kurogane's point of view at any rate. He could see himself his own cock disappearing into the tight ass of what was clearly a guy, but it didn't disturb him, it didn't turn him off, instead it encouraged him. Especially as Fay was getting used to it, not just lying there like the virgin he was, but rising and lowering his hips sharply in time to Kurogane's rhythm. Fay whimpered suddenly which brought Kurogane crashing back to earth.
"What?" He asked worriedly.
"There." Fay whispered wantonly and Kurogane lost it, he jacked Fay's leg up further, onto his shoulder and plunged himself in with more energy and enthusiasm. Fay's thighs clamped against his hips created a pleasant friction to his electrified skin, and he knew it wouldn't be long, he wanted Fay to go first and looking down at his cock he was close too, laying thick and bright red against his pale stomach he was oozing precum. Fay was already panting, so almost clumsily Kurogane grabbed Fay's erection and rubbed with no real pattern or rhythm as he continued baring down into Fay.

Fay came first, but only by a few seconds, the sight of Fay's orgasm was enough to push Kurogane over the edge and whereas Fay let loose and made a mess over his own and Kurogane's stomach Kurogane kept it neatly in the condom. Fay flung his head back into the pillow and positively groaned in satisfaction as he finished. Kurogane exhaled a breath he didn't know he'd been holding. He pulled out and tied a knot in the end of the condom, he'd always found the things uncomfortable. He tossed it into the bin in the corner of Fay's room before looking to his lover who was still laid in apparent post coital bliss. Kurogane chuckled, job well done. Knowing Fay's house well enough he went for the tissue box under the stereo and Fay became alert, opting to clean himself of their evidence rather than let Kurogane do it.

"Now we can play on the gamebox." Fay said going for his clothes, he winced slightly, now Kurogane was out of him he did feel sore and stretched and oddly weak kneed. Kurogane dressed as well.
"Sure, if you want your ass owned twice in one night." He smirked.
"Cocky." Fay chided.
"I try." Fay ruffled his own damp hair then blew air at his cheeks to remove his sex-shine and sat on the bed, setting up his console.
"So…" He said in what he hoped was a casual tone.
"So…" Kurogane countered, apparently enjoying this. Fay stole a glance at Kurogane who had done nothing to neaten himself up. He'd thrown his clothes on haphazardly and looked just as ravished as he'd done every time he'd been with a girl. Fay felt a little proud that he'd brought that look to Kurogane.

"I'm guessing this is a secret?" Fay asked.
"What?" Kurogane asked incredulously. "You're kidding me, right?" He wrapped his arms around Fay's waist from behind. He nibbled Fay's ear. "I'm dating a hot blond, with big blue eyes, legs that don't quit, an ass that'd turn a straight man gay… and you're expecting me NOT to tell everyone. You'll be lucky if I don't shout it from the school roof." Fay rolled his eyes at Kurogane's phrasing, and thrust the game controller at his new lover.

The door downstairs went.
"I'M HOME!" his mother called in an oddly loud high pitched tone. Kurogane's eyes widened. Oh yeah. He'd forgotten about that.

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