Me: I don't own twilight.

Aro: But you wish you do!

Me: no I don't... (Looks from side to side)

Aro: I can see you do!!

Me: oh, shut up! I hate your blumming power (Walks off whilst Aro starts to chuckle)

Don't Push It!!!!!


I stood there beside Edward watching the three leaders whilst they made their decisions.

"Are you sure you don't wish to join us Edward?" Aro's voice echoed in the quiet room.

"I would rather not." Edward's voice came out steadily. Aro's face did not falter as he started talking again.

"And you Alice?"

"No thank you." Her voice was strained but still had her usual chirpy tone.

"And you Bella?" the question caught me off guard. Before I had a chance to answer Edward had pushed me behind him and had gotten into defensive crouch before me. Oh no, he was going to get himself killed because of me. Felix ran forward and tackled Edward to the floor. They fought for a while before Felix held him before Aro. The eldest Volturi leader stalked toward him with a look of pure hatred.

"No! Please stop, don't do anything to him! I'll do anything! Please just don't do anything to him!" My screams and pleads echoed in the cavernous hall. All vampires turned to stare at me with either disbelief or confusion covering their faces.

The only one to have a different reaction was Aro. His face showed happiness and something else that I couldn't put my finger on.

"This is interesting," he walked toward me and I inwardly cringed as he put his hand on my cheek, "You would give your anything for someone like us? A soulless murderer." This made me angry and I couldn't help but contradict him.

"You don't know anything about his soul." My voice showed stubbornness but you could hear the underlining of fear.

"That's true," he started to chuckle lightly before putting his lips to my ear, "Remember what you said." Before I could answer he bit down into my neck. I screamed as the venom shot through my veins. Before I blanked out into pain I heard a scream of pure sadness.

APOV (Aro)

I wanted her blood more than anything as I bit down. I stopped myself though; when she wakes I will make her my mate. I heard the sadness in Edwards scream.

"Alec," the young vampire stood straighter, "Take care of them. I don't want anything interfering with Bella when she wakes." He nods and cuts of both Alice's and Edward's senses.

Santiago and Demetri took them away to be burned. It was a shame really; they would have made such excellent guards. I walk over to my throne and dismiss the rest of the guard; with a bow they left the room leaving me and my brothers alone.

"What will you do about Sulpicia?" it was Caius that had asked this question. I turned to him and gave him a steely glare.

"What I do with my soon to be ex-wife is none of your business." They both send me looks of disbelief. I am usually totally faithful to Sulpicia but when I laid eyes on Bella my world came tumbling down; only she mattered. I laid eyes on her twitching and moaning in pain on the floor.

I rise from my seat and slide my hands under her; picking her up in a bridal carry. I then run to my chamber where I gently place her on my bed.

"So it's true," I turn to see Sulpicia standing in the doorway her arms crossed. "This is the whore you have decided to choose over me." Her tone was harsh, leaking with venom. I ride swiftly and grab her throat pressing her up against the wall.

"Speak about her that way again and I swear to god that I will not let you live another minute. You're lucky that I am letting you become a member of the guard other than me killing you." Her eyes widened with such fear anyone would have thought I had set her alight right there and then. I release her from my grasp and she stumbles to the floor. I walk over to the bed once more and sit beside Bella, taking her hand in the process.

"This is not over." I hear Sulpicia's faint threat before she left. I allow a low growl to escape my lips before turning back to Bella. She will be the most beautiful and powerful member of the whole Volturi. I didn't know for sure but I had a faint sense that she would be.