Me: I don't own twilight

Jane: Did you know, that you really do want to own twilight

Me: Oh, shut up!

Jane: OK (Glare at me)

Me: OK!!! Ow! That really hurts; OK I want to want twilight!

Jane: better!

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You're mine!


I had been with the Volturi for 5 months now. I had found out that my power was a mind shield, but I could also copy other vampires powers for a while- this was very useful. Thankfully Aro hadn't pushed me to do anything I didn't want to. Kisses and hugs were as far as I would go so far; I was still not comfortable about being his mate. At the moment I am in the library, reading one of my favourite books. I can hear everything around me so when the door opened I could instantly tell who it was. Aro.

"Bella, are you ok? You seemed a bit down lately." His face was stolid, like all the other times he's asked me this question.

"There's just not that much to do here. I've read every book in the library; I've gone very where permitted in the palace. It's almost driving me crazy!"

"I have an idea to keep you preoccupied." He winked at me suggestively. I stood up and walked up to him, bringing my hand up and smacked him.

"You're a pervert." His eyes flashed black, and an expression of pure anger rose into his face. I drew back, scared at what he was going to do.

"Oh my dear. You shouldn't have done that." He walked toward me and grabbed my wrists, pushing me against the wall in the process.

"Please let go of me..." my pleads' were cut off as he covered my lips with his. When he pulled away he pulled me into his arms and flew us to our room.

When we got there he laid me on the bed and ripped off his jacket, throwing it against the wall as if it disgusted him.

His face had an evil smile plastered on it; the thought sent a seductive shiver down my spine. My mind was screaming questions at me.

Why am I allowing this? Why am I not disgusted with the thought of letting him touch me? All good questions but none of them I could answer considering he had finished undressing and I sat there fully clothed and marvelling at his beauty.

The smooth plains of his chest, those long legs and most of all his...

Before I could even think it he pounced on me, tugging at the close fitting dress that covered my skin. The fabric tore from the seams leaving my body free for him to do as he wished.

His red eyes darkened with the lust he was obviously feeling.

"You're beautiful. Why didn't I take you before?" his voice was strained, as if he was trying to control himself. Letting the monster in me have free reign I pounced on him. Pushing him up against the wall and attacking his mouth.

His response to this was a low growl. I opened my eyes to see his boring into mine. Without warning he threw me off of him and onto the bed. He prowled over to me, his face predator like.

"Now my pretty little Bella. You shall me what I have been waiting for, for 5 months." The way he was watching scared me but I kept a straight face.

"Well if you want it, come and get it." Before the words had come out of my mouth he pounced on me. He had pushed himself inside of me before I knew what was happening. Fear crept over me; I had heard that the first time really hurt. He obviously was not being careful with me; he started thrusting before I could even register the pain. Damn vampire was good; I had to give him that.

"You're enjoying yourself aren't you?" his tone was smug; he knew he had me where he wanted me.

It was 5 hours before we came out of the room. I had to substitute a new dress from the closet. It was fully black and had blue lace around the neckline, it complemented my eyes well.

"Bella may I give you something?" Aro was going to give it to me whether I liked it or not so there was really no point in arguing.

"Yes Aro, you may." I turned on him just in time to see him pull a black box from the cupboard.

"Every Volturi member should have one. I didn't give it to you before because I didn't think you would want it." From the box he pulled a glistening necklace. On the end if the chain laid the Volturi crest. A red ruby was centred in the middle.

Aro walked to me and lifted my hair before placing it around my neck. I look down at it and am in shock. There next to the ruby was a sapphire- my birthstone.

"Aro how did you know?" he chuckled lightly behind me.

"This is a very special necklace. I had it made especially for you, I knew your birthday was in September because of... err don't worry." I look at him confused. I hadn't told him when my birthday was, so how did he know?

"Well thank you very much. It is so beautiful." I lay a kiss on his lips and we walk to the throne room.

When we reach the door we enter and go to the awaiting throne.

"Oh, I see you gave it to her then." It was Caius who had spoken; he was staring at my necklace. A small smile had grown on his face.

"Yes, I did brother. Thankfully she accepted it without a fuss." Aro's voice was amused.

"Well it is good to have her officially one of us." This was Marcus who had spoken.

"I was one of you even before I had the necklace. From the day I woke from the change I was one of you." The three leaders turned to look at me with smiles on their faces.

"Oh so true. I believe a ball is in order, so we can show off our new member and her talent." Without warning Heidi and Jane start to clap and jump around. I turn and look at them confused. We had grown to be good friends in my time here.

"Shopping!" they both shouted in unison. They ran toward me and pulled me away. Inwardly groaning I gave Aro a farewell kiss then went off to my torture.