Chapter 11 (BPOV) [epilogue?]

I always told myself I'd never be that girl.

That girl who is smitten with a boy. Whom she thought of every minute of every day, but I had become one.

Edward's and my first date was…perfect? It was like Nicholas Sparks wrote it, but without the dying or the heartache of the characters.

Now a month into our dating, we kind of flowed. We were both quiet, casual people. He was just fine with lounging in sweatpants and reading books together.

I'd finally found my happiness.

Around our third date Edward and I thought it was time for our dogs to be introduced. I was nervous that Romeo would scare Juliet and make Edward mad, immediately deciding it was time to go our separate ways.

But like life always does (somehow), everything worked out.

Romeo and Juliet were not starcrossed lovers here, no, they were best friends. After meeting one another they immediately began playing and jumping around.

I was secretly excited our dogs got along. It made me think of the future that maybe whenever Edward and I do move in together, if we ever do, our dogs getting along is just one less problem to worry about.

It was a Sunday. Sundays were usually reserved for movie days and takeout. Edward came over when he got off work, I'd have take out ready, and we'd watch movies. It was routine. A routine we fell into quickly.

But Edward had been acting strange lately. I would catch him staring at me. Whether that was a good or bad thing I wasn't sure.

I was making tea when I heard Edward knock. I smiled walking to the door a little happier now that he was here. I was so in over my head.

I opened the door and there stood Edward with a six pack and Chinese. "For you madam," he said bowing to hand me the six pack.

"A lovely edition to my table, kind sir." I played.

He laughed, standing up and hugging me before putting the drink of food away. Once he sat them down he came over and hugged me again, tighter. I smiled into his neck loving the way he smelled. It was like…a happy smell. It automatically made me smile.

But then my stomach growled.

Edward chuckled letting go and reaching for some plates and we sat down to dinner. It was quiet, but that is how we preferred it. We never spoke much during meals.

It was while we were watching tv that I caught Edward staring at me, again. "What?" I asked, a little self conscious.

"What are we?" Edward's face showed no emotion.

I tried to play it off as a smart-ass. "Humans?" "Bella," Edward says rolling his eyes.

I took a deep breath. "I kind of thought we were dating."

Edward nodded, "I did too."

That made me just a little less stressed. "Why'd you ask?"

"Because I want to be more."

"More?" My voice was a tad shaky.

Edward nodded, continuing. "I want you to be my girlfriend Bella. When we meet my friend somewhere or anyone for that matter I want to be able to say 'This is MY girlfriend, Bella'."

"That'd be nice." It was all I could say.

Edward laughed. "I'm glad you think so." He paused for moment, still looking at me. But with much more intensity now. "So will you be my girlfriend?"

"Only if you'll be my boyfriend."

Edward leaned in smiling. When his lips touched mine, I felt weightless. Edward and I had yet to really, really kiss. Sure there'd been a few pecks but this was the most intimate we'd ever gotten.

The weightless feeling never left as we just sat there and…kissed. It felt like we were kissing for hours. I felt like a teenager again.

In fact,we were still kissing when I heard the lock jiggle and I pulled away from Edward.

"The Bekster's home." Edward said.

When I told Edward about my situation he took it amazingly. He said I was a saint, helping her like that. Bekah and Edward immediately bonded.

"Bella? Edwardo?" Bekah called from the kitchen.

"In the living room!" I said sitting up.

Bekah walked into the living room, all smiles.

"What has got you all jubilant?" Edward asked.

"You're looking at the girl who passed their final semester of college, with honors."

It took a minute to sink in before I shot up going to hug her and congratulate her.

After she moved in and was stable she really cracked down. Realizing that she wanted a good life for her baby. Which is due in about two months.

Hugging and congratulating Bekah, and being Edward made m smile. Because it was just one more piece of my puzzle completed.

AN: Short and Sweet! Yes, the ending is rushed only because I felt this story was going I have an idea itching in my head to be written. And that shall be posted in about a month because I (usually) finish a story before I post it.

Anywaysss, here is a rough draft summary for my new story. Its kind of cliche. But I like that. So put me on author alert if you're interested in the story! :)

Bella Swan was the girl you ran into because you didn't notice her, the girl that got sat on at assemblies because no one bothered to pay attention to her, and the girl people forgot even existed. Edward Cullen was the guy you looked for when you got to school, the guy you wished was in your class, and the guy who rendered girls speechless. But what happens when the boy everyone notices, notices the girl people forget?

It just kind of popped into my head when I was people watching one day. This one girl kept getting ran into her because people were to preoccupied to notice or just didn't see her. It was like a lightbulb turning on in my head.

Anyways (again)...