The Island

Chapter 1: Bermuda

It's 9.00AM, in 1908 the bright light of the sun is starting to cover a bar near the harbour of New York City, everything was fairly peaceful, birds were flying, horns were horning(?) ,suddenly a yell was heard.'Say WHAT' a Chinese American yelled,'I won' he whispered to himself as in front of him was a table full with money and a ticket.

Jake's POV

'Hey there, I'm Jake Long, 21 years old, I come from a poor family, I also lost my parents and brother a bit over fifteen years ago, I have no job and my only occupation is gambling, sometimes I have luck, like today.' I jumped up standing on my whole length, I'm 5.9 feet tall, quite broad, black hair with green tips, a red coat, black pants and white shoes. 'Hurry up St. Bermuda is going to leave in……..exactly one minute from now' the guy in front of me said with a grinn. 'yo thanks' I said full with sarcasm as I ran through the door carieing only a bag with money. Running out the bar I could see the ship, 'St. Bermuda' stood in golden letters on the side of the black and white 120 feet long cruise ship, it also has….Crap it's MOVING,I don't want to stay here,I got to do something' I thought myself,looking around franticly for something I saw a container. I skillfully climbed on it and ran over the whole length of it next to the moving ship. 'crap only 3 feet to go, it's now or never' I though, as my right foot stepped on the edge of the container I still had 15 feet to go. I leapt up and flew towards the ship, flying through the air felt great. But is suddenly stopped when I hit the side of the ship, Hard. I grabbed the edge and hung on it, feeling I was slipping away I tried to raise myself with one hand. Suddenly I felt two perfectly soft hands on mine, they pulled me up. As I climbed on the ship, I dusted myself off and looked up to see who saved me.

As I suddenly stood up staight I was only inches away from her peach colored face, I looked right in her eyes, they were big and a mix between the blue sky and the ocean, her hair was vannila colored, her pink long dress was showing off her perfect curves, and she had a cute smile on her beatifull face. Seeing her whole body made me feel something I haven't felt in a long time, love. 'eum hey' I sheepishly said, 'hey yourself' her angelic voice said. 'let me introduce myself, I'm Jake Long' I said as I took a bow, she giggled and took both sides of her dress and bowed 'my name is R…' her beatifull voice was interrupted by a burly voice 'Who is this chump?' a 6.2 feet tall, broad, blond short haired, man with brown eyes, a black suite, black tie, white shirt, black pants and black shoes. 'The Bradster won't let his Rose-aliciouse talk to a tramp' he bellowed before he grabbed her hands and rushed away, 'Something was fishy about him' I thought to myself, only to be stopped by her waving at me and said; 'I'll see you around', 'Yeah, Yeah you will' I whispered at her.

As I stood there dreaming about her, I was woken up by a hand waving in front of me. I shook my head and looked to the right, I a friendly face, with brown eyes, he was 6 feet tall, had a white moustache, white captains clothes and a white captains hat. 'my best man can I see your ticket, then you may dream further' he said with a kind voice. 'oh the ticket, I have it right he….crap' I said as I franticly started to look in my pockets. 'Don't worry, but no ticket means you need to work for it' he said with a smile.


As Jake's feet left the container he flew 15 feet through the sky before he hit the side of the ship, as he grabbed the edge a hand grabbed his pocket out a window next to him. Jake was pulled up but his pocket was torn off, together with his ticket.

So this is a story I made up in China, enjoy and review. P.S i know it's short, will be longer next chapter (sorry is going to be a week wait before i update)