The Island

Chapter 4: Wow, what's the chance of that?

As Rose finally stopped sobbing and regained herself she slowly pulled away, she looked deeply in my eyes with her big sparkling ocean blue eyes. I wanted to stay there forever together with Rose, but suddenly Rose yawned 'Do I bore you?' I teasingly asked on a low voice. 'Sorry I had a rough night yesterday' she replied, 'Come I'll bring you to your cabin' I said with a smile as I gently took her right hand with both of mine and we still stared endlessly in each other's eyes. She giggled 'You sure know how to be a gentleman' she said as her left hand hid her grin. We walked along hand in hand, 'Uh, what is your cabin number?' I sheepishly asked with my right hand rubbing my neck and an innocent smile, she giggled (probably about how unsure I stood there) 'I think 2…0…6?' she said with an uncertain grin. 'Hey that's next to mine, have you tried your shower yet?' I asked, 'Uh yeah' she said. 'And did it work normally?' I asked expectantly, 'uh yeah why?' she asked confused, 'because mine only has two settings: as cold as ice and as hot as lava' I said as a shudder went through my body. 'Uh you can use mine, If you want' she said shyly, I grinned 'No, one shower is more than enough for today' I quickly replied. 'Ok see you tomorrow then' she happily said, 'Wow time sure flies when in company with such a beautiful girl' I said romantically as I looked straight in her eyes, she giggled as she opened the door. Before she closed the door she turned to kiss her hand and blow it towards me, it hit my heart as an arrow and I felt a shockwave through my body filling it with happiness. She slowly closed the door and winked just before she closed it, I helplessly looked at her and even kept looking after she closed the door. After a while I let out a dreamy sigh and I opened my door, I lied on my bed with my face up and my arms behind my head, 'Rose…' I dreamily said. I closed my eyes and imagined her together with me, slowly but surely I drifted away to the magnificent world of dreams.

The next morning

The warmth of the sunlight shines through my window and slowly caressed my face, it gently woke me up I let out a yawn and stretched. I sat up straight and looked around me, 'I needed to do something, but what?' I thought to myself. Suddenly a flash of happiness went through my mind erasing my thoughts and replacing it with Rose as I saw her slowly pass by my window, her curly blonde hair gently bouncing up by the way she walks, her big blue eyes immediately finding mine as she turned her head to look through my window, her cute smile as she saw me smile dreamily at her. I quickly jumped out my bed and ran towards the door, my hand turned the doorknob but I forgot that the door opened as I pulled (A/N I often do that too). It was followed by two loud thuds, first one was my head connecting with the door and second one was my head hitting the ground. I was staring at the ceiling for the next couple of seconds (Wow did you know that after hitting your head two times the objects are a lot more movable), suddenly I saw Rose appear together with…Rose and Rose? (Ok seems like I hit the door pretty hard). 'Jake…Jake are you alright?' Rose asked concerned, I sat up and rubbed my forehead 'Ow that really hurts' I muttered. 'Jake, why did you head butted the door' Rose said teasingly as she grabbed my arm and pulled me up,' I wanted to see if the door was hard enough' I said sarcastic, Rose swung my arm around her and guided me to my bed. 'Sit down, it helps' Rose said with a sempatic grin. 'Thanks, I'm alright now, did you sleep well yesterday?' I asked her concerned, 'Yeah, I didn't worry that much as before…Thanks to you' she shyly said that last sentence, 'Hey no thanks, I would do that every day if I needed to. Not that you need to worry that much every day' I quickly added that last sentence, she giggled and filled my heart with the warm feeling I had before. 'So Jake do you have plans for today?' she said as she winked, 'Uh…Crap how late is it now?' I said panicky as I remembered that I needed to report by Drake on 11 o'clock. 'It's 12 o'clock, wh-? She said confused to be interrupted by me, 'Crap need to go bye' I quickly said as I jumped up and raced to the door. I turned the door knob and pushed again, but this time with my hands instead of my face. I heard giggles coming from Rose, I regained myself and pulled the door open. I stepped out the door and ran to Drake's cabin.

I ran up the five stairs to Drake's cabin, heavily panting I stood in front of the steel door. I knocked on the door, 'Come in' Drake's voice faintly said. I slowly opened the door and walked inside, 'Hey Drake, are you feeling alright?' I asked concerned as I saw him lying in his bed with several layers on him while sweat was covering his sick face. 'Ah Jake, I'm sick now so I give you one important job. It's not really big but it is important, if something happens to this ship you need to make sure that everyone gets off the ship alive, you heard me, ALIVE. But don't worry the chance of that happening is like a one to a ten million chance.' Drake said with his kind smile again and he handed me this small device, 'Don't worry, I won't disappoint you' I said as I saluted him. 'Do I need to get you something?' I asked kind, 'No no no boy, just go and enjoy. I'll be fine' Drake said almost asleep again. As I slowly backed off to the door I heard snoring sounds of Drake, I gently closed the door. 'So what to do, he said I needed to enjoy myself' I thought to myself, 'I think I go and relax by the pool.'

I walked down to the deck and started to look around, everywhere I looked I saw snobs and lame rich guys. But I saw Rose going into the restaurant, 'Should I go to her and company her, nah I need to focus and by the way she is already with someone else'. Still I kept thinking that I needed to be with her, but I shook that thought off if me and sat down on a comfy seat near the pool. I sat there looking calmly over the horded of snobs minding their own snobby business, the calm waves rocking the boat, the warm sunlight covering my body; slowly and gently I fell asleep. 'Iceberg!' as a sudden shout woke me out my slumber; it took a few seconds for my brain to process the word. Shockingly I jumped up as it repeated in my mind, 'Wow an iceberg in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, what's the chance of that. Around one to a ten million chance' I thought to myself as I put the device on and yelled 'Everyone stay calm, go to the emergency boats on both sides of the ship and stay there. Crew escorts them'. Everyone walked as calm as such a situation would let, A.K.A Run, Panic, AHHHHH. I grabbed one crewmember by his sleeves and looked him in his eyes, 'You get the captain and lead him to a boat, understood?' I yelled in his ear just to let him hear this was serious, he saluted and quickly ran to the captain's cabin.

I stood there by the boats, 'Ok everyone listen to me, and do you miss anyone?' I looked around to see everyone look around and shake their heads, seeing this I was relieved. Not long after this I saw Brad and a few others run out the restaurant with terrified faces, shock covered my face. I grabbed Brad by his sleeve stopping him from diving in a boat, 'Where's Rose?' I said curiously. 'I don't know, she was right behind me a few seconds ago' he said afraid, 'And you don't go and rescue her?' I said furiously. 'Are you crazy? I don't risk my life for a woman's life.' He said panicky. I grabbed Brad by his collar drew him only inches from my furious face and I yelled on the top of my lungs 'You lousy excuse for a man, we aren't done yet' as I lifted him up and threw him in a boat, hard. 'Ok everyone leave now, go for an island' I screamed as I turned away to the restaurant. But I was held back by my collar, I furiously turned around only to hear a concerned voice 'Where are you going Jake' Drake said, 'I'm making sure that everyone leaves this ship unharmed, even If it's the last thing I do' I said confidently. Suddenly the boat crashed against the iceberg and a huge shockwave went through the boat, I almost fell but I could regain my balance, 'Are you still sure about that?' Drake said on a funny tone cracking what maybe could be the last laugh I would ever hear. I saluted him and saw his eyes shine, I turned away and ran as fast as I could 'May God be with you Jake' Drake's proud voice said.

I ran down the stairs to the restaurant while the ship was already sinking, 'Rose, where are you, Rose answer me!' I screamed loudly. A faint 'Jake' was heard, it's Rose. I franticly ran towards her and saw her foot was being locked by a huge piece of wood, 'Rose, are you ok?' I said concerned. 'Yes but Jake save yourself, there's no way that you can lift that piece of wood off my feet' she said with a tear. 'I won't leave you here, even if that meant death' I said confidently as I looked in her eyes. I saw a few tears fall out the corner of her eye; I grabbed the lower part of the wood with my bare hands and lifted like I never did before. I felt my biceps and the muscles of my back almost tear, but I didn't give up. I suddenly felt an explosion of strength in my muscles, and I lifted the piece of wood like a toothpick. I swung it away and helped Rose to her feet, 'Let's go' I said as we both ran towards the entrance but suddenly a part of the roof fell down, I saw rose look up in shock. Without hesitating I jumped towards her and tackled her away, the piece of wood slamming on the floor with a loud bang. After we both fell down we stood up and l scooped Rose up in my arms, 'Hang on' I said heroically only inches from her face as her arms were around my neck and she was looking desperately at me. 'Crap the entrance is blocked' Rose said defeated. I looked around and saw a huge window; I looked in her eyes 'Hey you wanted to fly someday huh? Looks like today is someday' I said teasingly, Rose grinned widely 'You really are some one' she said happily. I ran to the window and leapt up through it, we flew for a moment but it felt like an hour, the shattered pieces of glass falling down and into the water, the ship sinking, her curly blond hairs move up, her big blue eyes shining with pleasure, it felt great.

We both hit the warm water splashing up immense amounts of water in the sky; I saw a wooden table float near us. I swam towards it and lifted Rose up on it. As I climbed on the table Rose violently shook her head splashing all the water in her soaked wet hair against my face, I whipped off my face with my hand 'Well Thank you' I said sarcastically. We both ended up laughing. 'Did you enjoy flying with Long Air?' I said, 'No I want to complain about the landing.' She replied. We both laughed harder and harder. 'Wow it's crazy how happy I am, the boat sank, the cruise is gone, your marriage is canceled now, and we are sitting together on a wooden table now. But at least we're together.' I said romantically as I slowly swung my arm around her shoulder and she crept up to me. We romanticly looked over the beautiful blue sea, while the warm sunlight dries our clothes.

Unknown's POV

'They are still alive, well this isn't the end, it's far from over' an evil voice chuckled on a emergency boat as he saw Rose and Jake together.

So for the people who wonders why this story is called the Island, this chapter and next would probably explain it. Review please.