Bed of Nails

A Digimon Fanfiction

by Kit Spooner

Disclaimer: Oh, just sod off! (And apologies to U2)

Warnings: Yep. I'm going to write a naughty Digimon fic. And I'm enjoying myself thoroughly. My favorite DD is, of course, Miyako, and any fic that features a high-school-aged Miyako must also feature Miyako-of-the-Loose-Morals. *cackles* So this prologue (and the rest of the fic) features frank, explicit discussions of sex, peppered with relatively inappropriate butchering of the English language. Oh, and a healthy dose of four-letter words. Funfun.

Pairing Warnings: Kouyako, Kensuke, Yamasorachi (is that a real word?), Jyoumi, and hints of all sorts of other crap. Blah. The ending of Digimon 02 sucks big, fat monkey ass. I think we're all in agreement here, so I won't bother to explain my reasoning behind my pairings.

See the stone set in your eyes
See the thorn twist in your side
I wait for you
Slight of hand and twist of fate
On a bed of nails she makes me wait
And I wait . . . without you


Sex wasn't anything like what Miyako expected. It wasn't the sort of transcendent, life-altering experience that the poets hinted at. It wasn't pure or beautiful or even gloriously numinous. It certainly wasn't the ultimate expression of romantic love found in all the smutty romance novels Miyako read when no one was watching. The truth was rather less glamorous.

Sex was messy. It was brief and awkward and endlessly flawed. Male and female bodies were designed to fit together, but even nature wasn't perfect in her planning. There always seemed to be a lot of fumbling, near-misses that often resulted in bumped noses and elbowed ribs. Love-talk wasn't at all poetic; it tended toward the vulgar and the inarticulate, featuring more grunts than declarations of undying love.

Romance novels also failed to mention the squelching noises and the stained sheets. Sex also had a strange smell.

In fact, sex was frequently unsatisfying and occasionally painful. It generally left Miyako sore and bruised in ways she couldn't anticipate. Sex was also just a little bit degrading, even to Miyako, who viewed being socially unacceptable as an amusing pastime. It was something that no reasonably sane person would try more than once or twice.

To put it bluntly, Miyako loved it.

At the moment, she was finishing up a round with Daisuke, her best friend and occasional lover, as they sprawled together in an untidy tangle in the soft underbrush behind their high school Their relationship had never really progressed beyond a sort of on-again-off-again adventure in sexual exploration, but they were both completely content with the situation. If nothing else, the sex was great.

Daisuke had lost his virginity at fifteen to Miyako, who had lost hers a year or so earlier. It had been an educational experience for them both and it led to an increasingly vast repertoire of sexual techniques for their use. They'd continued to experiment occasionally, since both agreed that their relationship was nothing if not completely unromantic and casual sex wouldn't be hurting anyone.

This time, Miyako came quite a bit earlier than Daisuke and had to wait patiently while he finished before relaxing and settling back against their little nest of discarded clothing and crushed greenery.

Daisuke came to rest on his stomach beside her, legs twined with hers, his fingers idly tracing patterns across her sweat-sheened abdomen. "So . . . what did you think?" he finally asked, staring off vacantly into the dense shrubbery.

"It was . . ." Miyako paused, searching for an appropriate adjective to describe their latest erotic adventure. "Well, I suppose we can mark it off on the Checklist." The Checklist was a comprehensive listing of all the assorted sexual techniques and positions they had compiled from The Joy of Sex, a dog-eared copy of the Kama Sutra, and several hilarious rounds of Internet research. Miyako and Daisuke were determined to finish up the Checklist before graduating high school. Unless Miyako somehow managed to fail off of her final exams this last year of high school, however, it wasn't likely to happen. They were not quite a third of the way through the List.

"I was going to suggest we check it off and then forget about it," Daisuke replied. He gingerly rubbed the muscles of his lower back. "I don't think human spines are supposed to bend like that."

"Hey, and you weren't the one with your feet behind your ears!" Miyako retorted, carefully massaging the gentle hollow of her hip joints. "I'm going to be walking funny for a week."

"Well, that's nothing new," Daisuke retorted with a grin.

"Brat," Miyako said, sticking her tongue out at him.

"Hey!" Daisuke began to wiggle his eyebrows lasciviously. "Don't stick that out unless you intend to use it!"

The pair erupted into giggles which were quickly silenced to prevent discovery. There were still a few other students lingering on school grounds, even this late in the evening.

"Why did we have to pick the bushes?" Miyako muttered.

Daisuke shrugged and began to pick leaves out of Miyako's long hair. "It was convenient." He loved Miyako's hair and used any excuse he could come up with to get his fingers on the silky strands. "At least we didn't have to go far after school."

Miyako gave him a penetrating stare. "Do I sense a hint of future plotting from you, my dear Dai?"

Daisuke made a rather noncommittal sound.

"Aha!" Miyako sat up and poked Daisuke in the chest, ignoring his wince. "You've got something in mind."

"Suspicious wench," Daisuke grumbled, looking a little sheepish. Miyako was an expert at reading her friend's expressions and this was no exception.

"You've found a new girl!" Miyako squealed happily, forgetting to be quiet in her exuberance. "Who is she? Do I know her?"

"Er . . . it's not who you'd expect," Daisuke said carefully, actually looking slightly uncomfortable.

Miyako raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying that you're considering a relationship with someone for reasons beyond simple fuckability?" asked Miyako, whose sexual voracity was matched only by her obsession with meddling in her friends' love lives.

"Yes," Daisuke said firmly. "That would be a definite 'yes.'"

"Hmm . . ." Miyako tapped her chin thoughtfully. "So it's someone I know and it's someone you want an actual, legitimate relationship with. That means it's someone you can talk to, someone you can spend non-sexual time with." She gave Daisuke a sly, sidelong glance. "Perhaps someone you can even play soccer with?"

Daisuke goggled. "How the fuck did you know?!" he demanded.

Miyako simply continued to smile benignly. "Weren't you aware that I know everything, Dai?" She batted her eyelashes adorably.

"Be serious!" Daisuke growled, his face crimson.

"You and Ken have been eyeing each other since you were twelve," Miyako pointed out. "It wasn't hard to guess. We both know that you've never been terribly serious about all those girls you've dated over the years. Or about me, for that matter. We've all just been practice. You're working up to the Big One. The risk." Miyako paused and gave Daisuke a brief kiss. "I think you're in love with Ken."

Daisuke stared at Miyako for a long moment, then all the tension melted from his shoulders and he sagged into her embrace. "Am I that goddamn obvious about it?" he asked plaintively. "Do I have a gigantic sign over my head that reads, 'I Wanna Screw Ichijouji?'"

"Of course not, dearest," she replied, smoothing his hair down affectionately. "But you certainly couldn't hide something like this from your best friend, who is incidentally the best lay you'll ever have." There wasn't much that Miyako hated more than false modesty.

"Yeah, right," Daisuke snorted as he snuggled more comfortably against Miyako. "But it brings up a good question for you to answer: Who are you going to tackle while I'm hunting down a whiz kid?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure," Miyako mused. Now that she'd finished smoothing Daisuke's hair she began to ruffle it once more. "I'd love to make a play for Yamato, but he and Sora and Taichi are still in the middle of whatever the hell is going on between the three of them." She shook her head. "I think Sora's going out with Taichi this week, but I'm not so sure."

"Does Sora know that you caught Taichi and Yamato making out at the bus stop last week?" Daisuke loved discussing the older kids' love lives because it took much of the pressure off of his own.

"Nope," Miyako replied cheerfully, "But I've been dropping hints like mad. I think she's beginning to suspect."

"Taichi and Yamato are scared she's gonna find out because then she'll drop both of 'em." Daisuke chuckled.

"Sora needs to stop trying to pick one of the boys," Miyako proclaimed in a no-nonsense sort of voice. "If anyone can make a threesome relationship work it's Sora. Of course, Taichi and Yamato would probably piss themselves with joy if she ever told 'em that." She shook her head. "Those three have some ridiculous amounts of unresolved sexual tension going on."

Daisuke shrugged vaguely, not quite sure what Miyako was blathering about. "Whatever you say, Miyako."

"So, no Yamato for me," Miyako sighed mournfully. She was making it a life-long goal to date every one of the Digidestined before they all got married off. So far she had already dated, in the loosest sense of the word, Taichi, Sora, Mimi, Iori, Takeru, Ken, and Daisuke. Daisuke personally thought it very unlikely that she'd ever get Hikari to go out with her, since 'Kari showed no signs whatsoever of swinging Miyako's way, despite her obvious affection for her bespectacled Jogress partner. Yamato was probably a lost cause as well. He didn't seem interested in girls at all. Except for Sora, of course.

"Maybe I ought to have a go at Koushiro again," Miyako murmured thoughtfully into Daisuke's hair. "I haven't even seen him in months.

"What about Jyou?" Daisuke asked curiously. "Or did you boff him on the sly and forget to mention it to me?" He poked her belly accusingly.

Miyako squirmed away from his prodding finger. "Don't be ridiculous, Dai," she scolded. "I finally had to promise Mimi that I wouldn't try to date him."

Daisuke's eyes widened and he stared at Miyako. "You're shitting me!"

Miyako shook her head firmly.

"What the hell did Mimi have to do to wring that promise out of you?" Daisuke was truly shocked. It was no secret that Miyako had been coveting Jyou's skinny ass for a few months now, despite the fact that he was out of convenient shagging range, safe at medical school.

Now it was Miyako's turn to smile wickedly. "Mimi's giving me play-by-play reports of her times with Jyou." She stretched sensuously. "It's almost as good as sleeping with him myself."

Daisuke pouted. "And you weren't planning on telling me?"

"You never asked," Miyako noted primly.

Daisuke sat up and waved his arms in a gesture of defeat. "Everyone's against me!"

Miyako giggled and began to slowly put her clothes back on. She was due to work her shift at the convenience store tonight and a shower would be nice beforehand. Daisuke soon followed suit and carelessly pulled on his boxers.

"So," Daisuke began casually as he rummaged around in the bushes for his shirt. "Koushiro, you say?" Daisuke wasn't very good at subtlety and the complete lack of interest in his tone clued Miyako in.

"That's what I said, isn't it?" Miyako sat down to button up the shirt of her uniform. "What are you suggesting?"

"I thought you said you didn't date virgins?" he asked with a hint of a smile. "Because it's too much trouble breaking them in, or something?"

"Hey! I went out with you, didn't I?" Miyako looked a little offended. Damn him for actually listening to her for once.

"And Iori," Daisuke agreed, "But we were both special cases. Me? Well, I've got this whole animal magnetism thing going on . . ." He paused to flex one rather scrawny bicep, then dodged Miyako's wild swing. "And Iori . . . well, that was just to complete your collection of the younger Digi-Boys. And you didn't sleep with him, right?"

Miyako rolled her eyes at him and began pulling her socks and shoes on.

Daisuke frowned slightly. "You didn't sleep with him, right?!"

"Of course not, you moron!" Miyako half-shouted. "He's still just a kid! And it'd be like boffing my little brother."

"Point taken." Daisuke wrinkled his nose a little.

"And how do you know Koushiro's a virgin?" Miyako demanded.

Daisuke sighed. He'd forgotten how wound up Miyako got when he brought up the subject of Izumi Koushiro. He'd never really found out how deep Miyako's old crush on the red-headed computer whiz went, but he suspected that she'd never really gotten over him completely.

"I do talk to Izumi, Miyako," Daisuke noted. "You're not the only one who knows him."

"He was here?!" Miyako looked a little panicked, her voice shrill. "When? Where? Why didn't you tell me?!" She grabbed Daisuke by the shoulders and shook him emphatically.

"He wasn't here-here," Daisuke said quickly, trying to stave off a Grade-A Miyako-Attack. "I talk to him online sometimes. That's it. And he didn't actually admit to being virginal, but I could tell by the way he reacted to stuff I said."

Miyako stared, suddenly torn between fury and laughter. "What the hell were you talking to him about?!"

"Uh . . . guy stuff." Daisuke shrugged. "You know."

Miyako was tempted, for several heartbeats, to bang Daisuke's head against the brick wall of the school. Then reason reasserted itself and she decided that it probably wouldn't do any good. Daisuke had a ridiculously thick skull. "You're impossible," she accused.

"Aren't I?" Daisuke grinned and finished reassembling his clothing. "Wanna go grab a soda before you're due back at the 'Mart?"

"Your treat?" Miyako gave Daisuke one of her patented Charming Smiles.

"I guess." Daisuke, even after years of associating with Miyako, was still not immune to the power of the Smile.

"Excellent." Miyako stood up and smoothed down her uniform skirt, the Izumi Issue apparently forgotten. "Lead the way."

Daisuke grumbled, grabbed his bookbag, and stalked out of the shrubbery. Somehow, he'd been conned into paying for Miyako's afternoon snack. It seemed to happen a lot these days.

"Your t-shirt's on backwards," Miyako noted as she followed in a more stately manner, bag slung neatly over her shoulder.

"Yeah, well fuck you, Miya," he muttered.

"You already did, dear," Miyako sang out. She laughed at Daisuke's mutinous expression and darted ahead, skipping down the sidewalk toward the pair's favorite cafe.

Daisuke continued to stomp along at his usual pace, eyeing Miyako's hips as they swayed with each step. The benefit of their high school's uniforms was that the skirts did such a fabulous job of lovingly highlighting the gentle flare of a girl's hips. It was a genuine treat to simply watch Miyako sashay down the sidewalk.

It's not fair the way she always gets the better of me, Daisuke thought, eyes still fixed to the back of Miyako. And from the way her swishing was growing more exaggerated, he kinda thought she knew he was watching.

I sure hope Izumi can take her down a notch or two, he decided, with a slightly malicious grin. Miyako's always getting to bitch at me about my fucked up relationships. It might be kinda nice to watch her flounder for once . . .