He knew he would never be hers.

He knew it from the moment he saw her, brown hair, sapphire eyes, beautiful.

And he, a demon for god's sake.

It was sick, repulsive actually.

She had been afraid of him from the moment she saw him.

He hadn't been suprised, actually. He had been used to it by now, didn't faze him.

She would never know how much he loved her.

She would never know how much he cared for her.

She would never know anything.

He couldn't blame her.

He was the exact spawn of Satan, perhaps even worse.

She was an Angel sent from Heaven, or something around that.

She would always be someone's else.

He would grow up to be involved with the Mutant Act, trying to take his mind off everything, and anything.

She would grow up with a family with him, and he should have known that.

He wished for a miracle as something as repulsive and ugly as him would love perfection like her.

Or, wasn't it the other way around.

Yes, it was.

He couldn't count the number of times he stayed up all night, thinking about her.

It was pointless.

He should just give up now.

He walked to the bathroom, dead of night.

He washed his face, that at a touch felt furry.

His hands were three seperate finger-like things.

"I belong in the circus, for Christ's sake!" He mentally abused himself.

Deep slow breaths.

He took out a razor, and bamfed away, into the forest.

He didn't even know where he was, in fact he didn't care for that matter.

He sat down.

Deep, slow breaths.

He tilted his head back and lied down.

It started to thunder, and rain.

The rain soaked him, but he didn't care at all.

The rain and his blood mixed, but he didn't care at all.

Neither did she.

But he didn't care at all.

Yes, in fact he did care.

He fell asleep like that, shirt less, crawled in a ball, razor at his side.

He woke up with a shudder, and deep cuts in his back where he twisted and turned in his sleep.

He darkly smiled, and picked it up and bamfed

He knew there was school today, and in fact he didn't care at all.

He lay on his bed, eyes closed.

He couldn't sleep.

He never could, it was a miracle he went to bed last night.

Hours passed, feeling like years.

He heard the bustle of kids when they got home.

He pulled on a T-Shirt.

There she was, with him.

He took a deep breath, and feigned sick.

"Hey Katzchen" He said weakly, fishing for empathy, perhaps even sympathy, he didn't care.

"Hey Kurt." Brief. Sharp. Like a knife.

He just smiled and went to get aspirin.

"Hey, thing" As much as he would have liked that not to hurt him, it did.

"Be nice." She said. She was still giggling.

"What was that name or whatever you just called her?" He sneered

"Eet's German for kitten." He said it as politely as possible not trying to frustrate her.

"Well, I don't like it, she's my girlfriend." He jeered. There was some challenge in there, but Kurt played nice.

He shrugged and returned to his bedroom.

He was shaking. He wrote a note, packed his things and left.

Never looking back.

She would never know how much he loved her.

She would never know how much he cared for her.

She would never know anything.

He couldn't blame her.


I left. I couldn't handle it. Goodbye.


He was gone.