This is just a story I wrote about Vanderdecken. It is told from the point of view of the mad Captain.

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The Price to be Paid

There was no hope for him.

He was lost from heaven's sight forever.

In his insaneness he lost all sense.

He turned against his maker.

He paid the price. His crew paid the price.

The Fliegende Hollander paid the price.

Two living beings did not.

They escaped his punishment.

This he knows.

This he hates.

He swore through cracked and frozen lips that one day they would be punished.

He would follow them to the ends of the ocean to make sure all of his crew suffered the same as him.

Every second felt like an eternity.

And he would know.

Eternity was all he had.

An eternity to track the pair across time.

He caught flashes of the world sometimes, through their eyes.

He reveled in the fact that during these flashes, the boy and dog saw life through his eyes.

Of what they had to look forward to some day.

And the world when he saw it, it had changed so much.

He saw sights that his eyes, centuries old, should not of seen.

How he wished to be free of this curse, to die like any other living being.

But no longer was he alive.

He could not eat, sleep, nor breathe.

And he could not die.

His soul would not leave its container, its prison.

His soul was barred from forever.

His soul was corrupt; it had nowhere to go.

It stayed on his ship, spreading evil, cursing all who set eyes on it.

Now he was just a legend, a tale to haunt the dreams of sailors who caught sight of the damned ship.

But he was real.

He would continue in his state of being, existing, until the end of time.

For him, it would not come soon enough.

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