Fab 5

Chapter 1

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Full Summary: High School cheerleaders, Alice Brandon, Rosalie Hale, Bella Spring-Swan, Maria Lucyk and Cynthia Brandon have everything they could ever want, money and extremely gorgeous boyfriends. What happens when Alice, Rosalie, and Bella meet Jasper, Emmett, and Edward, who just happen to be hotter than their current boyfriends? Will love blossom, or will everything fall apart? AxJ, RxEm, BxEd, AxOOC, RxR, BxOOC. All Human. Rated T.

Alice POV

Rosalie, Bella, Maria, Cynthia, and I walked down the hallway. Some one broke the silence. "Hey Babe," He said. I turned around to see my boyfriend Matt. His gorgeous brown eyes poured into mine. "Matt!" I said, and walked towards him. Matt rapped his arms around my waist, and kissed me gently.

"Get a room!" Rosalie snapped. Bella, Maria, and Cynthia murmured their agreements. Matt let go of me (unfortunately), and walked away (again unfortunately). "Ya know, he ain't supposed to be here," Maria said, in her usual Okie-twang. Maria was jealous because Matt was my boyfriend, and not hers. "Whatever!" I stated.

Rosalie laughed. We continued down the hall. The only noise we could hear was the clicking of our heels, as we walked towards Mrs. Carr's microbiology class. We reached Mrs. Carr's door, and walked in.

"Ms. Brandon, Ms. Hale, Ms. Spring, Ms. Lucyk, Ms. Brandon. You four are late. Take a seat," Mrs. Carr demanded. We sat down in our assigned seats. Bella raised her hand. Mrs. Carr acknowledged her. "Mrs. Car, I don't mean to be rude, but it's now Ms. Swan, not Spring. My mom remarried," Bella stated. Mrs. Carr looked as if she was making a mental note of it. Mrs. Carr smiled at Bella.

I looked over my shoulder, and glanced at Bella. Bella winked at me, and smiled fakely at Mrs. Carr. Mrs. Carr began the lesson with her usual lecture about "maximum likelihood". I pulled out my phone and texted Rose. The message I sent her read, Class is sooo boring! HELP! Alice. I put my phone away and prayed for class to end.

The lecture was finally over. It was Maria's turn to lead the discussion. "Mrs. Lucyk, please enlighten us with today's discussion," Mrs. Carr said. Maria nodded and stood up. She cleared her throat, "So I guess today is my turn to lead the discussion on Bayesian. Bayesian is never a method, explores tree space, starts off with a chain in arbirtary locations. Samples of a tree space-" Maria was cut off by the bell. Thank God.

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