Fab 5

Chapter 3Jasper POV

I could see Alice from across the hall; she was texting or was she fantasizing over the drama kiss. I'm not usually like this; I don't kiss a girl and ditch her. My parent's raised me right.

"Dude! Snap out of it!" Emmett hollered. I looked over at him; his face was twisted with a look of despair. He laughed. Edward joined in.

"What the he-" I started, before I looked over and saw Alice. I ran towards her screaming at the top of my lungs. Alice slipped and hit her head.

"Alice? Are you okay?" I asked, realizing she was unconscious. I put my head on her chest listening for a heart beat. Thank god there was one. I let out a sigh of relief.

"I called 911, they're one the way," She told me, "By the way, I'm Cynthia Brandon." I smiled at her. Brandon? The last named sounded familiar. Then it hit me… Cynthia Brandon is Alice's sister.

"Thanks. I'm Jasper Whitlock," I replied. Her mouth formed a perfect O. Obviously there was some gossip going around. I extended me right hand. She took it, just as the ambulance pulled up.

The paramedic ran over, his co-workers brought the stretcher. The paramedics went over and started examining Alice. The head guy motioned for them to bring the stretcher closer and assist him in getting Alice on the stretcher.

"Miss, you'd you like to ride in the ambulance?" The paramedic asked Cynthia, obviously seeing the resemblance between them. Cynthia looked over at me, before replying to the paramedics.

"Actually, Rosalie, Bella and I will follow behind. Why doesn't Jasper go with her in the back?" She asked. The paramedic looked over at me, and nodded. They lifted the stretcher and walked towards the ambulance. I followed behind them. From where I was, I could see Alice's petite body. She looked so fragile, yet peaceful.

The placed the stretcher in the back of the ambulance. I was starting to regret going with them. I hopped in the ambulance. I realized Alice's chances of surviving were really high, but it didn't help me worry about her.

"Alice, darlin' can you hear me?" I asked stupidly.