The Addition to the Circle

Chapter 1: And So It Begins

It has been 5 years since the defeat and death of Janus the Deciever by the hands of Amann Adar of the Alesian Empire. Since the victory of the Avalon Alliance over the forces of the evil Janus, the military alliance has become something even more than its founders originally intended. Calls for a intergalactic government have been answered, with economic, political, and military ties being built among the major powers that are the Asgard Empire, the Alesian Empire, the Tok'ra Republic, the Tauri Alliance, the Free Jaffa Nation, and the remnents of the last of the Goa'uld Empire under Lord Yu. Together, these powers have come together and have gathered several dozen minor powers in their respective regions to also sign into the budding Avalon Confederacy. But it would be several more years before the official birth of such a Confederacy due to the details and squabbles among the great powers, as well as among the several minor powers in the various galaxies under the influence of the proposed Confederacy. The great leaders and heroes of the Avalon Alliance are busy spending their time to develop it and make sure it is able to work to its ultimate conclusion.

In the Pegasus Galaxy...

Amann stood on the bridge of the reconstructed Alesian Empire Ship Angelan. A improved version of the original Angelan, it had far more weapons and armaments than its predecessor did and it was currently traveling with its escort fleet of 20 ships towards it's destination. Amann paced the bridge as General Ayen walked in with a report.

"Councilor, we are almost to the coordinates that you indicated. But it is a nebula. There is nothing there."

Amann stopped pacing and turned to regard the general. Ayen was unimposing for a man of his skill and status. A brown haired man of average height, he was nevertheless a hero of the Empire and a man of great personal courage and leadership. Amann even considered him a brother of sorts, since it was Ayen who had always helped and stood by him in his darkest hours. It was with respect he spoke to the general.

"I know that General. This mission I have come on is of great importance to the infant Avalon Confederacy. We must have the cooperation of who I am to see if this alliance is to succeed. We cannot establish the Confederacy in Pegasus Galaxy unless we have their cooperation or we smash them into dust. I rather take a diplomatic route in this case, since I do not blame their mistrust of our people nor of the Confederacy. It is why I have come personally."

Ayen nodded stiffly.

"I understand that, but who do you refer to?"

Amann smiled.

"I refer to the Asurans of course. They are only a few worlds, but they have some of our people's technology. We Alesians could grind their fledging nation to dust, but I rather not do that. They once hated Lanteans and we must be sure to not seem like Lanteans to them."

Ayen was surprised.

"But councilor.....they are replicators! Surely you remember the replicators that took the Dakara weapon to wipe out! It would be madness to deal with them! It would be far safer to destroy them now!"

Amann shook his head.

"I will reserve that option. It is why this nebula will be the rally point. I have instructed over 300 warships of the upgraded Alesian Fleet to come to this place and wait for my signal. The Asurans have been in contact with me and are amiable, but they request to see me alone. They said they will not like an Alesian fleet over their homeworld. Which is understandable. I will travel to Asuras by jumper and be in contact with the fleet here. If I do not return in 3 days, you have authorization to interpret that I am dead or otherwise unable to respond. You then will attack and destroy the Asurans if that is the case. The Asurans know this and they will be deterred from harming me. They will hear us out. At the very least, I can probably ensure neutrality. But I think I can bring them in on the Confederacy."

Amann walked to one of the two bridge exits.

"Come General. Walk with me."

He guided past the reinforced security booth where 4 Legionnaires were at terminals monitoring the internal defenses of the Alesian warship. Internal security had been tightened as a result of the Alesian/Chiyou war. Amann walked past the automated plasma turrets that overlooked the bridge entrances and walked along the halls, General Ayen beside him as they chatted idly about their families. Finally they reached the fighter bay where hundreds of fighters were lined up, with drone racks nearby and technicians and pilots talking and arguing among the clatter and noise that came with a figher bay prepping for a possible war.

Amann stopped as an enlarged jumper stood on an isolated pad. It was a flagship jumper, a new addition to the Alesian fleet. Being twice as long as a normal jumper and utilizing many improved systems over the original jumper design. It was equipped with more powerful defense shields, a hyperdrive, 4 pulse cannons, 72 drones, and a single Alesian beam cannon. In addition, the Tok'ra republic installed 2 of the Protoss cannons on the side of the jumper as well. It was part of a technology sharing between the two powers as an act of friendship between Amann and ChiYou. It also contained a massive Alesian database system, a NABIS artificial Intelligence unit, vastly improved sensor systems, an Asgard beam system that also were able to replicate any form of matter, and also contained a small bed for long distance journey's. It was perfect for its new mission, guiding important ambassador's and leaders long distances without the need of a powerful warship, where it might be needed elsewhere or be counterproductive for an ambassador's mission.

Amann walked around it and patted it.

"I always wanted to give this new toy a try."

He walked inside to see a dark haired female legionnaire standing inside the door.

"Legate Renate, how nice to see you! It has been too long! How is she? The ship I mean."

Renate grinned, her blue eyes locking with Amann's.

"She flies like a beauty, Councilor! Great hyperdrive system, though not intergalactic like our warships, but certainly doable for a galaxy spanning distance."

Amann smirked.

"I take it you like the new toy."

Renate grinned.

"Yes indeed I do."

Amann smiled back with a predatory grin.

"Can I play?"

Renate laughed.

"Of course you can, but if you break it, you buy it."

Amann laughed as he stepped inside.

"Comforts of home all in this little nice. I shall have to buy one of these for my own personal use!"

Renate and Ayen laughed. It was Ayen who spoke.

"It is entirely yours. It was going to be used as part of the fleet, but I suppose since I am the Commander of the Legions, I can gift this to my own leader. There you go, Councilor."

Ayen's voice grew in a half mocking tone of a father speaking to a son.

"Take her out and be home in time for dinner. No scratches on the paint and no dents or I think Renate and I will skin you alive. Do not be out later than 8."

Amann booed and half waved Ayen away with a grin.

"Nice impression Ayen, but you watch too many Earth comedies. Funny though. I promise I won't dent her too bad."

Amann grinned as he hit the door and it shut with a clang. Amann activated the controls and started to fly out after getting clearance from the AES Angelan to depart. Amann smirked as he hit the control for the hyperdrive and it activated. He leaned back and relaxed.

"NABIS, how long till we get to Asuras?"

A hologram of a young woman appeared.

"The trip will take approximately 30 minutes. I could give you an exact figure, but I know that will annoy you."

Amann nodded lazily.

"Yeah, it does. I...."

NABIS interrupted with a smirk.

"32 minutes and 24 seconds."

Amann simply glared.

"Has Renate been putting you up to this?"

NABIS responded back innocently.

"Why Councilor? I have no idea of what you are talking about."

Amann grumbled.

"You spend too much time with Renate."

NABIS replied smugly.

"I actually spend time in every outpost, ship, government building, and base of the Alesian Empire, as you are aware, High Councilor."

Amann grumbled.

"I knew it was a bad idea to make you a smart AI. Better to have made you a dumb AI that wasn't a wiseass."

NABIS grinned wider.

"Earth terminology. It is technically 'smartass'."

Amann simply put his head into his hands. The 30 minutes could not come fast enough. Suddenly the craft lurched as Amann looked up in alarm.


"Unknown. We are still in hyperspace, but I am detecting unknown energy readings."

Amann turned around to face NABIS, but was alarmed to see a small child standing there behind the holographic AI. The child had rainbow hair and Amann could not tell if it was a boy or girl, but the child felt oddly familiar to him. Amann frowned at it. It did not read like a child as he mentally scanned it. This child had far more power than the small form would suggest. He spoke finally.

"Who.....what are you?"

The child laughed.

"This will be fun!"

There was a flash of blinding white light as Amann blinked in surprise.


Amann continued to fly to Asuras with no knowledge of what just happened. As far as he knew, nothing uneventful happened. All was well.


In an unknown location...

Amann groaned as he raised his head up from where he fell unconscious against the console. He rubbed his head and frowned. Most of the lights were dimmed in the cabin, with only some of the basic controls lit up. It appeared to be in dormant mode, usually when the passenger was sleeping. He called out rather hazily.

"Lights....Tactical display online....where is the pain relievers?"

The lights flew on as the tactical display screens lit up. Amann closed his eyes and groaned faintly. He had a massive headache for some reason.

"NABIS, where are we? What just happened?"

NABIS appeared to him.

"Unknown, but we have experienced temporal and quantum fluctuations. From the available data, it appears we are in an alternate reality in a different time period."

Amann groaned.

"Great. Alternate universe. That child thing finds this amusing I suppose. NABIS, perform a short range and a long range scan."

"Yes Councilor. Performing short range scan. We are in a planetary system of 2 rocky planets and a gass giant. Little atmosphere on both planets. No lifesigns and no environment to support life. System is a binary star system with two normal stars with a yellow light spectrum. The gas giant is several times the mass of the 2 smaller rocky planets and is composed of methane and helium."

Amann nodded.

"So basically nothing of value here. What of long range scans?"

"We are in the Milky Way Galaxy, but it has several differences than the galactic map in Alesian records. Several gravity signatures are missing, including those of Alesia and Dakara. Planetary and star alignment, even compensating for possible stellar drift, feature a 22.4% difference than our own reality."

Amann nodded.

"Ok, so we are in a very different reality. Any idea what year it might be?"

"Unknown, I cannot determine that for sure, all my sensors can tell me is that we have time traveled. We could be in the past or the future."

Amann growled.

"Great, more mysteries. Perform scans on nearby systems. This system is worthless. We need to scout other star systems for any sign of intelligent life."

NABIS nodded.

"Scanning. There are 7 systems in a 20 light year radius. Strange anomoly detected from one of the systems. It appears to be a hyperspace window opening and closing. Strange.....a beacon is emitting a constant signal. Usually that means a hyperspace beacon is tagged along a ship, but this beacon is still. Unusual. Also detecting high levels of Quantium-40."

Amann was surprised.

"That stuff is more potent than the most enriched weapons grade Naquadah. Hit with the right weapon, it could explode in your face. Dangerous to use. I think this system merits investigation. Set a course for it. I am curious as to what is going on there."

"Yes Councilor."

A minute later...

The jumper exited hyperspace in the star system marked by the regular hyperspace windows. Amann immediately ordered a short range scan. A minute later NABIS replied.

"Scan complete. Singular star system. 4 planets and 2 asteroid belts detected. One planet is a rock. Unremarkable properties. Second planet is similiar. The third planet is a rocky planet with energy signs from the planet. Unknown origin. Detecting temporal anomoly within 1,000,000 kilometers. Also detecting 2 orbiting structures over second planet. One is an O'Neill class space station. Primative design and armaments. 250,000 + lifesigns detected, mostly human, but several alien species detected. Second orbiting structure is the origin of the hyperspace windows and the source of the Quantium-40. It appears to be a jumpgate of some sort. Temporal disturbance is disrupting more detail scans. We will have to get closer. 4th planet is a rock uninhabitable to humans."

Amann leaned back.

"I see.....Microjump into orbit of the planet that holds the space station and the jumpgate. But cloak the jumper first. I do not want to give away our position until I know more."

"Yes High Councilor."

The Jumper activated a hyperspace window and jumped, heading for the space station. The place: Babylon 5.


On Babylon 5...

Ivanova strode into CNC, looking tired and grumpy as usual. She sipped her cup of coffee and frowned. Michael Garibaldi was bent over her controls. She called out.

"Mr. Garibaldi! You are at my station, using my equipment!"

She strode over to him.

"Is there a reason for this? Or to save time should I just snap your hands off at the wrist?"

Garibaldi winked slightly.

"Nothing important. Was checking the records to see if a shipment had arrived yet. It was supposed to be due yesterday."

Ivanova raised an eyebrow.

"Really? You came all the way from the security office to check on this shipment? Why do I find that hard to believe?"

Garibaldi jerked his head slightly.

"Ok ok, you got me. I was checking on the shipment of spices and stuff I was getting from home, but I really came up to talk with Captain Sheriden. He needs an update on station security, particuarly after President Santiago's assassination some weeks ago."

"Santiago's death.....well, he isn't in yet. He doesn't report in here until 0900. Means you got about an hour."

Garibaldi grumbled.

"Late riser."

Suddenly the console beeped in alarm. Ivanova leaned over and frowned.

"Sensors detect some form of hyperspace window. Small reading, but the power from it is far more than our own hyperspace windows. There it goes again! What the hell? But there is no ship detected. Not even a visual sighting. That is odd."

Garibaldi frowned.

"I will alert the captain. That is strange."

Ivanova cursed.

"Great, this is gonna make my day. I hate mysteries...."

Garibaldi smirked as he walked out.

"I love them."


Outside the station...

Amann raised an eyebrow at the gigantic space station.

"Impressive....Start scans. I want to find out all there is about this space station."

"Scanning. Reading radio and primative subspace broadcasts. Mostly in English. Judging from the broadcasts, the humans on this station are from Earth."

Amann mused.

"Can you remotely hack their systems? I need more information."

"With little difficulty. Initiate?"

Amann nodded.

"Yes. Do it without alarming them. Download information to my terminal. I will read up on what we have."

After a few moments NABIS spoke.

"Download complete. This system is called Epsilon Eridani. The name of the station is Babylon 5, a station under the control of the earth military, called Earth Force by the humans. This is apparently neutral spaces for the various alien governments that have sent ambassadors here. The station also serves as a place of commerce."

Amann thought hard.


NABIS interrupted in alarm.

"Ship detected in the section known as cargo bay 13 on the space station. Level 32 civilization technology. Identified as belonging to a race called the Vorlons. Advanced biotechnology. Warning! All civilizations Level 30 and above must be reported to the Alesian High Council!"

Amann grumbled.

"Yeah, hard to do at the though, but it will be one of the many things looked into. I think I might visit this station. Undercover as one of the humans. I take it civilians are permitted on the station."

NABIS replied.

"In most sections of the station they are permitted. I recommend going in as a merchant or a businessman. It will be the simplest cover. I can implant a fake file on you in the station's computer, however if they check with authorities on Earth, the fake will be discovered more than likely. It is best to avoid trouble with station security."

Amann nodded.

"Very good. A file with my real name. A fake name will be too much trouble to remember. Put me as a businessman leading.....Alesian Industries."

He laughed. NABIS chuckled slightly.

"Done. Necessary information is imputted. A copy is up for your review."

"Thanks. I will look at it in a little while. I will require money and clothing. Walking around in Legionnaire armor will attract attention."

NABIS nodded as the asgard replication beam shined for a second. On the seat lay a card. Amann picked it up as NABIS spoke.

"That is a credit "chit" with the sum of 1 million Earth Credits. Also, various clothing is availiable for display."

Amann nodded as he browsed, selecting a black suit with a blue patterned tie.

"I will take that. Replicate 3 sets of this suit and reserve a room under my name at a comfortable hotel."

There was a white flash as the suits appeared. NABIS reported a second later.

"Completed. You are under reservation at the Ritz hotel. It is one of the more high end hotels. It is the logical place for fairly wealthy businessmen."

A beep sounded on the console. NABIS spoke immediately.

"Subspace scan detected from the planet. Unknown origin, suspected to be deep underground. Cloak is functional, we are undetected."

Amann nodded.

"Good. Monitor the scans of whatever that is. Now, where is the best place to beam in?"

NABIS spoke quickly.

"Beaming technology is virtually unheard of here. Beaming into a crowded place would attract attention, far more than what you want. I would recommend beaming into a deserted section of the station. Scans indicate the best place would be in the "Brown Sector". It is a undeveloped part of the station with a high crime rate and most of the station's poor are housed there. There are deserted sections, but caution is recommended."

Amann nodded as he started to undo his armor.

"Good. Prepare list of locations to beam into. I will be getting changed."

Amann started to undress and put on one of the black suits. After a few moments, he adjusted his tie and looked into a holographic representation.

"Very sharp. This might be fun, as that freak child thing said."

NABIS spoke.

"Will you require Earth style firearms?"

Amann shook his head as he pocketed the credit chit and a replicated Identicard.

"No. A weapon would attract too much attention. If I get in any real trouble, my powers will suffice. After all, I could rip apart this whole station with a mind burst. I can handle whatever comes my way."

NABIS nodded.

"Very well, High Councilor. Best beam in site is in Brown 43. It is fairly close to a transport tube. Take that to get to Red 5. That will be the Zocalo, a central market place. Pass through that to get to Red 6, where the Ritz is. You can check in at the front desk."

Amann sighed sarcastically.

"Yes mother.....I know what to do."

NABIS smirked slightly.

"Good. What are my instructions?"

Amann pocketed the remote device that will allow him to communicate with the jumper and if needed, to beam him back out.

"Your instructions are to survey the system for incoming and outgoing ships and site any unusual activity. Monitor all transmissions as well and record them. I will view them later."

NABIS nodded.

"It will be done. Beaming now."

Amann put on a sober face as he was beamed into Brown 43.