Another story on Orochimaru and Anko... some ideas from other manga is going to be used as the story progresses, due to my lack of imagination...but only a few though...
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Note: Please read before continuing. Some flowers' name will be mentioned, and the meaning of the flowers will be relevant to the story.

In English, Camellia. In Romaji, Tsubaki. A red Camellia signifies "in love". A yellow Camellia represents "longing", and a white Camellia means "waiting".

In English, Freesia. In Romaji, Furījia. Freesia represents "childish/ immature".

Okay, that's the end for the note, and now...on with the story...
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and any of its characters, and for this matter, some of the ideas used is adapted from the respective manga, so I do not own them too.
Information on the flowers mentioned above are from Wikipedia, on Hanakotoba.

"Ne ne Orochimaru-sensei! What is the name of this flower?" , a curious Anko asked, holding up a stalk of flower in her hands.

"Hmm? Oh...that...its a camellia. Though the meaning it holds depend on its color...".
Orochimaru was lying under the shade of a large tree, and Anko was sitting beside him, looking at the flower in fascination.

"Well, I think it looks a little red!", she announced, after scrutinizing the flowers for the while.
Orochimaru sat up, and leaned forward for a closer look.

"Really? I think it looks a little yellow though...", Orochimaru said offhandedly.
Anko lifted it in the sunlight, to see if her sensei was right, if she have in fact seen wrongly.
But actually, both of them were right. At first glance, one would think that its a white camellia. But actually, its petals bear a hint of both red and yellow.

"Heehee, this is a strange camellia! Three colors at the same time!" Anko laughed. "I wonder what does this flower mean...".

"As a matter of fact, camellia comes in three colors, all of which can be found on this one flower. A red camellia signifies 'in love', a yellow one means 'longing', and a white one 'wanting'...", Orochimaru replied.

"Wow...Orochimaru-sensei, you sure know a lot about flowers...I wonder if my name represents any flower...", Anko thought aloud.

"Well, no, there isn't. But if I were to name a flower that describes you it would be...Freesia.".

"What does that mean?". Orochimaru did not answer her, but simply chuckled.
Anko knew from past experience, that it would be impossible to get the answer out of him, so she let it go, making a mental note to look it up.
They sat in comfortable silence, before it was broken by Anko, who appeared to have been doing some thinking.

" I have decided, I want to keep this flower with me forever!" Anko said jubilantly. At that time, she some how felt that the colors that they had seen on the flower somehow represents the relationship between Orochimaru and herself.

"Well, but you do know that it is going to wither and you will have to throw it away soon right?", Orochimaru asked, watching as her expression fell.

"Oh yeah...then I am going to keep this as long as I can then...", Anko said, as she looked at the flower in her hand. She should not have plucked it.
Her change in attitude did not go unnoticed by Orochimaru.

"Anyway, its getting late. You should go back now. We will meet again here tomorrow.". He did not ask her to go back 'home' , as an orphanage is hardly what you would call 'home'.

"Tomorrow? But I thought there is no training tomorrow?"

"Its your birthday, remember?", Orochimaru said, as he ruffled her hair. Anko's eyes widened in surprise. He remembered! Anko said a very happy 'Okay!!!' , as she hugged Orochimaru round the waist, before running back, to the orphanage.

It was the next day, and Anko arrived to see Orochimaru lying under the tree again. Upon seeing her, Orochimaru motioned for her to come closer, before he produced a bottle of liquid. "Did you bring the flower?".

Anko nodded. After all, she did say that she wanted to keep it with her always. He took the flower from her hands, and dipped it into the liquid.
"What are you doing?", Anko asked curiously. Orochimaru simply smiled.

"With this liquid, the flower will not wither, this way, you can really keep it forever.". Then, instead of returning it to her like she expected him to, he produced a locket from his pouch, open it and placed the flower in it. Then, he stood up, stepped behind her, and clasped the locket around her neck.

"Happy birthday, Anko."

Mere words could not express how she felt, the word 'overjoyed' not even coming close. Yes, this will remain as Orochimaru's and her secret, just between the both of them. She stood on tip-toes, unexpectedly kissing Orochimaru on the cheek, expressing her thanks in a way no words could.

Orochimaru looked positively stunned. " Anko..."

"...Anko...hey, Anko...".

Anko tried to go back to the deep sleep she was in just now, but the irritating voice was just as, if not more persistent. She woke up to Ibiki nudging her subtly in the side, trying to wake her up.
She was about to show him how pissed of she was, until she remembered. Before she fell asleep, she had been in the middle of a meeting. A single thought crossed her mind. Ibiki waking her up must mean that the meeting have ended, right? Instinctively, following that train of thought, she stood up applauding.

"That was a very nice proposal! I give it my-" Anko stopped, when she noticed that everyone was staring at her. Crap...

The Jounins at the meeting all laughed, knowing that she had fell asleep and woke up thinking that the meeting was going to end. Only, Tsunade and Ibiki was sighing and shaking their head in exasperation. Anko sat back down on her chair, wishing that she could disappear right there. How embarrassing...

After the meeting, just as she was about to leave, Tsunade asked her to meet her at the Hokage's office. Now it was Anko's turn to sigh, knowing that she is going to be in trouble.

"Anko..." Tsunade started. But before she can continue, Anko interrupted her.

"I know, I time I promise not to sleep during meetings, and pay more attention."

"Actually... I was going to give you some time off...but if you are so eager to work..."

"What?! Wait, who said I didn't want some leave!? ...but why?" Anko was rather taken aback.
Sure, Tsunade was her friend, but it was just not like her to dish out time offs like that.

"Well you seem rather tired, I thought that you could use some know, go on a vacation for a little while or some thing...".

" mm, well thanks. Then... I think I will go back now?"

Tsunade nodded her approval for Anko to be dismissed, watching her as she went off. God knew that the girl needed a vacation, she never excused herself from work, unless she was sick!


On her way back, Anko thought back on the dream that she had. It was not the first time, as it had came to her almost every night, after He left. Still, she never took off the locket, and it was hidden under her shirt, so no one noticed and asked about it. She just didn't feel like taking it off. And come to think about it, she always buried herself in work, because of Him. If she was dead tired and fell asleep, she would seldom dream of anything...

When she reached home, she went to shower first, before letting herself fall onto her bed. What should she do, now that she have time on her hands. Her thoughts strayed to the meeting, that was conveniently about Him. It seems that there was some sound ninja activities spotted, but they weren't too sure.

Maybe she could go on a personal mission? Like, infiltrate His base and then return with information. After all, the chances that He would be with his subordinates is very low, as information from Jiraiya is that he resides in a different base from his army. And mere sound ninjas would be nothing to her.

Making her decision, she went to her desk and drafted out her plans. Another thing she learned from Him, that became a habit.

It does not seem much of a mission, but for now since she was without backup, infiltration would be the best idea.
Yes, she would bring down Orochimaru, even if its the last thing she do, but to her, its just a matter of time...or so she thought.

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