(This was supposed to be a humor fic, but failed because I can't write anything funny. It is still a parody though, so enjoy it while you can!)

Once upon a time a beautiful Irken invader was bowing before the Tallests, who were giving their full attention to her, oddly enough.

"Now that I've invaded a planet once, can I please choose my next one?"

"No, of course not. The other invaders weren't allowed to do that, so you can't do that." Said Red, who was actually repeating himself.

"Why aren't you satisfied with staying at Resortia or Gardenia like the other Ex-Invaders, anyway?" Purple asked. At least he wasn't repeating himself.

"Because," started the alluring Invader dramatically, "there is someone I must meet."

"Really? If that's the case, then just call them and leave us alone! We have snacks to eat, after all!" Said Red, who had turned around mid-way through his sentence, so the Invader was only able to see his back.

Purple followed suit.

"I guess," Said the enticing Invader with a sigh, "I'll have to go without The Empire's permission."

She was, talking out loud to herself, but the Tallests managed to not hear her, due to mysterious circumstances.


When we join up with our attractive Invader friend again, she is getting into her custom black Voot cruiser, sighing every few minutes. With her is her SIR unit, Rig, who was an older model then standard, but the Invader still loved Rig and thought the older models were better anyways. Rig had green eyes and had an antennae in the shape of a green flower.

"Rig, let's get going soon. Are you done setting co-ordinates yet?

Rig was in fact, done, but choose not to tell her master because she had free will, unlike other SIRs. The Invader had to check if the ship was set herself, which wasn't really hard anyways.

"COMPUTER! Is the ship set with correct co-ordinates for planet 53283-52663-75223 yet?

The computer's rather monotone voice replied, "Yes. Rig set them yesterday."

"Yesterday!? How come I never heard of this?" Said the Female Irken, sounding slightly angry.

"Because- How would I know?"

"Whatever," the dazzling Invader said with a sigh. She finished packing and threw Rig inside the ship before climbing in.


Now we find the wonderful Invader in the cockpit of her custom Voot, speeding around space heading for one mysterious planet against the Tallests orders. Along side her was Rig, a SIR unit who has yet to say anything. They had a mission: Go meet someone. So far we know the planet is number 53283-52663-75223, but that won't tell us anything.

The Invader's Voot was quite fast, and within a week they were arriving in the solar system that was their destination.

"Rig! Trace down an Irken energy signal on this planet! We have to find him soon!" The lovely Irken ordered.

"Yes Ma'am!" Rig said, her eyes glowing red for a second. A second later, she found one.

"COMPUTER! Go to the source of the signal! We have an Irken to find."

And so an Invader and her SIR race down to the surface of an alien planet, looking for a certain Irken.

WHO is this Irken the Invader is locating?

WHAT is the Invaders name?

WHEN will something explode?

WHERE is this planet?

WHY are you reading this?

Find out next time on The spectacular adventures of Miz, Bid and Rig!

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