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Eventually Gibbs, Booth and Dr. Brennan got to an agreement about how to deal with the bodies and evidence - for now. They agreed that it was all to be sent to the Jeffersonian (because their equipment was better, as Dr. Brennan pointed out) and, after Ducky had convinced Brennan that Abby was a very capable scientist, she agreed that Abby and Ducky would come with them to the Jeffersonian and they'd decide there if they would work with the rest of the squint squad or just observe ("Director Cullen told us on the phone that NCIS has agreed to let the Jeffersonian take care of all the evidence, right Bones? You heard him saying that Director Vance agreed to it!"). Also, the NCIS team would be working in the Jeffersonian, so that the evidence would be close. When the bodies were safely transported into Ducky's van, Ducky, Mr. Palmer (the tall man with glasses who turned out to be Ducky's assistant), and Agent David got in, heading to the Jeffersonian with the body, while Agents DiNozzo and McGee were going to drive the other NCIS van back to the HQ and pick up Abby, their friend and forensic scientist, and then drive to the lab. Gibbs got to his own car and Dr. Brennan and agent Booth to theirs. They all left in two different directions, leaving the FBI forensic team to clean the crime scene up.

Gibbs was first to arrive at the Jeffersonian. Booth and Brennan were next, and last came the NCIS van, driven by Mr. Palmer. Brennan walked towards the van, giving Palmer the directions to the loading platform, and Ducky and Ziva got out of the van, walking towards the others with .

"Let's go inside, shall we?"

"My dear, you have a wonderful lab! I only wish that NCIS could afford equipment like this..." Ducky said, standing at the doorway of the lab, looking around the huge lab.

"Is this were all my tax-money goes?" Ziva muttered, coming in after Ducky.

"Most of this equipment is paid by donors. Only the basic equipment, the building and the employees' paychecks are paid by the government." Dr. Brennan said and headed towards the evidence platform, motioning them to follow. She swept her card through a machine and said: "You need an access card to get to this platform. I'll talk to Cam and get you one..."

Booth was the last one to step on the platform. Mr. Palmer was already standing there with a couple of squints; they had placed the bodies on the tables, and the evidence on another table. Mr. Nigel-Murray was standing by the screen with Hodgins and Angela. When they heard them coming they turned around.

"Booth!" Angela cried out, running to him and giving him a hug. "It's so good to have you back, Booth! You have no idea how grumpy Bren gets when you're away..."

"You're grumpy when I'm not here, Bones?" Booth asked, giving her a big, teasing smile.

"No! I am not grumpy, Booth!" Brennan said at the same time as Angela said:

"Oh yes she is!" Brennan glared at Angela and said:

"I am not even sure what that means! Could we focus on the case, now?" Brennan avoided Booth's eyes and turned to the NCIS agents that had followed the conversation unsure about how they should react: should they be annoyed or amused? Gibbs was definitely going for the annoyed look, Brennan noticed.

"Agents, these are my co-workers: Angela Montenegro, the forensic artist,"

"Nice to meet you!" Angela said, smiling to the group,

"Dr. Jack Hodgins, the entomologist,"

"She means that I'm the bug and slime guy." Hodgins said,

"- And this is -Murray, my grad student of the week." Mr. Nigel-Murray waved with his hand and awkwardly smiled a little.

"Dr. Hodgins, these soil-samples from the limbo case are -" Cam walked to the platform, stopping mid-sentence when she noticed the strange people standing there.

"Agents, this is our boss and pathologist, dr. Camille Saroyan. Cam, these are the agents from NCIS."

Cam smiled. "Welcome to the Jeffersonian." She was just shaking hands with them when they heard first a loud squeal and then an even louder bang. They turned around, and saw a goth woman, obviously the source of the squeal, standing in the doorway, wide-eyed, entranced expression on her face. She rose both of her hands, like she wanted to hug the whole building.

"This is awesome, Gibbs!" She turned towards the agent, eyes shining and big smile on her face. Gibbs chuckled at her enthusiasm.

"Where are DiNozzo and McGee, Abby?" He asked, and then heard a voice saying:

"I'm here, Boss... Could you please warn me the next time you decide to make a sudden stop, Abby? I think I'm going to have a lump in my head..." Agent DiNozzo, the source of the bang, rose from the floor where he had been knocked by Abby.

"And because you asked about Probie-Wan-Kenobi, boss, he is... Well, here he comes!" And so did he; although he could have easily been mistaken for a pile of cardboard boxes with feet. He carried at least 4 big boxes with him, and they were completely covering him from sight.

"Miss Sciuto," Dr Brennan said, "You didn't need to take your equipment with you. We have everything one could possibly need..." Abby turned to face Dr. Brennan, smiling widely.

"Call me Abby, Dr. Brennan. And this is not science equipment. I did, however, bring my CD player and some CD's, and Bert, of course, and some Caf-Pow, and -"


"Oh, sorry, Gibbs. Rambling again. That's a really funny word, by the way. Rambling. Rrrrambling..."

"How many Caf-Pows have you had today, Abs?"

"Just the normal amount, Gibbs!" The forensic scientist sounded defensive, and Gibbs cocked one eyebrow.

"Well, maybe slightly more than normal..."

"She drank 3 just during the car ride, boss." Tony piped up, still rubbing his head, an annoyed expression on his face. Abby's expression changed to completely serious as she turned to Tony, lowering her voice.

"Nobody likes gossipers, Tony. And do I have to remind you that I'm the only person in the world that could kill you and leave no forensic evidence." She poked Tony's chest with her finger. Now it was the squint squad and Booth's turn to be amused. Especially Booth enjoyed this show, mainly because he really didn't like how Tony looked at his Bones.

"You gave me a bang on the head, Abs! And you can't kill me... I'm a trained agent!" Abby smirked and said:

"Maybe you're right, Tony... But I bet Ziva would just love to help me out with that." She eyed Ziva, who smiled and said:

"Oh, Abs, I'd be delighted to! "Hearing this, Tony paled a little, muttering under his breath:

"This is so not my day..."

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