The Princess of Tennis

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Notes: This is set in high school, not middle school. Everyone is 3 years older.

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Chapter 1

A pretty girl of 15 stepped off the plane, her long greenish hair flowing behind her. Her golden eyes were filled with joy as she returned from America to her home. She was wearing a simple black long-sleaved shirt, with jeans, and of course, her signature white cap. Her companion was in a similar outfit, minus the cap. "Hey Kevin, we're finally here, huh?"

"Yeah, it would seem so, Ryoma," The blond replied. Ryomatook out her phoneto call someone.

"Who're you calling?" Kevin asked.

"Kei, he's going to pick us up," she said to Kevin.

Ring! Ri-

"Ryoma?" Atobe answered, sounding relieved.

Ryoma smirked and replied, "Hi Kei, this is Ryoma. Kev and I are at the airport right now. Can you come pick us up?"

"...I'll be there in 15 minutes. Wait by the entrance for me."

"Okay, see ya." With that, she hung up. "Kevin, we're meeting Kei at the entrance, and he sounded very worried for my safety" With that, she rolled her eyes and the two headed for the entrance of the airport.

Atobe Residence

One Atobe Keigo was frantically pacing the floor, waiting for his baby cousin's call to announce her arrival. His teammates were all exchanging amused looks at how worried he was over his little cousin, who was only 3 years younger than he was. Of course, they were excited to see her, too, the girl was very nice, stunningly gorgeous and was one heck of a tennis player. All of them had yet to beat her in a game. All of them have had slight crushes on her since they met her a few years ago when Atobe brought her to help with their tennis practice. Of course, they wouldn't let her overprotective cousin know that. Suddenly, they felt a killer intent come from the diva of the group, and immediately stopped their thoughts about Ryoma...

Ring! Ri-

Atobepicked up the phone before the second ring, relieved that his cousin had arrived safely.


"Hi Kei, this is Ryoma; Kev and I are at the airport right now. Can you come pick us up?"

"...I'll be there 15 minutes. Wait by the entrance for me."

"Okay, see ya."


The pale haired diva called his chauffeur and got into the limo and practically shoved his team in.

"So I'm guessing that was Ryo-chan," said Jiro, for once actually awake. Everybody turned to face the sleeping beauty of the team, shocked he wasn't, well, sleeping.

When they reached the airport, Atobe looked around, trying to find his little cousin amongst the crowds of people. Finally, he spotted her.


Said girl looked up to see her cousin and his teammates heading towards her. She and Kevin went over to them.






The two of them were immediately bombarded with greetings from their old friends. As they headed back towards the limo, a thought crossed Atobe's mind.

"Oi, Ryoma, which school are you going to go to? You can always go to Hyotei with me."

The girl smirked and turned away from the older boy. "I'm going to Rikkaidai"


Atobe was shocked his cousin chose that school over his own. "Why are you going there? You already know my teammates, and I can look over you in Hyotei."

"Well, Kevin and I are actually going to Rikkaidai because that's where the only house we could find was, remember?" She said, "That, and Sei-chan and Gen-chan at that school. Our new house is only a block away from his. Did you know he's captain of the tennis team?"

"Huh, I guess it can't be helped. Have fun at Rikkaidai, although if anyone bothers you, tell me" Atobe finally said as they reached the Echizen household.

"You worry about me too much."

"Well, of course; you're my baby cousin."

"Ryoma, Kevin, you're back!" Nanako welcomed them. "Kei, thanks for bring them here. Would you like to come in?"

"No, I'm fine. Say hello to Aunt Rinko and Karupin for me. Oh, and Ryo-chan? Can you and Kevin come over to Hyotei tomorrow to help with training since you two don't start school for another week?"

"Sure, we'll come during your morning practice." She replied.

"Yay! I get to verse Ryo-chan again!" All the regulars turned to see Jirou wide awake in anticipation at being able to play a match with Ryoma.

"Alright, Ryo-chan, see you tomorrow then. Ja ne." With that, Atobe and his teammates left.

The Next Day

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The noise could be heard by everyonein the house...well, everyone but Ryoma.

"Ryoga?" Rinko sighed, "Can you please wake up your sister?"

"I guess it can't be helped, chibisuke can sleep through a tornado...and still, she doesn't wake!" The 18 year old boy grumbled as he walked up the stairs to wake his little sister.


"Ahhhhh" Was heard, followed by a loud thumping sound, probably Ryoma falling off her bed in suprise. THAT was followed by loud screams of "Chibisuke, stop!" and "That hurts!" and "Don't you have to meet Kei today?" (the last one was said with MUCH desperation)

Ryoma stopped hitting her brother with tennis balls and turned to look at the clock-------------

"NOOOOOOO, I'm going to be late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She quickly put on a t-shirt and shorts (no way was she going to wear a skirt, those things are so...well, icky) and grabbed all her tennis stuff. With that, she rushed out the door and headed for Hyotei...and one pissed off Atobe Keigo.

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