So pretty much no one has been updating lately, probably due to the horror of what is happening currently on the show. I decided that this is the time where we need some Chuck/Sarah fluff the most. This has been in my files for a while (pre-Season 3) and I figured I'd put it up now. It's nothing special, but there's about 4 or 5 parts to it, each part a run-in with another female character. Think of this chapter as more of a set up for the mood in the previous ones, however the others won't follow a timeline or anything. Probably a tiny bit OOC, but then again, so are the characters on the show right now. (Zing!) In all fairness, though, we all know that Chuck and Sarah will end up together. And I'm guessing that'll happen sooner rather than later.


The bell on the door rang as Chuck walked into the Orange Orange with a wide smile on his face. His fiancée, after realizing it was him and not another customer, matched his smile with one of her own. Chuck half walked, half skipped, around the counter and moved over towards her. She met him half way and he snaked an arm around her back and responded with a steaming hot kiss for an upwards of ten seconds that left her motionless, breathless, and speechless all at the same time.

Once she gained control of herself enough to flutter her eyes open, Sarah breathed, "Wow. Somebody missed me."

"You have no idea," Chuck said as he gently moved her hair back behind her ear. "You ready to get out of here?"

"Yeah, just let me get my jacket. It's in the back." Sarah kissed him quickly before going back to the freezer. Chuck hated when she left, but he loved watching her go. Caught up in Sarah's beauty, he almost didn't register the door ringing as it opened. What he did register was that familiar sultry voice that rang out louder than the bell.

"I hope you weren't thinking of closing before I could order."

Chuck had his back to the front but closed his eyes for a few seconds when he heard her. Turning around slowly and plastering a smile on his face, Chuck said, "Hi, Carina."

"Hey, Chuckie!" She waved at him like it had only been a few days since they'd last seen each other, instead of over three years.

"What are you doing here?" He tried using a fake pleasantly surprised voice. Inside he was screaming, "Not now, damnit! Not now!"

"Oh, you know…" Carina shrugged off, "Just in the neighborhood."

Sarah walked out from the back and stopped short when she saw the DEA agent. "Carina!" she said using a half-upbeat voice. The other half seemed a mixture between threatening and questioning. "What are you doing here? I thought you were coming tomorrow."

"Woah, woah, you knew about this?" Chuck asked, pointing to the red head.

"Yes, this would've been the first time I actually expected her to show, but leave it to Carina," Sarah pointedly looked at the female agent, "to change things up."

"What can I say," Carina said mischievously, "I like to be in control."

"You know for a secret agent such as yourself, that's a pretty commonly known fact," Chuck said.

"Chuck, there's still so much more I could show you." Carina winked at him and Sarah dropped the happy façade. Chuck swallowed hard and looked at the blonde who was currently staring daggers into both of them. "Oh calm down, Sarah. I'm just teasing him."

"To you, "tease" has a different meaning than it does to the rest of the world," Sarah said coldly.

"Okay, you got me," Carina said, mock throwing her hands up in the air. "I was actually just going to get Chuck alone at some point and sex him up a little. If you want my approval of this union I need to evaluate him in all aspects." Chuck's eyes bugged out of his head when he saw the way Carina was looking at him.

"First of all, I don't care about your approval," Sarah retorted. "And second of all, Chuck is more than capable of handling me in the bedroom. No need for a test run." Chuck looked at her wondering what she was doing. Didn't she realize she was just lighting a fire under Carina? It wasn't until he saw the competitive gleam in her eyes that he discovered she knew exactly what she was doing. He never understood the relationship between these two. He barely understood one of them let alone both of them together.

"Did I say evaluate?" Carina said with mock innocence. "I meant teach him some stuff. You know… as my wedding present to you."

"I think we'll pass," Sarah said as she grabbed Chuck's hand in hers and started pulling him towards the door.

Carina followed suit. "Where are we going?"

"We," Sarah said, pointing to her and Chuck, "are going home. You are going back to your hotel. Or anywhere else. I don't care." Sarah opened the door. "Except our place," she added.

"Maybe Morgan's around…" they heard he mumble as they left.

After getting into Sarah's Porsche, Chuck said, "So I assume Carina will be a bridesmaid?"

Keeping her eyes on the road, Sarah responded, "As much as she drives me crazy… I can't imagine getting married without her there." Sarah reached out and started playing with the curls at the back of his neck. Chuck relaxed at her touch, but his eyes shot open at the sudden pain. Sarah clamped down on a pressure point and with a venomous tone said, "And if you ever sleep with Carina it'll be the last sex you ever have. And I'll break your hands so you won't even be able to take care of it yourself. Got that?"

"Yes, sweetheart," Chuck said through gritted teeth. Sarah released the hold she had on his muscle and returned her hand to the steering wheel. "You know I would never even think of doing that."

"Just making it clear. You can be a little slow when it comes to these kind of things," Sarah said as she turned on her right blinker.

"About sex or cheating?" Chuck asked incredulously.


"What? Give me one example each," Chuck challenged her.

"How about I do you one better and give you two examples each," Sarah said right back.

"Go ahead." Chuck was fairly positive he was safe in this, but she seemed oddly confident. Maybe this was a mistake.

"Okay: sex," Sarah said, setting herself up. "One: the first time I stayed over for cover."

"What? That doesn't count! That was for cover. You told me it was just for the cover!" Chuck said, frantically trying to defend himself.

Sarah turned onto the highway and said, "Chuck do you really think if you had made a move I would have even tried to stop you? I'm sorry I didn't shout it out from a cliff that I wanted it."

Chuck's jaw was close to grazing the floor of the car as he looked at her. "But you said…"

"And then," Sarah cut him off, "you tell me I look like a prostitute! Literally, Chuck, I was this close," Sarah put her index and thumb half an inch away from her, "to giving you a night most men can only fantasize about and you screwed it up."

"I… I had no idea."

"And that's why you're slow." Sarah was now reveling in her victory over the first round. Three more to go. "Next: the motel."

"Okay no," Chuck stopped her, "That was not me being slow. Morgan stole my condom. I wanted to just as bad as you did, if not more. I thought you would appreciate me not wanting to impregnate you."

Sarah laughed humorlessly, "Oh no, that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about you after coming out of the bathroom, racing to the door and telling me to sit tight while you went and found a condom. If you had waited one second to listen to what I was trying to tell you, you would have found out I was on the pill."

Chuck just stared at her not knowing what to say. Sarah looked smug. Too smug. "Okay so here's your ideal situation at the motel: I go in the bathroom for a condom. No condom. I come out and tell you there's no condom. You say, "It's okay, baby, I'm on the pill," " Chuck used a falsetto to imitate her seductive voice, which just came out as sounding like a little girl. "And then I get back into bed. Foreplay, foreplay. "Now, Chuck, please!" In. Out. In. Out. Bed squeaks. "OH, Chuck, you're so big!" " Sarah laughed at the remembrance of their first time together. She had in fact said that. "And then BOOM! No, Sarah, that wasn't me. It sounded like… a gunshot? Oh yeah! It's John Casey blasting his way into our room only to find us fucking each other's brains out. We get captured and wah-lah. Game over." Chuck looked at her confidently. "You're telling me that's what you wanted."

"Well it sure as hell would have saved me the trouble of fighting off Fulcrum agents while I was still hot and bothered. Casey would have captured us either way. So, yes, I'd rather have sex and get captured than not have sex, fight off the group of men coming for us, and eventually end up being thrown into a cell in our own operation base." Chuck looked out the window shaking his head. So far it was Sarah: 2 Chuck: 0.

"Moving on," Sarah said intently. "Now for the fun part. Cheating."

"Never," Chuck said.

"Twice," she corrected him. "Number one: The name "Lou" ring any bells?" Chuck bit his upper lip hard. "You remember Lou, right? Deli owner, small Italian, criminal ex-boyfriend... Brunette." Sarah was now extremely cautious of brunettes anywhere near her fiancé. When she had called Carina, she was actually undercover as a brunette. Sarah made her dye it back to red. Chuck would never know. He still hadn't looked at her. "Oh, come on, sweetie, you remember Lou. At least I do. Especially after you talked about her in bed after calling me a prostitute."

"But we broke up," Chuck whined.

"No," Sarah said, dragging out the word. "You broke up with me after you hit on Lou repeatedly. The first thing on your bucket list was break up with me so you could be with her."

"You told me we weren't going anywhere. While on truth serum! What was I supposed to think?" Sarah's eye grew wide at her realization.

"Oh my god, Chuck, I never told you," she said sounding somewhat horrified.

"Never told me what?"

"I'm, kind of… I'm trained to withstand pentathol?" Sarah winced at what his reaction would be.

"So you're saying you put me through that emotional rollercoaster on purpose? Why would you do that?"

"Not on purpose," she desperately tried to explain. "I just couldn't afford to compromise myself, and then I kissed you when I thought that I'd never get the chance again."

"Yeah and then you made out with Bryce Larkin in my bedroom. I remember, Sarah," Chuck said, unhappy to be reliving this timeline.

"I thought you weren't jealous of him anymore," Sarah said.

"I'm not," Chuck said passive aggressively while staring out his window, "Just stating the facts."

"To be fair, you had broken up with me. We weren't together," Sarah said, defending herself.

"That's a valid point," Chuck admitted. "…Okay, round three goes to you. What else have you got?"

Sarah tore her eyes away from the road and looked at him incredulously. "You're joking, right? You have to be joking."

"…Oh come on!" Chuck yelled. "It was Jill! My first love from Stanford. There has to be some exception for that!"

"Absolutely not! And don't think I don't know all about your history with Jill Roberts. God, I can't believe I even waited on you for your date." Sarah put her elbow against the door and leaned her head on her hand.

"Beckman made me do that. I didn't even want to see Jill. You're the one always pushing the "must follow orders" crap," Chuck retorted.

"Chuck, you got back with Jill and then ran off grid with her just so you guys could fuck at some resort. Oh and did I mention she is a Fulcrum agent?!"

"Was a Fulcrum agent," he corrected her.

"Oh, that's right I forgot you gave her a government issue engagement ring worth thousands so she could escape. Silly me."

"Alright, if you want to play it like that: Cole Barker." Sarah looked taken aback but only for a second and she went back to a calm persona, no doubt brought on by her CIA training. "Yeah, Sarah. Cole Barker, sexy MI6 agent you just couldn't keep your hands off of."

"You broke up with me before that, too. I always stayed faithful to you. The only time anything ever happened with someone was when we were broken up and even then it still didn't get past kissing. One kiss to be exact. You made out with Lou repeatedly and slept with Jill repeatedly. You didn't even think of how it made me feel." Sarah now sounded a little hurt by everything. Their bet had taken a turn for the worst. "And just so you know," she said quietly, "the whole time I was kissing Cole, I was pretending it was you." They both looked at each other before Sarah looked back at the road and turned into their driveway.

Chuck still hadn't said anything when she turned off the engine and got out of the car. He followed her into the living room and she took off her jacket and threw it on the couch. She walked into their bedroom and stripped down to nothing before going into the bathroom to shower. Sarah put her engagement ring on the nightstand on her way in.

Chuck walked into the bedroom and sat down on their bed. He saw the glimmer from the diamond on the table and picked up the ring. Holding it in between his fingers he remembered when he went to go get it. He had spent hours searching for the perfect one for her. She had loved it when he finally got up the nerve to show it to her. That memory always brought a smile to his face.

Grabbing his cellphone, Chuck scrolled down his contact list until he got to the "T" section. Pressing the last contact in that section, he waited for them to pick up and walked out to sit on the couch.


"Hey, it's Chuck from LA," Chuck said with an amused smile.

"Chuck! How've you been, mate?"

"Good. Real good. Hey, listen… I was wondering if you could do me a huge favor."

"Anything for you, Chuck."



Chuck heard the water shut off and padded footsteps as Sarah walked from the bathroom to the bedroom. "Fuck," he heard her whisper sharply. It was a few more seconds before Sarah walked hurriedly into the living room. "Chuck, please tell me you have my—" She stopped short at the sight of Chuck standing in the middle of the room with the ring in his fingers. Sarah would have sighed of relief, but she couldn't breath. "Chuck, what are you doing." It wasn't a question, the way she had said it. Chuck slowly walked over to her. She was dressed only in a towel wrapped around her, her wet hair beginning to curl and her face flushed red from the hot shower. She had no make up on. Chuck thought she was beautiful.

"I thought about what was said in the car," Chuck said. His voice was lower than usual and he kept getting closer and closer. "And I realized that in all of the stories there were two constants." He was close enough now that they were breathing each other's air. "And they were me and you. It's always been me and you. And it will continue to be me and you." He lifted up the ring. "This is the only physical proof that we'll always have each other. If you can move on from the stupid things our former selves have done, and take this and agree to be with me for the rest of our lives, nothing else matters, past, present, or future. So now that everything's out on the table I want to give you a second chance." He looked into her shining blue eyes. "Sarah, will you spend the rest of your life with me?"

"Of course I will," she said without hesitation. "I meant it before and I mean it now." Chuck put the ring on her finger, which felt extra delicate after getting out of the hot shower.

"I have one more thing to tell you." Sarah looked on patiently. "I planned our wedding."

"You what?" Sarah said shocked by what had just come out of his mouth.

"I know you don't want a big wedding and neither do I. It's awkward and not to mention would put a huge target on both of our backs. So I thought why not go to an undisclosed location where we can bring all our family and friends." Chuck had a wide grin on his face now.

"I'm listening…"

"I called in a favor for the location."

"From who?" Sarah was beginning to get skeptical.

"Well after receiving multiple death threats, Tyler Martin felt it was necessary to buy his own private island. He was eager to loan it to us for the wedding. He's got a private jet to fit all of us." Chuck was getting excited just by telling her all of this.

"Wow, Chuck, that's incredible!" Chuck stopped her before she could get too enthusiastic.

"There's just… one condition," he said tentatively.

"…What," Sarah said, her voice dropping to a dangerous level. Knowing Tyler it'd probably be he gets to sleep with her or something along those lines. Maybe she could convince Carina to do it.

"…He wants to plan the bachelor party." Chuck immediately went into The Morgan position, bracing himself for his deadly companion's wrath. When he felt no pain, he peaked through his fingers to see her contemplating it.

After only five seconds Sarah said, "Okay."


"Yeah. I trust you. But here's my one condition…" Sarah stepped closer and looked piercingly into his eyes. "If Alex Forrest shows up you call me immediately."

Chuck's face broke into the megawatt smile that made her knees go weak. "I love you so much."

Sarah stood up and kissed him long and hard. "I love you, too. Now," she said with an impish smile, "why don't you prove me wrong about that little sex discussion," she unwrapped her towel and it dropped to the floor, "and take me to bed, Chuck."

He grinned and kissed her, putting his arms around her and hoisting her up so that her long legs were wrapped around his lower back. He gripped her firmly and carried her away. Breaking the kiss, she panted, "You're going the wrong way, babe."

"First rule," he said, putting her down on their kitchen counter but keeping her legs in place, "It's good to mix it up once in a while."


This one was a lot of talking, but the following are all one-shot stories. Remember, this was more of an intro.

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