AN: This is my last part of this story… so now it's a three shot. Hope you enjoy it!

Thirteen Years Later: The Unlikely Meeting

Mrs. Sully sat down at a table of one of the port's restaurants, mindlessly stirring her ice tea. Little did she know it was the same restaurant, near the same table that her son had sat at twelve years previously before his departure. She wasn't quite sure what she was waiting for… she hadn't heard from Jake at all since he had boarded the shuttle. He had promised her to send word – any word – anyhow. But he hadn't, and she was worried. This not knowing had eaten at her, had haunted her. Her one last hope was that the shuttle today that was arriving home from Pandora would either carry her son or someone who knew of his fate. She stopped stirring her drink, finally realizing she was even doing it, and took a quick sip through her straw. Maybe her meal would be on its way soon…

"Hi um, could I sit with you?"

Mrs. Sully looked up to see a very tanned woman who was probably in her early thirties, dark brown eyes almost black, but yet had a friendly sparkle.

"Yes, you may. Here…" she moved her purse to allow the other woman's briefcase room as she set it flat down on the table and sat down across from her. Mrs. Sully watched her smile as she reached out a hand to shake. "I'm Dawn by the way. I used to work at this restaurant… though I come back for the food and people watching when I'm not at the office."

"Kristin Sully," Mrs. Sully took the woman's hand and was please with the firm but gentle shake. "Waiting for my son or news of him. He had gone to Pandora thirteen years ago."

"So you don't know what has happened to him yet? That must be hard…" Suddenly Mrs. Sully saw Dawn's dark eyes meet with her own sky blue with -- oddly enough -- recognition. "I don't mean to pry mam, but is your son an injured soldier? He had used a wheelchair… short brown hair… same eye color as you… I talked with him before he had headed out to Pandora!"

"Oh," Mrs. Sully said, greatly surprised. "Did you?"

"Yeah, interesting guy… I remember that I had a pack of tarot cards with me and he allowed me to lay them out for him… fascinating fortune. I'd be real curious to see what he has been up to these past thirteen years…"

"Hi Dawn! Usual today?"

Mrs. Sully startled as her waiter placed down her turkey club sandwich and he winked at Dawn. "I'm glad you met one of the rare regulars mam!"

Dawn laughed, unconscientiously placing a loose strand of dark hair behind her ear. "Yes, Rick. That would be lovely. Are you short of workers today?"

"Yeah, a manager has to do what a manager has to do to get this place running… enjoy your club Mrs. Sully. And a sprite and French dip sliders are on the way Dawn."

With a final wave he went back into the kitchen. Mrs. Sully grinned at the woman in front of her, "A friend of yours?"

Dawn smiled, "Yeah, he's the owner's son actually… known him since I started to work here and since I've moved on to bigger things we've stayed in touch."

"How nice… now this fortune of my son's…" Mrs. Sully was desperate for news if she was asking for an old supposedly fortune told thirteen years ago to her son by this woman she had just only meant. But she'd take it.

Dawn licked her lips, "I don't know… one's fortune is really kind of private… oh I remember it," she added when Mrs. Sully gave her a down hearted look. "Like I said it was fascinating… but I guess for a worried mother I could say a few things that might bring comfort. Though please don't take my word that that was what has happened to your son… ultimately his fortune is built on his choices. And only he could tell you what his choices have been and where they have led him."

Mrs. Sully nodded. "Of course, I'm just --"

"Worried," nodded Dawn. "Understandable. Well obviously he was headed out on a journey that would bring him adventure, but he didn't know what he was getting into. But the cards told me that he was brave and strong, and he would use those to get him through the unknown."

Mrs. Sully nodded encouragingly, that sounded like her son alright.

"Also the cards had pointed to him being healed… though there would be plenty of injustice and conflict for him to face. If he played his choices out well and strong though, he'll be happy, free. He'll be transformed." Dawn took a breath and continued, "I don't think I should tell you more than that…I really hope you hear from him soon though."

"Thank you," Mrs. Sully said, her voice grateful. The two women fell into silence, Mrs. Sully eating her club and Dawn sipping her drink. Both of their heads turned when they heard the sound of footsteps coming their way.

"Excuse me, are you Mrs. Sully?" A young woman who had clearly just came from the incoming shuttle asked. Mrs. Sully nodded, not really paying attention to the young woman standing in front of her. No, what she was staring at was the familiar camo duffel bag that she knew was her Jake's. Her eyes immediately filled with tears.

"No," she moaned, fearing the worse. "Oh please God no…"

"Jake's not dead Mrs. Sully! He is very much alive… he's – he just decided to stay on Pandora." The woman sat down to the older woman's left and introduced herself. "I am Amanda, one of the avatar drivers. I could have stayed as well but… well, I've family here. And Jake needed someone trustworthy to get his stuff to you." Amanda placed the duffel bag on Mrs. Sully's lap. "You will find all his video logs, pictures, and his journal in there as well as his copy of Na'vi."

Dawn started to get up, "I can move to another table if you want privacy…"

"No," Mrs. Sully said quickly. "You're food is on the way and I need some company." Looking up at Amanda she then asked, "Did my son say anything for me to know?"

Amanda nodded, "He said that once you knew the story, that he hoped you would understand why he made the choices he did and why he decided to stay… he's happy Mrs. Sully. Happier than he ever could be on Earth."

It took her a moment to digest that her son wouldn't be coming back. Of course she had had the feeling… but it wasn't the same as the fact itself. But at least she knew his whereabouts. And according to this Amanda, he was happy. Once she looked through his stuff, once she got to see his message, she would know everything she had wanted to know for the past thirteen years while he had been away.

"Do you want privacy mam?" Amanda asked as Mrs. Sully unzipped the duffel bag.

"Not yet, I'll let you know though when I do." She took out a folded piece of paper that was on top of few unfolded clothes that looked like they had been thrown in there. Despite herself, Mrs. Sully couldn't help but laugh at Jake's typical way of packing before she opened the letter and read:


Too much has happened to explain in a simple letter or in a simple transmitter. I am sorry I haven't been able to contact you sooner but I kept my promise; this is me getting out 'word' before I do perhaps the most drastic thing I've done here (and that's pretty drastic). As you have been told I'm staying on this beautiful land and I'm becoming part of the People, part of the Na'vi. Permanently, no more having to link up to my avatar to walk across this land. I can't explain how, but I'm transferring my conscious into my avatar permanently. I can't have my human body separating me from what I've fallen so in love with, this land, this People… Neytiri. But I am getting ahead of myself. I don't know what you have heard about the RDA, or what happened while they were on Pandora, but if ANYTHING comes out about me, I want you to know my side first. And my story is all in my bag. And once you know it Mom, I hope you understand why I've done all that I've done. I hope you understand why I chose to stay.

I love you and I miss you. But please know that whatever happens, I am satisfied with my choice. Because of this place, this People I have found something worth living for again.