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For My Baby G...

Coffee and Comics

I had no idea where I was.

After staying in hundreds of hotels over the past few years, they all started to look the same. Monotony ruled my life; identical paintings on the walls, identical chairs and tables, identical bedspreads, and curtains. I felt robotic going from city to city and job to job, surrounded by the same types of people day in and day out. I hated it. I was desperate for something new, something different. I wanted some fun and was finally at the point where I had reached my limit, whether my bodyguard liked it or not.

Looking out the window at the city lights, I reveled in the anonymity the darkness offered. Tonight was the last chance I'd have to get out on my own. My flight was scheduled for seven in the morning and I knew it would come too soon. I laced up the black boots that had been buried in the bottom of my duffle bag and grabbed my jacket. The night air was a little chilly, but nothing that required a heavy coat. Besides, I didn't plan to be out in the open air all that long. After flipping through the phone book in my hotel room, I found what I was looking for. I just hoped that it would have what I wanted.

I slipped out the door, shoving my room key into my front pocket. There would be hell to pay for this, but it was worth it. Electricity was in the air and I could feel it pulsing into my body; something was coming. The rim of my ball cap was pulled down low on my face, hiding both my hair and eyes, the first things people usually noticed about me. The ding of the elevator was loud and I hurriedly stepped into the car, mashing the button to close the door. As I descended toward the ground floor, I plotted the best way to reach my destination.

The lobby was crowded with the usual: businessmen, vacationing families, honeymooners, and a rather large group of teenaged girls. To avoid them in my haste, I made a wide loop around the group, turning my head away in relief when I saw a few of them huddled and squealing around a teen magazine of the Jonas brothers. It was a little comforting that the world seemed to continue with new obsessions every week, and I hoped that one day soon my face wouldn't be front and center on those vile publications. All the traveling I did for work made it hard enough to find the right girl, but when you added the extra exposure to it, it was almost impossible. I yearned for my own living room where I could lie on my sofa with my perfect woman curled around me. I was smart enough to know that as long as the public wanted me, as long as I kept gracing the covers of magazines, I most likely wouldn't find the one thing that I wished for most; my dream girl.

The night air was crisp on my skin as I exited the building and blended in with the other people walking along the street. I was only walking a few blocks and I entertained the idea of getting a cab for the ride back, but I wasn't worried about that quite yet. I noticed several shops along the street, most of which were closed. Being away from the madness of Los Angeles and the mayhem of New York was a welcome change, reminding me of home—a place I hadn't been in far too long. I continued walking at a brisk pace, shoving my hands deeper into my pockets. No one had noticed me or even made eye contact, much less recognize me. I was relieved and a little excited when I saw the large sign glowing in the darkness. I was almost there.

Crossing the street, I walked through the parking lot, noticing how few cars there were. I hoped that I wasn't too late, that the store was still open. The doors slid open as I approached and I noticed the hours listed on the window. Looking at my watch I was thrilled to see I had almost thirty minutes to find what I was after.

Cautiously entering the doorway, I looked around and only saw a few people—much to my relief. I could smell the rich scent of the books, paper and leather all around me. Following the signs, I saw what I needed tucked all the way in the back corner. With my gaze trained on it, I made my way towards the section. My eyes skimmed the books displayed on the shelves as I walked down the long aisle, but soon I smelled a stronger, more powerful aroma. Coffee permeated through the store and my mouth began to water. I knew it was late at night, but a small cup of coffee wouldn't hurt, I'd still be able to fall asleep without any trouble.

Stepping up to the register, I quickly placed my order and paid the barista, moving aside to browse through a magazine while I waited. There were several tables scattered around the little café area but no other patrons. I could hear voices nearby, but wasn't able to see anyone. A beautiful, high-pitched, sweet laugh loudly rang out and I was instantly intrigued. For some reason I ached to hear it again. The barista handed me my coffee and I stepped to the side to reach the creamer and sugar. While absentmindedly stirring the steaming hot liquid, I saw a row of booths tucked away in a far corner and a few women seated in one of them. I couldn't see the ladies very clearly, but after looking around, I decided that I could probably get a better look from the rows of bookshelves.

The laughter floated softly in the air again and my mind raced; had I heard it before? It sounded so familiar, where did I know it from? I took a sip of the liquid in my hand, letting it slide down my throat, warming me as it went. When the laugh echoed through the room for a third time, I felt it embrace me, warming my body more completely than the coffee ever could. The desire to know who was causing these feelings overtook me and I tossed my unwanted coffee into the waste basket and headed for the shelves.

Peaking around the edge of a children's picture book, I saw the women sitting, talking, and laughing together. They were older than me, and I could see them all wearing wedding bands. My heart sank when I realized that my dream girl was most likely already taken, but then I heard the laugh again. My eyes were drawn to a blonde sitting against the wall of the booth, playing with her cell phone. She was clearly typing something into her phone and I wondered who she could have been texting, and what they were saying to her that made her laugh.

Her friends were flipping through the newest People magazine, discussing dresses and the women wearing them. It was this month's edition with my face on the cover. I had been a presenter at the awards ceremony featured in the weekly circular, and I knew that this one displayed the gowns worn by all the women in attendance. As the ladies pointed out their favorites and the ones they wouldn't be caught dead in, I smiled toward the blonde who sat quietly, immersed in her phone and paying no attention to the magazine. She was different than the fan girls I had managed to avoid at the hotel. She didn't seem to be caught up in the romantic notions associated with being a celebrity—I could tell she was anchored in the real world as she continued to converse with someone on her cell phone. Then I heard the words I was dreading.

"Oh, there's someone's boyfriend," one of the brunette's said, looking towards the blonde.

Shit, she had a boyfriend?

She looked up at her friends and spoke with an accent I wouldn't soon forget. "What are you girls talkin' about?"

"There's your boyfriend, he was lookin' hot!"

"Oh, let me see that," she said as she reached out and grabbed the magazine. A smile spread across her face and I wondered who she was looking at. The fact that I was quickly growing jealous of the mystery man caught me off guard and I shook my head trying to rid myself of the thought.

Another brunette quickly spoke up. "You know he's too young for you, right? He's like what, twenty or something? I saw him in that Harry Potter movie, and you are WAY too old for him. You need to move on to Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt or something."

The blonde looked at her friend. "Well, you know I like my Brit's, and besides, he's not that much younger than me, only like ten years. That's not bad."

I shifted my stance, trying to get a better look at the magazine, figure out who she was talking about.

The other blonde at the table spoke up, "Hey, give her some credit, I mean he plays a hundred and something year old vampire, I figure the age thing evens out." The girls laughed as my heart stopped. How many other actors had played hundred year old vampires and starred in a Harry Potter movie? The list wasn't long, and my excitement began to grow as I factored in how many of us were in that magazine—could she be talking about me?

Looking back to the blonde, I heard her beautiful laugh again, "I don't care how old he is, he's yummy. Besides, he's my freebie. If I ever meet him and he's interested, I'm all his. And I intend to do very naughty and slightly illegal things to him." They all erupted into school girl giggles as she continued. "I've got a few things I want to show him, and I'll make damn sure to leave him more than a little satisfied."

I about choked on the cough that suddenly left my throat and ducked behind the stacks before the women saw me. With a heavy breath I knew without a doubt, she was talking about me. What where the odds? I was in this sleepy little town, in this specific book store, at the same time she was… it was fate. It must be. I stood quietly as they talked for a few more minutes before I finally heard them say their goodbyes.

I looked back around the shelf to see the blonde and one of her friends gathering up their things.

"You heading home?" her friend asked.

"Yeah, I have work in the morning and the kids have parties in their classes tomorrow so I need to stop by the store on my way, but I promised J I'd find him a comic book he's been looking for. I'm gonna grab that first before I leave."

The comic book section… this really was fate.

"K, so I'll see you next week, right?" her friend asked.

"Yeah, every Thursday, same time, same place," she replied.

They said their goodbyes again and parted ways. I watched the blonde as she walked through the aisles, aiming for the comic book section right where I had been going before detouring to the café. This was perfect and couldn't have been set up any better. I quickly made my way back to the stacks and began watching quietly, waiting for her to find the row. As she rounded the corner, I could see she was focused on her mission, finding the comic in question for this J person. I was still, looking at her from the corner of my eye. She flipped through several titles before finally huffing, clearly frustrated. Her lips were jutted out into a full pout and I imagined her breath on my skin. The sound she made was like a mating call to my cock and it quickly started to harden. She was even more beautiful up close than I had realized. Her bright blue eyes were surrounded by long, thick eyelashes and I ached to feel them fluttering against my face. Being in such close proximity to her, her perfume began to waft around me, enticing me. I could almost feel her and my whole body tingled with anticipation. Fighting the sudden urge and adjusting myself, I decided I would offer my services—being rather familiar with comic book sections in most major book stores.

"Are you looking for something in particular?" I asked.

She let out a loud breath. "Yeah, there's this one book my son wants, he's been bugging me for weeks and I keep forgetting about it. Uh, this is all so confusing, do you know how they arrange these?" she asked, looking up at me.

As our eyes met we both froze, locked in place by the current suddenly flowing between us. She turned her body towards me, straightening her shoulders. "Oh my…you're…do you know who you are?" she stuttered, shock clear on her face.

"Well," I began, "Yeah, I know who I am. What I don't know is who you are."

"What?" she asked, a look of confusion flashing across her features.

"Who you are, I want to know who you are. I feel that I'm at a disadvantage here—you know me but I don't know you." I was starting to stammer like a blithering idiot so I smiled, hoping to calm her nerves.

She cleared her throat, "Uh, I don't actually remember who I am right now. Is that bad?"

I laughed, reaching my hand out to reassuringly rub her arm, but really just wanting to touch her. Knowing she had a secret crush on me and was clearly affected by my presence, I was feeling a bit confident now.

"No, that's okay, I can wait to find out. How about if I help you find that comic book and then maybe you'll be able to remember?"

She nodded and held out a scrap of paper, the title perfectly printed on it.

"Oh, this is a good one, I'm sure your son will love it," I told her.

She continued nodding, still staring at me. I flipped through the spines until I located the one in question, before offering it to her.

She took hold of it, quickly glancing down at it. "Yeah, that's the one, how did you know?"

I laughed, shrugging my shoulders. "I kinda have a thing for comic books." I cleared my throat, pushing my hands into my pockets and rubbing my foot on the floor as I lowered my eyes and instantly became interested in the pattern on the carpeting. Despite what I had overheard before, she was unlike those eager fan girls, and I had to be bolder with this woman. "I also kinda have a thing for blondes, and I overheard you talking to your friends. I know I shouldn't have been listening, but I heard you laughing and I had to know who you were. I hope you don't mind." I was embarrassed to admit it to her, and I hoped it wouldn't cause her to run away screaming, but she surprised me with her reply.

"You overheard us talking, huh?" I nodded. "So you probably heard that you're my freebie?" She was no longer shy, growing confident from my little confession. A smirk crossed my lips as I again nodded, raising my eyes to meet hers. "So I guess the only thing I really need to know is if you're interested?"

Staring deep into her eyes, I answered her question. "Hell yes, I'm interested."

The corners of her lips slowly turned up as her teeth pressed deeply into her lower lip. It was all I could do to keep myself from holding her against the bookshelf and sucking her lip into my mouth, leaving my own teeth marks there.

"When and where?" I asked eagerly.

She broke our eye contact, quickly looking around us. I was a little confused when her eyes lifted to the ceiling, scanning it for something. Then they lit up. "Come on," she said as she grabbed my hand and pulled me down an aisle. I noticed as we moved through the store that there were no other patrons, nor did I see any employees. I silently wondered if the world had passed us by as we sat locked in each others gaze—if the store had somehow closed without us realizing it.

We soon rounded a corner and I was shocked at what I saw. We were in a little nook in the far corner of the store and the shelves around us were filled with erotic books and images. Just when I thought I couldn't be anymore turned on, the thought of fucking this woman in the middle of a book store ran wild through my head. She brought me to a section featuring what could only be described as flat out porn. I knew she was as excited about being with me as I was about being with her, and I hoped she was intent on leaving me more than a little satisfied, as she had joked to her friends earlier.

She let go of my hand and took a few steps away from me, running her finger tips along the edge of a shelf. I let my eyes wander down her body, thanking whatever power in the universe had inspired her to wear a skirt tonight. Sliding her coat off and dropping her purse, she revealed a blue shirt that was tight around her waist, and her black skirt was short, stopping a few inches above her knees. Her legs were creamy ivory and the black heels strapped onto her feet were driving me insane. I felt myself hardening fast and knew I needed to be inside of her soon.

She stopped and slowly turned around, looking up at me through lust-filled eyes, her teeth sinking heavily into her bottom lip. She kept one hand on the bookshelf as she raised the other, crooking her finger, gesturing for me to come closer. Without a second thought, I obeyed her silent command. I stopped within inches of her, realizing that I towered over her body. Raising my hands, I placed them on her waist, and pulled her towards me until our bodies were flush against each other.

Lowering my head, I whispered to her, "Did you remember your name yet?"

She giggled a low, throaty sound, "No, but do you really want to know it?"

I couldn't argue with her—her name was of no importance; even Shakespeare's Juliet knew that. I just wanted to be with her, to feel her. I ran the tip of my nose along her jaw as she tilted her head up, granting me access to her neck and the tender flesh there. I felt her hands grasp onto my arms, running up my biceps to my shoulders before wrapping around my neck. I breathed in her perfume that mingled with her scent, savoring it, before I began placing soft, wet kisses on her neck, under her ear, below her jaw. The breathy sounds coming from her throat and her fingers threading themselves into my hair spurred me on. The softness of the moment was fading quickly as I passionately pulled her skin between my teeth, nipping at the sensitive flesh.

Her breath caught and she gripped my arms tighter. I kissed up her jaw, moving to suck her bottom lip between mine. She mewed slightly before I felt her body relax between the bookshelf and myself as she gave herself over to me. My hands slid around to the small of her back and I pressed her against me, sure that she could feel my hardness against her belly. I wanted her to know exactly what she was doing to me—how she was driving me crazy.

Our lips molded to each other, gradually moving and opening more. As my tongue gently slid along her lips, tracing the edges of them, I felt her mouth open in invitation, her tongue reaching out to touch mine. I moved my hands lower on her back, grabbing at her ass as our tongues twisted and melted together. She moaned and our kissing grew harder, more lustful as her hands were still buried in my hair. My right hand began to trace down her thigh, gathering her skirt up so that I could feel the soft, smooth skin of her leg. Fingers pressed into the flesh as I wrapped them around her thigh, I roughly pulled her leg up, hitching it on my hip. I could feel the excitement building in my stomach as she began to rock her hips into mine ever so slightly.

I groaned, pulling my mouth away, resting my forehead against hers. After opening my eyes, I looked at her, needing permission before I took things any farther. I knew that the line we were crossing could be much more costly for her and I wanted to give her a chance to back out, to stop things before it was too late.

My breathing was heavy as the words rushed from my throat, "Are you sure? You sure want to do this with me? I don't want you to feel guilty later; I don't want to hurt you."

She smiled sweetly as one of her hands left my hair and traced down my arm. "I'm sure, as long as you are. No one even needs to know if you don't want them to."

I looked at her in disbelief. "You mean, even with who I am, you wouldn't tell anyone about this?"

She laughed the laugh that had set this all in motion, but it was more quiet and teasing in our private corner. "No way, this is our little secret. You're all mine, and I'm not sharing this with anyone."

I smiled as I leaned in to press my lips against hers, letting myself get caught up in another kiss, in her. Her hand that was traveling down my arm soon made its way across my chest and up to the collar of my shirt, playing with the buttons there. My hand continued to knead the back of her thigh as it crept higher, closer toward her center. I could feel heat emanating there and hoped that she was wet and ready for me.

Her hand began ghosting across the skin of my chest and I realized that she had undone several buttons on my shirt. I lowered my head to her neck again, sucking and licking as her fingers twisted through the hair on my chest. She continued to moan breathlessly and make sounds that were going straight to my cock. It swelled bigger than it ever had been before, almost painfully as I imagined feeling her from the inside. When I felt her two hands slip down my stomach to my waistband and begin to pull at the button on my jeans, I slid my right hand higher, rubbing it along the edge of her panties. I felt a shudder go through her as her head dropped back against the bookshelf. Her mouth fell open and she groaned loudly.

I brought my other hand up to her head, pulling her face towards mine so I could cover her mouth with another kiss, swallowing the sound of her. When she quieted, I pulled away, looking at her with a glimmer in my eyes.

"Shhh, you have to be quiet so no one can hear us," I said to her.

She quickly sucked in a breath and nodded furiously. "Okay, I will, promise."

I laughed, glancing around briefly to see if we had been spotted yet. When I didn't see anyone, I pulled my chest back a bit so that I could reach the ribbons tied around her waist.

"What happens if I pull these?" I asked.

She looked down at my fingers, moaning lightly again. "My shirt will open," she innocently whispered.

"Exactly what I was hoping for," I told her, pulling on one of the strings with a grin. It quickly came undone and I pushed the two pieces of fabric apart, reveling a rather low-cut, black lace bra. The creamy swell of her breasts threatened to spill over and the sight of it almost did me in. Unable to resist her body, my fingers dipped into the wetness beneath the matching lace underwear, causing us both to shudder and groan.

Her fingers gripped onto my waistband as her knee give out a bit. I stroked up on her wetness and then pushed my fingers farther into her pussy while supporting her at the same time. Her eyes widened with shock and she arched against me with a breathy moan.

I held her more tightly, steadying her against the shelf. Letting my fingers work between her soft legs, my adrenaline started pumping as she began undoing the button on my pants. The urge to peel each other's clothes away took over and I had to feel more of her sweet skin. My left hand began roaming her chest, skimming across the lace that covered her breasts. Grazing my hand up her side, I hooked my fingers in the top of her bra and pulled the fabric down until her dark rosy pink nipples appeared with hard, taught peaks, just for me. I groaned in anticipation of taking them into my mouth to suck and swirl.

I felt her hands pushing into my jeans, sliding between my boxer briefs and my stomach. She smiled as her fingertips slipped beneath and glided along the tip of my dick. I hissed at her touch, emboldened to lean in and taste her breast. I pulled the pebbled flesh into my mouth without hesitation, receiving a throaty moan from her. As I feasted upon the sweet taste of her skin, I felt her hand wrap around my throbbing cock, slowly moving up and down, gripping me tighter with each stroke. I had been confident that I would be giving this woman her little freebie fantasy, but she was quickly fulfilling my own desires, taking over my senses. My hand trailed back down to her wetness and I added another finger to her opening.

She moaned, circling her hand over my tip with each upward pull of my cock as I finger-fucked her. Her other hand traveled slowly up my chest and around my back, weaving into my hair again. She pulled me closer to her, whimpering softly as her hips began grinding into my fingers at a more rapid pace.

Just as I felt like I was about to explode with lust for this woman, the overhead lights flickered and it suddenly got darker. I pulled my mouth away from her chest, looking up at her.

"We gotta hurry," I muttered as she nodded her head in agreement.

She lowered her leg, letting it fall from my hip and I pulled my fingers away from her. Our urgency mixed with raw need as her hands moved to my waistband and she tore my zipper open. Spinning her around, I pressed her against the row of books and brought her hips toward me, pushing her skirt up around her waist. I stared down for a moment at her luscious ass, the two mounds capped by her black lace thong. My motions stuttered as my dick ached to be inside.

She turned her head, looking at me with glazed eyes over her shoulder. "Come on cowboy, what's taking you so long? You see something you like?"

I smiled as my hand moved across her skin, feeling the lace. I clawed at the edge of it, pushing it down around her thighs as she continued to look back at me, snickering. My fingers were still covered in her wetness, and I grabbed my dick, pumping it a few times to lubricate myself.

Looking up at her, our eyes meeting, I poised my tip at her entrance, hesitating for just a moment. When her eyes slowly slid closed, I parted her legs more and pushed into her slick heat. Her mouth fell open and I groaned, twitching inside of her. She felt incredible and so tight from this angle. I stroked out and thrust up to fill her. She started to moan, her sounds growing louder with our movements.

I moved my hand to cover her lips. "Shhh…" I whispered at her ear. Her tongue flicked out and she sucked my fingers into her wet, hot mouth, tasting herself on my skin. That was fucking hot. I needed more of her.

I moved my hands to hold onto her hips and began to pound into her, gaining speed and force with each plunge. Her fingers clutched at the shelves in front of her in an effort to steady herself. The books began to shake with each thrust of my pelvis. We were surrounded by book covers of naked bodies twisted together—hands fondling and tongues licking, teeth biting and hips grinding—turning me on further.

I looked down to see my cock sliding in and out of her quickly and I knew I was close. Pulling one hand away from her hips, I reached around to find her swollen clit and began rubbing in tight, quick circles. She threw her head back, biting her lower lip between her teeth to stifle her sounds.

"Oh fuck, you're so hot," I moaned, feeling her begin to tighten around me. "Come for me, let go." Needing to be closer, I reached up and palmed her breast, squeezing it as I continued to slam into her.

Her breathing grew shallower and she gripped the shelf, knocking over a few books. I could feel a tightening in my lower stomach and the itch to release.

"Fuck me…harder…oh shit…please…I'm so close..." she whispered in ragged breaths.

Giving in to her request, I pounded into her with all the force I could muster. She began to clench around me and I felt her stiffen before a shudder rolled through her body. She sucked in a breath, her eyes closed and mouth open in a silent scream. I felt my body tighten and my cock pulsate as I came deep inside of her in several long spurts. "I'm coming, oh fuck, I'm coming," I panted, pulling her hips roughly to me.

She whimpered as her head dropped forward and she fought to catch her breath. "Oh my…" she sighed and I smiled at the thought of leaving her speechless.

We sagged against each other while our breaths regulated. Suddenly, I heard a noise somewhere nearby and my eyes shot up to meet hers, both of us gasping. Quickly pulling out of her, I moved to fix my jeans and rebutton my shirt. She rushed to adjust her bra and fixed her clothes back into place. When we were both decent, we looked at one another, somewhat shocked at what had just occurred. The lust and raw need that had taken over before, was a surprise to me now that my head was clear. I was completely swept away by what this woman did to me.

Her face was still flushed and she was even more beautiful. I raised my hand to push a piece of hair back behind her ear. "Thank you. I don't even know what to say."

She laughed the laugh that had drawn me to her. "It was all my pleasure, trust me."

I smirked, happy that she had enjoyed herself. "Did you remember your name yet?" I asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know," she teased as she bent to pick up her purse and jacket. When she stood straight again, I stepped forward, taking her face in my hands. She looked up at me, her eyes wide with surprise as I leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. It was gentle and sweet as I lightly sucked her top lip between mine, nipping at it playfully with my teeth.

"We'd better go, I think they're closing," I said with sadness. I'd finally found the woman I'd been looking for, and my time with her was over. A wave of regret washed through me as I realized she could never be completely mine; this was all I would ever get from her.

She raised her hand and combed it through my hair one last time before letting her fingers slide down my jaw. She moved to place a kiss on the corner of my mouth before softly kissing the underside of my chin.

"You were every bit as good as I thought you'd be… Good night," she said as she stepped around me, leaving me alone.

I waited a few moments, trying to remember why I had even come to this store in the first place, knowing that nothing I could have wanted was more important that what I had found, what I had been fortunate enough to stumble across. I let out a sigh as I turned to leave.

The barista from the coffee shop came walking around a corner and was startled to see me. "Oh, I didn't realize anyone was still here. I'm sorry sir, the store is closed."

I smiled. "Oh that's okay, I already found what I was looking for. Good night."

Walking to the entrance and stepping out into the cool air, I shoved my hands into my pockets, feeling the hotel room key there. I was instantly reminded of my reality. Looking around the parking lot, I saw no cars and my dream girl seemed to have vanished. It made me wonder if she was in fact, just a dream.

I started walking in the direction of my hotel and a thought entered my mind. Deep inside my suitcase was a script for a new Nicholas Sparks movie scheduled to begin filming in the same city I was in, so I'd be living here for awhile. As I looked at the lights all around me, I resolved then and there that between shooting sessions, I would need coffee every Thursday night.


Happy Birthday Love!! :)

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