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Feral Attraction

Welcome to Genosha, home to the Mukus, what is a Muku you ask?

A Muku is an evolved form of your everyday animal, taking on the appearance of both human and animal, and you have arrived at a very important time, for it is the Mating Summer for the Mukus, and they are getting ready for their 61 day festival.

It is also where our story begins


"Everyone keep up, Kitty pay attention! Jean please keep your sister from getting lost, Amanda, no you can't have that! Rogue, Wanda how many times do have to tell you no! Don't even think about it Tabitha! And where is Kurt!?"

"Right here Mama"


The six girls snickered quietly, earning a glare from their mother.

"What are you all standing around for, an invitation?! Move it, check-in time starts in fifteen minutes and I want to get there before the rush!" The band of eight hurried alone to the inn where they were to be staying for the rest of the summer, they made it just in time and signed in.

"Why do I have to share a room with Kurt, Mom? He sheds!" Kitty whined as they headed up to their rooms.

"I do not!" Kurt countered

"Tell that to the shower drain"

"Vhat about you?"

"What about me?"

"You leave so much hair about after grooming, that ve can roll it all up and make a giant ball of yarn"

"I do not, you lyin fur ball!"

Raven or Mystique to many, including her children sighed, "What did I do?" she mumbled, "what did I do to deserve this?"

"Okay you two, that's enough" Jean said

"Ya, you're making a scene" Rouge said

"Not to mention you're giving Mom a headache" Wanda said

"And you know how cranky she gets when she gets a headache" Tabitha added

"I don't get cranky!"

"See!" Amanda chirped

"Do you bring her pills?" Kurt asked

"Right here" Jean said

"Ma's eyes twitching again"

"You should really get that looked at Mother"

"Rooms now!"

The seven children hurried alone to their rooms, not wanting to be in their mother's war place.

"And you better be ready for dinner!"

Alone in the hall Raven sighed, before heading to her room.

"Should have stopped at one"


"Tell me again how you forced me to come here Chuck?"

"I didn't "force" you to do anything Logan, I merely suggested you come to and help me with my students"

Logan snorted, "'Help with my students my ass'" the wolf thought, Logan knew what the old Muku was doing by dragging him to the Festival, he knew all to well, and to be honest it was rather annoying.

"How much longer Professor?" Scott asked

"Not much longer we should be about there"

"Good because Remy starting to smell"

"I think your mistaken me for Lance Mon Amie"

"Watch it Cajun"

"Now boys, don't fight. Remember what you promise me"

"Yes Professor"

They arrived at the city before sunset, passbyers stopped and stared, watching, wondering, and whispering about the handsome young Mukus that came out the long and luxurious carriage, when Charles exited out with the help of Logan and placed in his wheelchair, those same passbyers came to greet the older Mukus

"Charles wonderful to see you again"

"Are these your boys?"

"So this is what you've been doing for a year"

Charles politely answered questions, while his students and Logan unpacked their bags. Logan grabbed his bag and headed to the Inn they were staying in.


"Let him go Scott, you know how he is, doesn't like big crowds and all" Remy said.


"Kitty! Jeez how long does it take you to get ready for dinner?!" Tabitha pounded on the door, to which her sister ignored. Downstairs the rest of the two Mukus' family waited, well Kurt and his sisters waited, Raven was going through the things to prepare for the Mating Festival. At that thought she looked at her children.

All of them were of age, through Kurt was a year younger but that was fine, she was worried still though. She wasn't worried about them finding a mate, no it was what kind of mate they would find, mostly Kurt and Amanda.

The Mating Festival was an important event for the Mukus but it was also the most dangerous especially for the Subs. During the Mating Festival, Mukus reverted to their primal nature going by instincts, and most Mukus could be very….. aggressive.

"Finally!" Kitty huffed when her two sisters came down, her tail twitching with agitation.

"Alright lets go" Raven said, the children followed in a line.

Kurt was first after his mother; he was the youngest of sixteen and looked the most like his mother, his whole body was blue like his mother, unlike his mother though was that his whole body was covered in soft, silk fur, three fingers on both hands and two toes on his feet, pointed ears, a long prehensile tail, a sleek figure almost feminine, which he hated being pointed at him, he also had golden eyes, he was a cat Muku.

Behind him was Kitty, she was eighteen she was a snow leopard Muku, chocolate brown hair and big brown doe eyes, she had a long white spotted fluffy tail and preached on top of her head were white spotted snow leopard ears.

After her was Amanda, Amanda was eighteen as well but two months older with long brown hair and dark eyes, she was a bunny Muku with long whit bunny ears and a white fluffy tail.

Tabitha came up next, blonde hair and blue eyes she was eighteen four months older then her younger siblings, she was a fox Muku with a long blonde fox tail and pointed ears.

Wanda followed; she had short black hair with red at the bottom and dark grey eyes. She was a black cat Muku with a long dark red striped fluffy tail and pointed ears.

Finally Jean was the oldest of nineteen, she was a phoenix Muku. She was curviest of her sisters, and tallest, she had long fiery red hair and green eyes. She had no animal features…. at least not on the outside, except for her pointed ears.

"Alright we here, please behave" Raven looked pointedly at Tabitha and Kurt, who just blinked innocently.

"Vhat ever do you mean Mama?" Kurt asked

"Yeah, why are you lookin at us, we're angels"

Their sisters snorted at that "I mean it, pull a stunt like you did at the restaurant three days ago and you'll find yourself with a sore ass and locked up in your room for the rest of the Festival, understand, and that goes for all of you as well." Kurt and Tabitha weren't the only pranksters in the family

"Ye Ma'am" The girls and Kurt chorused as they entered the restaurant.

The restaurant was packed as expected, lucky Raven made reservations earlier before and they were seated right away.

"Don't they anything that's not swimming in gravy?" Rogue whined

"I thought you liked gravy?" Jean said

"Yea but not on duck"


Charles was pushing it, he really was. The older Muku knew he hated crowded places.

"It's only for a little while"

Logan was startled out of his thoughts by the one in question, he glared at the Muku already use to the others strange talent of knowing what he was thinking. A waiter arrived, took their orders and left. After ten minutes Logan started getting restless and got bored of watching Scott and Lance bicker looked around for something else to watch.

He past several tables, many of their occupants eyeing his table with hungry eyes others had their focused on another table. Curious and having nothing else to do til the found came followed their gaze, his eyes landed on a table of a group of girls.

The blue skinned Muku he figured was the mother with the way she acted, he moved over to the red-head to her left. She was defiantly a looker, and Logan felt the attraction, but he learned long ago that red-heads were nothing but trouble, the rest of the girls also held to interest to him. Then his eyes landed on the one who sat between the blonde and the mother.

His eyes widen, the blue Muku was….well enchanting was the only word to describe him, and Logan was sure he was male. The Muku had alien beauty about him and those eyes!

Golden eyes, large and innocent

Logan wanted to defile that innocence


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