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Feral Attraction

"Auntie Ororo!"

Ororo laughed as she was nearly knocked down, her arms holding whatever child she could.

"It's good to see you all too" she chuckled, when the children released at their mother's command.

"Evan, come say hello" Ororo said, looking over her shoulder at her nephew.

"Is it safe wahahah!"

Raven rolled her eyes before turning her away from the giggling pile to her older sister.

"You're late" she said with a teasing grin.

"A Queen is never late, everyone else is just early Ororo said with a smirk.

"Oh yes, your King boyfriend"

"Mate darling, and I'm glad I convinced him to stay home"

"Yes, me too, I don't any of us want to have a repeat of last winter"

Ororo gave an amused grin, their family was known in their homeland to very protective of each other and many chosen mates have gone though what has been nick-named the Court of Hell. Her mate T'Challa, was one of the few who passed, and her sister Raven took great pride in teasing the male who captured her sister's heart.

"Speaking of which T'Challa sends his regards, and regrets for not being able to attain"

Raven snorted at that but said nothing "Oi brats, let go of your cousin and take him to a room, me and your Aunt need to talk alone"

The children rushed up stairs, leaving the adults alone.

On the Third Night, Logan waited at the usual spot for Kurt, next week would be the Fourth Night, after that the Fifth Night.

The Fifth Night was the most important Night, the Courting Weeks aside, it was the Night that every potential mate needed to give the one they want to court, the Courting flower.

That worried the wolf, what if Kurt just wanted to be friends, it wasn't uncommon for many to have more than one potential mate.

Kurt probably found someone else, and only thought of the other as a friend, that or he found out about his reputation.

"Sorry I'm late, my Mother was prepping me again" Kurt said as he arrived.

"Again? What is she a Drill Sergeant?" Logan said, as they walked inside the café to find a seat, Kurt giggled.

"She just worries, apparently it's a family trait"

They found a seat, and the waiter appeared, he smiled at Kurt much to Logan's annoyance, before taking their order.

The two chatted, looking about at other customers, until their orders arrived.

"Excuse me," Kurt said, "I didn't order this"

"It's on the house" the waiter said with a wink, Kurt blushed and Logan growled, it was the only thing he could do, Kurt was free game until the Courting Weeks.

"That was nice of him" Kurt said, taking a bite out of the free desert.

"Yeah nice" Logan growled, picking at his food.

"Wanna try?" Kurt asked.

Logan eyed the cake, he wasn't much of a sweets person, he then looked at Kurt's hopeful face.

"Sure" he sighed.

When Kurt returned to the inn, he was greeted with his sisters, Mother, cousin and Auntie in the lobby, Jean was wrapping up Evan's hand, while his mother and Auntie scolded him, well his Auntie scolded him, while his mother was congratulating him and asking to retell his story.

Apparently a Dom had gotten too pushy and Evans had punched him.

Sounded like love to him.

"But Auntie, he was being so cocky and had the nerve to grope me!"

"I don't care—wait repeat that"

"He groped"

"What? That little mongrel! Touching my baby like that, just wait till I see him again, his ass is mine!" the beautiful lioness roared, her tail and lion ears standing on end.

And people say his aunt and mother were nothing alike.

"You deserved it"

Pietro humped as he held the pack of ice to his eyes, his good one glaring at the snickering Fred and Lance.

"What the hell happen to him?" Logan asked when he entered the room, why the brats were in his room was a mystery to him, but as long as they didn't bother him, he didn't care.

"Pietro got a little cocky and was punched by a Sub"

"You're father has taught you well" Logan said dryly as he started taking off his clothes.

"Aw man do you have to do that here!" Lance yelped covering his eyes

Logan paused, in unbutton his pants.

"You're asking me, to stop changing while in my room?"

"Um well"

Logan shook his head then finishing unbuttoning his pants and pulled them down, smirking when the three hurried out.

A few hours later, Logan was awoken from his sleep with shouting from down the hall in Magneto's room. He rolled over and covered his face with his pillow to block out the noise, unfortunately it seems to make the noise louder. With a growl he rolled out of bed, grumbling he yanked open the door and stomped down the hall. He came to Magneto's door, he yanked it open.

"Shut the fuck up I'm trying to sleep!"



Logan blinked


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