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I flinched as Jack hit me again. He had found out my secret, and he was not happy about it.

"How the hell can you speak around us? We're not filth like those prawns!" he hissed, as his friend punched me in the stomach.

"You're the scum here, not them" I hissed, causing him to glare at me.

"How do we even know your human? For all we know, you could be a prawn who was turned into a human!" he screamed, hitting me across the face, which I knew would leave an angry black and blue tomorrow.

He stood in front of me, breathing hard, and staring at me. I knew he was winding down now, so I waited.

"If I ever fucking see you again, I swear I'll fucking kill you" He growled, yanking me by my hair and throwing me to the ground just outside the alley he had pulled me into.

Without a word, I stood up, and headed back to my house, blocking out the insults and threats he shouted after me.

As soon as I got home, though, I dashed to my room and started packing my things, getting ready to leave. I knew he would carry out his threat, since he had tried to kill me before. It only took about an hour to pack my things, and I carried them to my car to load them inside. After one last look at my house, I pulled out of the garage and speed away into the night, knowing that I had one place I could hide, and he'd never think to look for me.

An hour or so later, I pulled into the town of Johannesburg. I knew it might be a risk, since Jack might guess I'd go someplace were both languages I spoke could be used, but I was hoping he'd think I'd stay away from there, since it's obvious, and he'd stay away. When I arrived, it was kind of late, and I didn't see anyplace I could rent a room for the night, so I parked in an area that didn't look that populated, and slept in my car. I know, not the smartest thing, but it was better then driving around all night.

The next morning, I woke up when the sun started to stream through my windows. It took me a moment to remember what happened, and when I did, I sighed quietly. "At least I'm away from him now..." I muttered, wishing he hadn't heard me.

After a few minutes, I started the car and drove to a deli I had seen the night before, were I bought a sandwich and a juice. Thinking quick, I added a newspaper to my order, figuring I could look for a room for rent to stay in.

After I paid, I sat on a little table that was set up outside, and skimmed through the apartments, and found one that was close by, and cheap. Even though my parents are rich, I still figured it would be best to find a cheaper one, just in case they didn't send me money and I had to get a job. I called the number, and was pleased when the woman who answered said I could see it in an hour, and if I wanted it, I could move in by tonight. I finished eating, and read the rest of the paper, before I got back into the car and drove to the address.